Details Matter: Everything You Need for a Great Unity Candle Set and Ceremony

Unity Candle Ceremony Set

unity candle ceremony supplies

Should I do a Unity Candle Ceremony?

At its heart, marriage is about the uniting of two lives—two separate people joining their souls together for the rest of their time on this earth. A unity candle ceremony is a beautiful representation of this joining. There are many ways to do a unity candle ceremony, which only takes a minute or two in your wedding service but is so meaningful.

If you are doing a religious ceremony, about 50% of brides opt to also include a Unity Candle Ceremony. If you are not doing a religious ceremony, fully 2/3rds of Brides choose to use a Unity Candle Ceremony.

While a unity candle fits well in a religious service that quotes the biblical verses about two people becoming “one flesh,” it can also be used in a non-religious ceremony because the symbolism of joining two lives remains valid outside of a religious context.

Unity Candle Ceremony

Wedding unity candle idea

For a unity candle ceremony, you typically need three candles. Two candles represent the two people getting married, and the third represents their union—the two individuals becoming one married couple. During the unity candle ceremony, each person in the couple takes their own candle and together they light the unity candle, which then burns through the rest of the ceremony to symbolize their unity.

Unity Candle Set

creative unity candle ideas

Unity candle sets come in many types, to simple taper candles with a plain white unity candle to personalized candles to ones that incorporate the wedding’s theme or colors. A satin ribbon around the unity candle can be symbolic of the couple “tying the knot” and joining themselves together.

Besides the candles, most couples use a stand to hold their candles that can also range to simple to ornate. Some stands come together with candles while others are sold separately so you can customize them however you like.

Taper Candles

taper wedding candles

If traditional is what you have in mind, taper candles are the way to go. Slender and delicate, taper candles for the unity candle ceremony are a graceful and elegant paring to the taper candles in candelabra that lit at the beginning of a traditional candlelight ceremony. The secret to setting the taper unity candles apart is investing in a distinctive set of taper candle holders. You will find taper candles holders that pair well with your overall wedding theme in a range to vintage elegance to starfish appropriate for a beach wedding. The candle holders will become cherish wedding day mementos.

Pillar Candles

pillar wedding unity candles

Pillar candles and pillar candle holders have become popular for the unity candle ceremony. They provide a greater opportunity for creativity and personalization to make your special day all the more special. Because the size of pillar candles is more robust, there is space available for monograms, bows, lace, ribbons, and flowers to accent the candle.

Some couples favor a unity candle set with taper candles to represent the bride and groom and a pillar candle to be lit as the unity candle. The pillar candle and candle holder represent the strength and permanence that every bride and groom envision.

Combined taper and pillar candle sets are available in either simple or novel presentations. For instance, the Elegant Fairytale Unity Candle Holder features taper holders that are horses pulling a royal wedding coach that serves as the pillar candle holder. You will be the envy of your married girlfriends and an inspiration for those who are still hoping to tie the knot.

Personalized Unity Candles

floating wedding unity candles

Another variety of unity candle is a floating candle set that comes with a glass tube that can be personalized. This type of unity candle gives a nice effect during the ceremony and can become a keepsake or décor item after the wedding.

Sand Ceremony Sets and Other Alternatives

wedding unity sand ceremonies

Several alternatives to unity candles have gained popularity in recent years. Many couples are now using the pouring of sand to symbolize their union and creating a unique and personalized keepsake that they can display in their home together. Unity sand sets can include separate glass containers of sand that are poured in layers into a central container to create a piece of sand art.

The central container is often personalized with the couple’s names and wedding date as well as other designs like the last name initial or a heart design. Other unique container ideas include a picture frame with the sand visible around the photo of the couple and a heart-shaped container that sits on a metal stand.

Unity sand sets have been used beautifully to symbolize the blending of families that include children born previously to the couple, since you can use a different color of sand for each person with nearly unlimited color choices.

Another alternative to a unity candle is pouring different wines (note: this is an external link) or beers to blend them into a unique drink that is then enjoyed by the couple.

Whatever option you choose, you can be sure that both you and your guests will find it a memorable way to witness the joining of your lives together.

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I've always known my unity candle would be important to me. My parents had a sculpted pillar candle growing up and would re-light it each year on their anniversary. I love this tradition and it's a keepsake for life!


Glad you love it.


I love the new alternatives to unity candles. They are so unique and can be personalized to the wedding and the couple and give off a more modern vibe to a classic tradition.


Glad you like them! The sand ones are especially personalized since you can pretty much make any color imaginable!


Thanks for all the great links to the various unity candles you mention. If I'm looking for a very traditional option, what should I choose?


Hi Tracy. Stick with Tapered Options. They're simple and and work great


I love the floating candle idea. Is there other options for personalization other than just adding a name on the outside? Thanks for the great article and recommendations!


Hi Becca, there are a few other options. The one I recommend the most is putting a favorite phrase on a personalized floating candle. I think it's a message that leaves a strong message with the audience about what's important to you