Details Matter: The Top 10 Unique Wedding Favor Ideas for 2020

top 10 wedding favor ideas 2019

Is a wedding in your future? I've been pondering wedding favors for a while, so we wanted to share our top 10 best wedding favor ideas for 2020.

You've heard the saying: "always a bridesmaid, never a bride?" Maybe you've seen the Katherine Heigl movie "27 Dresses," where Heigl is a perpetual bridesmaid? Yeah, well, that happens to be me. Aren't I lucky? And, no, unlike Heigl, I've yet to find Mr. Right at any wedding. I digress.

Whether it be what colors and types of flowers work best in what season to seating arrangements that don't end in police escorts, my wedding role has seemed to of shifted from just showing up in my assigned dress to a FAQ page for the bride. After all, I've seen pretty much everything wedding-related by now and received a wall of wedding favor gifts as a shrine to prove it. 

My friend asked me to throw some unique wedding favor ideas for 2020 at her, and she loved the list so much that I was told this insider knowledge mustn't be kept to myself. Without further ado, here are your top 10 best wedding favor ideas for 2020.


1. Special Delivery     

best wedding favor ideas    

Who doesn't like to feel special, and what better way to accomplish that than a special delivery? Now, you can do this regardless of the type of wedding you're having. However, it works best for destination weddings or those where the wedding party is put up overnight for the occasion or wedding reception. I say this because it's much more financially prudent and overall feasible to have a special delivery made from the hotel concierge than to pay or ask someone to deliver to everyone's home address.

So, what's the delivery? Try a bottle of wine, fruit basket, or gift bag. Personalize it by addressing it to each recipient with a thoughtful note attached. 


2. Ice Cream or Cake Servers 

favor for wedding ideas

If you're serving a treat and/or wedding cake, and what's a wedding without cake, then seize the moment to give your wedding guests something to take home in what they eat it on/out/with. An ice cream or cake server is a great, functional gift for your guests to take home.

Another option is prepackaged personalized items from the catering service or party favor supplier. Even something as simple as setting up a simple ice cream bar with beautiful glass sundae jars that guests get to keep can really sweeten up a wedding favor gift. If you want to personalize each glass, plate, or utensil, then think outside the box beyond the standard monogram and wedding date.

Pick a favorite quote on love for the application to keep it universal for the guests' later use, but it'll still be something they'll always remember from your wedding. 


3. Spice Bottles 

wedding favor ideas for guests

You added a little spice to your life in marrying your soulmate. So, why not pass the spice along to your guests' lives via a unique party favor? Include the spice bottles as part of each place setting. Incorporate a theme from the meal or wedding if you'd like, such as red hot chili flakes or even powdered sugar for the dessert. Plus, this neat favor doubles as a placeholder if you write each guest's name on an attached tag.

The wedding I received a spice bottle from had the last name of Ginger; they took crystallized ginger in the spice bottles and tied a note around it to thank everyone for coming to the Ginger wedding. 


4. Treats 

wedding favor ideas for reception

Everyone loves treats, especially the edible kind. So, it might not be something guests will forever keep and remember as being from your wedding, but the purpose of wedding favors is to literally treat your guest as a way of saying thank you for sharing in this moment with us... and for the nice wedding gifts. Attack their taste buds with a rare treat that they won't find on just every retailer shelf. A whiskey bon-bon was one of my favorites in this category. Get creative by searching through party favor vendors and local bakers for rare treats. 

Speaking of treats, cupcake boxes make a fantastic takeaway treat. Cupcake artistry affords you the opportunity to match colors, themes, and even mini lookalikes of your wedding cake. Set up a table for guests to pick up their own box of mini cupcakes in a stylish wedding favor box. Personalize the box, the cupcakes, or a note for each guest with the wedding colors, your names, or a fun quote related to your love. 

Wedding receptions can go through the night. They also may have an open bar that leaves guests feeling a little, um, tired the next morning. Take care of your guest's morning after with a personalized granola bar. 

5. Crayons for Kids

2019 wedding kids favor

If you have kids in your wedding party, then you'll want to be sure to include them in the wedding gift, too. Try a personalized box of crayons with the child's name on the front. I've yet to meet a kid who didn't love crayons and doesn't love to see their name across something.

