The Best Rose Gold Wedding Ideas for Your Ceremony & Reception

Ideas for rose gold themed wedding

Ideas for rose gold themed wedding

Choosing the color palette for your wedding is a difficult task, and we'd like to explore rose gold wedding ideas to make your decision easier. Whether you know a rose gold wedding theme is perfect for you or simply you want to explore the possibilities, we have the best rose gold wedding decoration ideas and wedding inspiration to jumpstart your brainstorming.

Your Rose Gold Wedding

Rose gold wedding decor ideas

Your rose gold wedding should be the best day of your life, and you can enhance it by being thoughtful about your wedding day decor and color scheme. You have a variety of options for your rose gold color palette. This is a romantic  and versatile color, as it can be a statement at a more traditional wedding  or dressed up for a more glitzy affair.

Some may choose to lean more heavily on pink or yellow gold hues, while others might find a more muted rose gold that seems to have the shimmer of pink under the surface. You should begin thinking of wedding color ideas as they pertain to your wedding invitations, which wedding favors you can hand out, how to decorate the tables for your guests, and which colors will compliment rose gold during your ceremony.

Your wedding ideas can add rose gold to everything, even down to the wedding rings, without overtaking the ceremony completely. Consider how your blues, reds, greens, purples, browns, or even a more white gold all work with rose gold.

The rose gold for your wedding can be accented by white or black, or you might bring in the blues and reds that look good against rose gold. You can use rose gold on your wedding day in the makeup for the ladies (making sure to pick a hue that complements their skin tone!)

Get special favors for the bridal party that include rose gold or bring the hue into their florals. Watches for men and necklaces for women will hold onto the rose gold color scheme, and you will find that the wedding is much more visually appealing when you can introduce all these interesting colors that match with your wedding theme.

You do not need to worry about making every detail rose gold, as you can mix and match complementary colors. Ditch the traditional gold wedding rings and send your theme down the aisle with rose gold wedding rings or engagement rings, and highlight the bridesmaid dresses.


Rose Gold Wedding Decor

Rose gold wedding centerpiece ideas

Think about how you can include rose gold in your wedding day decor. The tables for the reception should have elegant centerpieces with all the rose gold accents you can find. You could use the color in the centerpieces to accent the flowers, or you might want to have stylish rose gold decor on the wall.

Use rose gold place settings or have place cards printed on a shimmery (you guessed it) rose gold paper. Ask for serving trays that fit in the color scheme you have envisioned. You will be amazed by how much your guests take on the wedding colors in their own wardrobe choices.

Rose gold works well because it reflects light beautifully without being too bright. You can use rose gold when you want to add a little bit of the sophistication that you think your wedding might be lacking, and you will find that you could use rose gold as a way to inspire people who are dressing up for the wedding. You might even ask your priest to use a gold stole because you want them to fit into the theme a bit as well.


Rose Gold Wedding Ceremony Details

Rose gold wedding champagne flutes

A glamorous wedding ceremony should have rose gold jewelry, rose gold bridesmaid dresses, rose gold hair pieces for the ladies, and even rose gold toasting flutes. You could have a runner down the aisle with rose gold bordered, and you might want to have rose gold binding on the bouquets for all the ladies. You could do the same for the men who are wearing flowers on their lapels.

You could even have an arbor where you say your vows that have rose gold accents. You could put rose gold ribbons on the corners of all the pews in the church, and the bride herself could a rose gold dress.

Bathing the whole ceremony will grab the attention of all your guests (and look amazing in your wedding photos!) The glam wedding feeling comes to rose gold accents that work with your pinks, lilacs, and yellows.

Details During The Ceremony

The ceremony itself could even use small things like a rose gold pillow for the rings or a rose gold veil. You should see if you can get rose gold tapestries that you can hang in the background, or you could use rose poles for the torches for your outdoor wedding. You can use rose gold in the pen that your guests will use to sign the book, and you can even get a book that is covered in rose gold.

You could also consider getting rose gold shoes for the whole wedding party, and you might even have rose gold pins for the people at the ceremony to wear. Place a special board for everyone to sign that is themed in the same rose gold. The idea is to bring the color into thoughtful touches throughout your ceremony and reception.

Rose Gold Wedding Reception

Rose gold wedding reception decor

Add a metallic ribbon for an added special touch, or coordinate the lights of your DJ booth with your rose gold color palette. Centerpiece vases or glass centerpieces in rose gold can hold beautiful flowers to bring life to every table.

Add splashes of rose gold to the programs, menu, and appetizer place cards. You could use rose gold dishes, and you might find hammered rose gold flatware for the place settings. You can get rose gold placemats to make the whole table light up in rose gold hues.

Rose gold adds a level of sophistication to your wedding ceremony and reception. Rose gold could be found in little places throughout the wedding, or you could use rose gold a complementary color with the primary being green, blue, red, or chocolate brown. Your wedding day will have that little touch of class you need, and you might find a bit of that rose gold in everything you do that day.

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I am honestly obsessed with rose gold everything. I'm not getting married anytime soon, but honestly, some of these ideas would just be cute for around the house.


I think rose gold gives decor such a modern feel. I do worry though that not all rose gold looks the same like gold and silver generally do. Do you have any tips on how to handle this when I am shopping for my decor?


That's a great piece of feedback. We recommend picking a few pieces that are large and consistent, for example, table cloths and napkins. When it comes to the details of other rose gold, don't get too picky. Things like Programs, Fonts and other disposables just need to be close enough. On a wedding day, especially when you're on a budget, it means picking details that matter...and forgetting details that don't.


your suggestions about how to incorporate rose gold into the ceremony and reception are so helpful! I don't want to go overboard but think it's such a cute concept


Glad you liked the ideas in the post!


So many awesome ideas on how I can incorporate rose gold into my big day. Do you think it's possible to have too much of the rose gold or as long as I make it the central color is it okay?


Great Question. For Rose Gold weddings, feel free to go all in. Lots of Brides will have full Rose Gold wedding with no accents or just one accent color (we recommend staying consistent)