Why Should I Get Kate Aspen Favors for My Wedding?

Kate Aspen wedding decorations

Kate Aspen wedding favors

Your wedding is a blank canvas that you get to transform into a masterpiece of color and design. That may be because Kate Aspen's Chief Executive Officer is Shirley Wang. She is the premier designer who runs the company, but you get to choose everything about how this very important day will look and feel, to the colors of the decorations and bridesmaids' dresses to the theme of the whole day and everything in between.

The wedding favors may seem like a small detail compared to other decisions like the dress and the caterer, but once the wedding and reception are over, the favors will remind your guests of the beauty of the ceremony and the fun, delicious reception that followed. In one sense, the favor will be the only thing left of your wedding, at least in the minds of your guests. You will have a wedding album and lots of other keepsakes, but your guests will have a favor, and hopefully a nice thank you note for the gift they gave you.

Unique Wedding Favours

Unique wedding favor ideas

Kate Aspen wedding favors are some of the most artistic and well-made favors, bridesmaid gifts and groomsmen gifts on the market today for a reasonable price. You will be able to find Kate Aspen favors that will perfectly embody any theme and complement the rest of your ideas for wedding decor with style and taste. Here are some unique party favors to consider and some favor ideas to go with them.

Candles are part of every wedding ceremony. Why not continue the candle theme with centerpieces and favors in seasonal colors and arrangements to remind your guests about the lovelight in your eyes and hearts. A candle in a white teacup would be a memorable favor.

If traveling is a passion for you and your spouse-to-be, a travel-themed wedding will express that love (and give you a chance to brag about where you will be honeymooning). Travel-themed wedding favors like vintage suitcase favor boxes can hold your favorite sweet treats for guests to sample and match your other wedding décor ideas like vintage maps and a funky open suitcase to hold the wedding gifts.

Beach-themed weddings are popular, especially if you are getting married as a seaside escape (and even if you’re not). Creativity can set your beach-themed wedding apart to the pack and make your guests remember its distinctive beauty. Two particularly unique party favor ideas are glass coasters emblazoned with LOVE written in the beach sand and a votive holder filled with an underwater beach scene.

Maybe your spouse-to-be obsesses about hunting but you want favors that simply highlight the love you share. What about a wood wedding place card holders with a heart-shaped cutout that will cover both of your interests? Celebrate your special day with a rustic theme. Unleash your creativity with all kinds of wood and natural party decorations, and plenty of options are available ready-made, too.

Eclectic themes can mix many different interests or allow you to just pick out décor and favors that are that will remind your guests of when you tied the knot. Putting seemingly different ideas together can make your ceremony and reception décor pop and stand out as distinctive.

Kate Aspen has wedding favors to suit any theme or party decorations preferences, and they are affordably priced for any budget. CEO Shirley Wang and her entire team have been hard at work on the newest designs and unique creations to make your wedding a special day.

Wedding Decor

Kate Aspen wedding decorations

You probably want the wedding décor you choose to coordinate with your favor choices. Kate Aspen offers décor choices that go along with your favors for many different categories, including those above as well as seaside escape, tied the knot, and others. Whether you are decorating the ceremony venue or the wedding reception hall, you can get many unique decorating ideas to Kate Aspen’s collection.

Bridal Shower

Kate Aspen Bridal Shower Favors

Favors are not just for the wedding. Bridal shower favors can complement the theme of the wedding and allow you to use more items to your favorite Kate Aspen favors collection. Bridal shower favors are only one pre-wedding opportunity to favor your friends. If you are planning to use candle favors for the wedding, why not begin the theme with candle bridal shower favors.

Don't forget that you have another opportunity to impress them when you celebrate your bachelorette party. Kate Aspen has a large selection of shower favors and bachelorette party favors and gifts. Here's a neat idea: order a special bachelorette party banner to pump up the special day before your extra special day.

Wedding Anniversary Ideas

keepsake wedding favor ideas

Milestone anniversaries often lead family members or friends to plan a party for the celebrating couple, and Kate Aspen favors are perfect keepsakes for your guests to remember the special day when you celebrate many years of happiness.

Where to Shop

unique Kate Aspen wedding favor

While Kate Aspen is sold at Target and Anthropologie, you can enjoy bulk discounts and get a large selection of Kate Aspen products and décor items here.  Is there an idea you would like to see Kate Aspen make? Let us know in the comments below.

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This convinced me that the wedding favors are more important than I thought. I'll have to take a look at the Kate Aspen collection.


Let us know how we can help!


I love how many options there are for different themes. It seems like these would be perfect for any wedding. Do you have any top recommendations of specific products?


My favorite (and everyone's, since it's a best seller) are the stemless champagne glasses


I got so excited when reading this article about the options at Kate Aspen and even more excited when I realized they were sold at Target! This makes them super easily accessible for me and likely anyone else.


Absolutely. What we offer is bulk pricing on the same Kate Aspen favors sold at Target


The pictures of wedding decor in this article from Kate Aspen are just too cute! Is the quality as good as the looks of it are?


Hi Cindy, Kate Aspen really produces the highest quality favors. One thing we've learned is that like anything in life you get what you pay for. For this price point, they are super high quality.


This is so great. Thanks for letting me know more about Kate Aspen