You might not have kids yet, but trust me when I say that there are few houses in America that don't have some kid signature in crayon underneath a coat or two of paint. This may or may not be the case in my own home that's currently up for sale. 


6. Trinket Dishes 

unique wedding favor ideas

There are a few ways to go about this wedding favor idea. You can set up the dishes with mints, candies, pens, buttons, or other odd and end favors across the venue for guests to enjoy. You could also go the route of using trinket dishes within individual place settings. Either way, guests have something useful they can keep or edible they can enjoy in the moment.

One of my favorites in this category was a trinket dish on each guest table that was filled with M&Ms the couple had personalized with the table's guests' names printed on them. It turned into a game to dig through the dish and find our own name's or eat other people's names out of the M&M trinket dish. 


7. Donation in the Name of Your Guests

meaningful wedding favor ideas donation

Instead of spending money on wedding favors, decide upon a charity, such as St. Jude Hospital, that means something to you and your future spouse. Set up a table for the guests to sign a donation card. Be sure to write a separate note explaining to guests that you're making a donation on their behalf to the charity as a wedding favor gift. You may even want to personalize the note with a brief explanation on why the charity is so meaningful to you, the couple.

This was one of the most moving wedding favors I'd ever seen. My girlfriend was a childhood cancer survivor, and her new husband surprised her and guests with a donation to St. Jude in all our names because it "saved her for him." There wasn't a dry eye in the room at the end of his presentation of the gift to us. 


8. A Book 

personalized wedding favor ideas

Books are gifts that keep giving. They offer continued knowledge and inspiration for generation after generation. Pick a book that's meaningful. Leave guests an individualized note on the inside cover or make a blanketed note to all guests on why the book is so important in your life. Wrap it in bow and sticker themed to your wedding. Each guest leaves with a book they'll perhaps treasure deeply and recall your wedding each time they read.

I know that I never pick up the book of poems my 23rd bridesmaid dress accompanied without thinking of the couple. They highlighted their favorite poem in the book and made a personalized note to me in the margin of the page. It's a treasured gift. 


9. Seed Packets 

wedding favor ideas for spring

Seed packets are another way to add meaningfulness and uniqueness to a wedding favor gift. You can have an assortment with various words of growth from the bride and groom, such as "plant it and it will grow" or "faith is like a mustard seed." It's inexpensive. Yet, adding a personalized touch transitions this into something guests can take away an emotional and physical gift. 


10. Toasting Flutes 

creative wedding favor ideas

While the toasting flute itself isn't so novel, what you put in it and write on it can be very unique. Get creative. The word of wisdom idea above is a great alternative to the standard bride and groom monogram and date. Treat guests to a glass of special, rare champagne for the official toast.

One of the most memorable toasts ever was from a wedding that used the flute to serve apple juice to everyone. It was the bride's sly plan to announce she was pregnant. Everyone had a laugh, including the unsuspecting groom. So, think outside the box and remember that details matter, and you can make even the trite flute a truly unique and memorable wedding favor. 


Did these 10 wedding favor gifts inspire your creative side? Tell us your wedding favor plans in the comment section. Maybe you've already had the dream wedding and pulled off a fantastic favor idea? Share it here and inspire others!

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The spice idea is so cute! It reminds me of a wedding my friend went to in which they handed out little jars of honey. They were useful as well as being a reminder of that day


Glad you liked it. the honey jars are a hit since everyone loves something sweet.


I've been trying to think of a way to make the wedding more interactive for the little ones and love the idea of crayons as wedding favors. Do you have any more suggestions for keeping the kiddos entertained?


Hi Lisa. We loved that Crayon idea because it's great for kids and Adults! Another suggestion we'd have is buying a disposable camera and having them take pictures with it. Offer it only to the kids! A final suggestion we've heard of and we love is a trick or treat bag, just for them...and they have to go from table to table (this is usually a hit during Halloween/October weddings)


These are such creative wedding favor ideas, thanks for posting the 2019 ideas so early before the peak of wedding season starts so I can get all of my ideas together. Wonderful list!


Glad you like them. The Palm Tree and Pineapple Favors continue to be a hit this year