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There’s no gift that exudes class and thoughtfulness like a bottle of wine. Not only is it a chance to show off your impeccable taste, but it can also be as romantic, sentimental, or as memorable as you want it to be. One way to take your wine giving to the next level is to add personalized wine bottle labels that are custom-made to make your bottle stand out.

As far back as the year 4000 BC, ancient Greek winemakers stamped their seal on the handles of the clay pots they stored wine in. With the invention of the printing press, printed wine labels came into fashion, and as the technology advanced, the wine labels became more beautiful and personal. You can take part in this ancient tradition by creating your own bottle labels designs, either to enjoy yourself or to give as creative, classy gifts.

Why Design a Custom-Made Wine Label for a Gift?

custom wine bottle labels

Wine evokes an entire spectrum of emotions, especially when given as a present. There’s no better way to put an extra bit of “wow” into your gifts by making them uniquely you. When trying to nail down what to get for the person who has everything, or the someone with picky taste, a custom labeled bottle of wine is a great option because it can showcase how well you know them, and also show that a lot of thought went into the gift.

Even if you’re going to be giving many bottles of the same personalized wine to your loved ones and friends, like as wedding favors, you can be sure that every recipient will treasure the gift you create, even after all the wine has been drunk. There are also benefits of opting for a personalized wine bottle rather than a more traditional party favor like:

  • Wine bottles are easily portable
  • They’re aesthetically pleasing
  • Everyone loves wine
  • Wine bottles can function as a keepsake
  • There’s enough variety in wines that everybody can find something they enjoy

Whether you go with a zinfandel or a merlot, a personalized wine gift is super thoughtful and unique.

Occasions to Use a Personalized Wine Label

Personalized wine labels are a perfect gift for any occasion. Lighting a candle and pouring a glass of vino is one of the best, simplest pleasures the world has to offer, especially after a difficult day. While great for most occasions, a personalized wine label is especially suited for commemorative gifts.


personalized anniversary wine gifts

A great way to celebrate the time you’ve spent with your honey is to uncork something amazing and reflect on the triumphs of your relationship. Create a label with your names, the date of your wedding, and even pictures of you two on your special day. Whatever blend you choose will taste just as sweet as the memories of the day you both said, “I do.”

Bridal Showers

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The joy of bridal showers is the versatility of the event. Bridal showers can be tailored to fit any bride’s personality, whether their style is quirky, elegant, or modern. You can make a wine label just as unique as the bride, and inject a bit of her personality into the design. A great way to further personalize a bridal shower is to base the party around a theme that’s special to the bride, like where she first met the groom or the year she was born.

Wedding Receptions

wedding wine bottle label ideas

Wine has a natural place at a wedding reception, and a commemorative bottle of wine to take home is quickly becoming one of this year’s best wedding trends. Another sweet thing to do to mark a special day is to make a custom label for wine bottled on your wedding day to enjoy at a later date. Pick a winery that’s special to you and your sweetheart, and wait a couple years to savor the taste of a successful relationship.

Special Event

custom wine labels for special event

You don’t have to wait for someone to fall in love to enjoy wine to a custom bottle, you can make a wine label for a graduation, a birthday, a holiday, or any special occasion. Christmas or Thanksgiving is a great opportunity for this, not just as a party favor but a centerpiece for your table. Something that’s really fun about making your own labels is that you can make it fit whatever mood or event you want.

Designing Your Label

Just like catering or floral arrangements, the favors and gifts for an event often take a lot of thought and tinkering to get just right. Your label design requires a bit of thought before you dive in.

Envisioning Your Label

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What does your perfect wine label look like? A great way to craft a design is to use symbols that reflect your personality, your theme, or the overall theme you want for your event. Think about motifs that match up with what you're saying through your event. Orchids are always a good bet for a classic, dramatic feel, while you might consider a sunflower for a sunny summer wedding. A beautiful, rustic design gives your party an artisan flair while a more minimalist design is great for a modern event.

When you’re thinking about your unique labels, simpler is usually better. Since you can customize the text on the label, feel free to add important dates or significant names and phrases. Be sure to avoid information overload. Your design doesn't have to be busy to be eye-catching. A more sparse design, with only a few graphics, numbers, or letters can be a good choice for a more minimalist theme.

Types of Wine to Choose

Custom wedding wine bottle design ideas

The label you design also depends on what type of wine you plan to serve at your event. There are certain stylistic elements that go better with a certain type of wine, and in order to have the most cohesive style at your event, it’s best to be smart with these selections. For example, the color pink looks stunning with a lighter color wine but can clash with certain shades of red. Lighter colored labels pop against a dark background, however, and could look plain against a lighter colored wine.

Choosing a Unique Label

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One of the most important parts of any event is that it’s a new experience for guests and the hosts. You don’t want your wedding reception or bridal shower to be the same, stale party that’s been done a thousand times before. Luckily, the party favors you create can put your own unique twist into any party theme, and give your friends a little piece of you to take home.

Keep in mind that there are plenty of templates and bottle label designer programs to help you along the way. Find templates that exude the right feel and put in your information to see what looks best for your special day or gift.

Final Thoughts

custom wine bottle wedding favors

Since biblical times, people have known that wine is a great drink for any sort of celebration. Put your mark on your wedding, bridal shower, or anniversary by picking something perfect to pour, and by putting a label on it that embodies you, your event, and the love that’s being celebrated. Do you have any tips for creating a gorgeous personalized wine label? Share them below!

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I'm confused about the logistics of this. Would I be putting my own label over the original wine label or am I ordering the bottle of wine with the customized label already attached?


That's a great question. For a DIY Personalized Wine Label, you'll likely be ordering your own label and put it on top of a bottle of wine. Most people put it on the back of the wine bottle so that the original label stays and they know what it is (back is usually blank or gibberish)


I love this idea for an anniversary. I know that if I personalized a wine label for my significant other with our picture on it, they would absolutely love it. It's personal and something we can use together and create a date out of!


Awesome idea. WE love it too.


I think this is just a fabulous idea! Even after the wine is gone, it could still be used as a decoration piece with some flowers in it. Do you have any other ideas of how to display it?


That's a great idea! You took the words out of my mouth! for Personalized Wine Bottles, another idea is to put a candle in it.


I'm so excited to find out about this idea, but I'm unsure of where to start looking. Please help! I need something that's easy to use because I'm not very tech-savvy.


No need to be tech savvy, once you pick a label, you can easily design it right on your computer. Our checkout process will walk you step by step to making the perfect personalized wine label

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