Expensive Wedding Favors—12 Pricey Favors that Impress

Overview of Expensive Wedding Favors

Overview of Expensive Wedding Favors

Finding the perfect wedding favor for your guests isn't always easy.

For example, you want to be able to provide your guests with something that they'll truly remember while also reminding them of how much you care about them coming to your special day. Many wedding favors currently available, though, are not always the most personalized and can make the experience feel inauthentic.

Supplying cheap wedding favors can make guests feel like they weren't appreciated, something that is not ideal when your wedding guests are there to celebrate the wonderful new chapter you are opening up in your life.

To help you with your search, we've compiled a list of PRICEY ideas that can help you avoid cheap wedding favors and instead decide which expensive wedding favors to give your guests!

You may even want to consider giving out these favors before the wedding, at your bridal shower, bridal party, or bachelorette party.

So, without further ado, here's our list (and don't say we didn't warn you!)

1. Personalized Wedding Flutes

expensive wedding favors for guests

One of the best ways to make guests feel welcome at a wedding is to gift them personalized items. This can come in many different forms, but the unifying factor is that the items all contain the names of guests in order to make them feel like the gift is a representation of the happy couple's appreciation for them coming. Some examples of unique wedding favors in this category can include champagne flutes or even bottles of nice alcohol. Both of these are easily supplied by 3rd parties. With the wine bottle, you can also customize a perfect label to show your gratitude.

2. Engraved Watches Knives or Knife Sets

Wedding favor ideasexpensive wedding server set

Another way to show the guests that you appreciate them being there is to give them engraved items representing the wedding day. This is effective because time is a gift and also something that is perpetually in motion, meaning that
remembering the day can help keep the moment alive forever. Examples of favors you can get in this category can be things such as engraved knives or even a pocket watch with the date on it. These are great because they help remind the guests that they were a part of something truly wonderful. (and no one ever throws these out

3. An engraved Tiffany Photo Frame

expensive wedding favor ideas

Nothing says quality and luxury quite like a Tiffany product. This is why gifting a photo frame is one of our favorite wedding favor ideas, as it can make guests feel valued due to the necessary expense required for such a gift. They're also simply gorgeous, with so many different varieties to choose to!

4. A Local Memento

Unique wedding favors

The location in which a wedding happens is often just as important as the ceremony itself. To highlight this, centering your favors around a local sight or the surrounding area can be a great way to show your appreciation for the people there and to make them feel included. This could be a gift card to a local massage parlor to unwind after the wedding or a small piece of art to a local artisan near your wedding venue. Some people have even tied a unique local gift to their wedding themes!

5. Donation to a Non-Profit of Their Choice

expensive wedding favors for guests

A unique way to show guests that you care about their specific personalities is to offer a $20 donation to a non-profit organization of their choice.  Choose a local non-profit to make it extra personal.  Our favorites are the ASPCA and the United Way

6. Uber Gift Card Credit to Get to the Airport

expensive wedding favors for your guests

One of the most difficult parts about being a wedding guest for some is the transportation to the wedding itself. Help ease this aspect of the trip by providing them an Lyft or Lyft gift card to get back to the airport on their way home—not only will they thank you for this, but you'll also be comforted by the fact that you gave them something that will help at the perfect moment!

7. Rolled Up Poster of a Favorite Artist, Painting, or Local Art

local wedding Favor ideas

If you invite someone to your wedding, it's usually because they're a special person in your life. To show them that you care about them and are appreciative of them making the trip for your special day, getting them a poster that specifically caters to their interests can be a way to show your gratitude.  An easy way to up this gift?  Mail it to their house to arrive when they get home the next day to the wedding

8. Subscription Box to a Favorite Service

Expensive Wedding Favors - 12 Unique Favors that Impress

Some of the best gifts are things that can be used effectively in one's life—by gifting somebody a subscription box to a useful service like Blue Apron, you can help them out with a gift of continual joy.

9. Credit to Purchase Photos to the Wedding Photographer

expensive wedding favors that impress

One of the best ways to remember a good wedding reception is to purchase photos, effectively keeping the memories alive. However, sometimes you want the photos to take home for yourself, which is why gifting your guests credit to purchase their own copies of the wedding photos can be a great way for them to make their own mementos of the occasion.

10. Home Delivery Wedding Desserts

impressive wedding favors

Sometimes, the best parts of a wedding reception can be the food. If you have a great caterer, that can be all you need to make a party truly memorable. Dessert is often the highlight of this, with some guests leaving a party feeling completely satisfied by the desserts they were fed. One way to help them remember a party forever is to deliver some of the desserts served at the wedding reception directly to their doorstep! Despite how odd this might seem, you'd be surprised at how easy it is. When my sister got married, she sent out desserts to all of the guests who came and it was a delicious reminder of her happiness when I was snacking on some chocolate cake a week later. This is a truly wonderful idea!

11. Useful Box Set
impressive wedding favors for guests

Giving your guests a gift that is incredibly personalized can be a great way to help them bring the wedding back home with them. This typically can be represented by giving some sort of box set that involves tools that they can use at a later date. For example, you could choose a box filled with cocktail tools can be a unique way for them to bring something home that will fit in their luggage and also provide them joy long after the wedding itself is over.

The plus side about having a box set as a wedding favor is that the guests can continue using them. We think this is a great way for newlyweds to show their appreciation for the people who showed up for their special day.

There are also many useful box sets you can choose for your guests. For example, you can also give them baking or cooking tools, another effective way to let them continually remind themselves of the wonderful wedding day.

12. Their Own Wedding Memorabilia

expensive wedding memorabilia favors

Something that can be a great way for your guests to feel appreciated is to give them their own memorabilia surrounding the wedding. For example, gifting nice clothing or jewelry that represents the happy couple can be a great way for you to show your appreciation while also giving your guests something that is practical. A fun way to do this would be to create a logo representing your wedding and then putting it on hats or other types of nice clothing!

Our Concluding Thoughts on Expensive Favors

Those who understand the importance of an effective wedding favor will also be willing to spend the money necessary to make sure every guest feels validated and fulfilled at the end of the party. Cheap wedding favors aren't really the way to go if you want something effective, as sometimes it is necessary to find more expensive options to make sure you're getting perfect quality products that people will use again and again.

We hope you found these recommendations for expensive wedding favors for guests of your wedding. Did we miss one of your favorites? Still not sure what direction to go? Comment below!

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Lauren Hovde
Lauren Hovde

This is an awesome idea! I especially love the local momento for destination weddings or for out of town visitors.


Glad you like it!


I love #5 but I'm unsure of how to present it in a way that would be clear and make sense to the guest. Do you have any idea of how I might go about this?


Sure. If you write out a description of what you're going to do on a nice piece of heavy cardstock, you'll be set. Just put it on each person's place setting


Giving guests a credit to the photographer to buy photos is something I never would have thought of! What should I do though to avoid giving guests this credit and then them realizing that they don't like the pictures they were in or they weren't in enough?


This is a tough one Maddy. That's just one of the risks you have to take with this. But usually EVERYONE is covered. Especially if you do something like a photo booth (then have those uploaded)


It's a risk I'm afraid you'll have to take. Usually if you upload the Photo Booth pictures you'll have everyone at least once in a picture. Make sure you tell your photographer to go crazy on the guests. He'll love it if you're going to prepay for pictures


Gosh, I just love all of these ideas. Thanks for putting them together in such an easy to access resource. I'll be sure to refer back to it soon!


Glad you like them1


There are a million great Expensive Wedding Favor Ideas out there. We're happy to help.