8 Awesome Groomsmen Bag Gifts

8 Awesome Groomsmen Bag Gifts

Giving gifts to the groomsmen at the wedding is all a part of the experience, and someone who is trying to change the way that they give gifts needs to be a little bit more creative. You can find a lot of different options for giving bags to the guys who are part of the bridal party, and you will discover that you can actually wrap your whole gift around a bag that you have found along with an accessory.

Read on for our eight awesome ideas for groomsmen bag gifts for your wedding. But first:

Why a Groomsmen Bag?

Why a Groomsmen Bag?

A groomsman bag can be embroidered with the initials of the person that you are giving it to, and you can give these bags to the people in the group with special gifts on the inside. You might include a luggage tag with the bag, and you could give all the guys a different color because they all have different favorite colors. This is a great gift, and they will think of the wedding every time they look at it.


1. Bag for Shoes

perfect groomsmen bag gift

The shoe bag is a great gift guys will love because they need something that will protect their formal shoes. Men often have a hard time keeping their shoes in good condition before they go on a date or our for a big evening. Because of this, you should give them a shoe bag that will allow them to carry their shoes in something safe that will also hold their shoe brush. You may also consider a golf shoe bag for an avid golfer in your wedding party.

You can also see if you can personalize the shoe bags or find different colors for different guys. If you want to be very creative, you can slide the shoe bag into the larger bag you are also giving.


2. Gym Bag

groomsmen bag gifts

The gym bag that you are giving should be a heavy-duty bag that they can take to the gym and that will actually hold all the things they own. You want them to have a bag that will be functional when they go on trips, and they could hold onto the gym bag because it basically does everything that they need.

You could have these bags monogrammed for them, and you might pick special colors for all the guys. This is a fun way to give a gift, and it can be much more exciting than other gifts you give because every guy is looking for a better gym bag.


3. Bag for Traveling

groomsmen travel bag gift

The dopp kit or regular travel or duffel bag will be easy for your buddies to use, and it will give them every chance to make the best possible choices for their next trip. You can give them a nice dopp kit because you know that it will work well in all situations.

You might want to give them an actual travel bag, or you could give them a bag to use as a carry-on. These bags could be monogrammed or chosen by color, and you could give the guys a bag inside a bag that might include the shoe bag to above because it is hard to take care of their shoes, too.


4. Bag for Carrying and Drinking Beer

awesome groomsmen bag gifts

The bags that guys use for carrying their beer should be made for cooling their beer, and they also need to have something that will specifically fit bottles or cans. These were wonderful bags to purchase for the guys in the bridal party because you know they could use them at the next concert or festival  they want to visit. You will find that these bags are also fun to give out for the bachelor party because the group of you are going to have an incredible time drinking to them.

6. A Bag You Can Sit On

perfect bag gift for groomsmen

A bag that you can sit on can be easy for you to use because it has a stable shell that allows you to rest when you have no other place to sit. Someone who is trying to make the best choice for a gift like this could give these bags to guys who travel a lot.

Men who travel often will get stuck in places where they cannot stand comfortably, and they might not ever have a place to sit. This problem can be solved if you have given them all bags they can sit on, and it helps them save energy when they go out of town.

7. A Bag for a Suit

bag gifts for groomsmen wedding

The garment bag is a perfect gift for your wedding party because it will help them get ready for the ceremony itself. These garments can be made to very heavy fabric, and they can be used to help them carry their suits or tuxes to the wedding.

You can give them a garment bag that  like the one pictured above that will fold perfectly and hold all the things that they need to bring with them including their dress shoes. You might have the bags monogrammed, and you could buy them in many special colors.


8. Toiletry Bag

groomsmen gift wedding party

A toiletry bag will help guys who need to bring a lot of extra equipment when they are traveling. They need to have a place that they can put all these things, and they are going to find that it is much easier to use the toiletry bag than to fit these things in their regular luggage. You are saving them both time and space.

9. Beach Bag / Tote Bag

tote bag gift groomsmen wedding party

The beach or tote bag that you have given guys is good for their whole family. They can take that bag on vacation, and they can have a much better time when they get to the beach because they have a bag that will carry everything. Someone who is trying to make the best possible choices for the wedding party will find that they can give this simple gift because it helps everyone when the ceremony is over and the group all goes to the beach or even had the ceremony on the beach.

10. Personalized Bag Filled with Their Favorites

personalized bag gift groomsmen

Want to show your friends that you really know them? Get any kind of bag above personalized with their name, initials, or one of their favorite quotes or team names. Fill the bag with many of their favorite items, such as a bottle of whiskey, moneyclips, a tumbler, a stainless steel flask, and cuff links. There is no end to the personalization options for your groomsmen bag gift.

Someone who needs information on better groomsmen gifts needs to be sure that they have looked at all the things that they can personalize and give to your friends who will be with the family at this special time. By giving a groomsmen bag gift, you are giving a useful gift that they make them remember you again and again whenever they see it.

What was your favorite idea on this list?  Have others you want to share? Post your thoughts in the comments below!

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Men can be so hard to shop for, especially for such a specific event. Thanks for this list of great suggestions. Is there a favorite shop you have for personalization?


Thanks for reading. Happy to help. Here are some great options for personalized groomsmens gifts


I really like these ideas but I hate not being able to know what the quality of the bag will be before I purchase it. Is there any place I can go to get it done in person? Or how can I know they will be good quality?


Great Question Taylor. We guarantee the quality 100%. If you don't like them, just let us know!


How do I know how many things to put inside the bag? Just until it looks full or should I try to make each bag's contents have the same dollar amount?


I recommend the latter, just try to make each bag's contents have the same dollar amount. No need to do anything fancy, just put in a tie, or a bottle opener, or even a six pack


Do you have another idea for groomsmen gifts besides bags? I'm just not sure that it's the right gift for what I'm looking for.


Hi Max, there's the classics. There are cufflinks and money holders. If you want a more creative idea, I recommend trying an engraved flask or potentially a personalized decanter