How to Choose the Perfect Honey Jar Wedding Favors

honey jar wedding favors

There are so many decisions when it comes to your wedding. The sheer number can be mind-boggling. Keep your stressors to a minimum and look at these cute honey jars as a possible wedding favor. This is also a great gift for a bridal shower or baby shower. We will discuss the good and the bad, and other possible ideas to help make your day the best as it can be for both you and your guests.

Should I get Honey Jar Favors?

honey jar wedding favor pros and cons


Let's look at the pros of using honey jars as favors for your wedding.

1. It's a favor that everyone loves, including children. No need to waste the money on a wedding favor that will go unused. These are a great touch for any thank you.

2. Buy a favor that will last forever. Honey is one of the few foods that won't go bad on your guests.

3. Choose to a variety of flavors. Honey jar favors allow you to individualize your favors so that your uncles and nieces can exchange amongst themselves.

4. They are easy to personalize the labels. This is why we personally love them. You might not want to send your guests away with something that is overdone. They deserve more than that.

5. Convenient for traveling. You don't want your guests to have to pack something heavy. That's why this small gift is a treasure.

6. Honey jar favors are practical. We conducted a survey in 2017 for wedding favors. We found that 78% of guests that received these favors were Satisfied or Extremely Satisfied with this present.

7. Honey jar favors are great for a DIY wedding. I know that for most weddings, DIY projects are a must. Doing it yourself with a group of friends can mean personal touches that'll save you money.

8. They offer a treat without concern. Honey is one of those natural ingredients that agree with our bodies. In our opinion, this allergen-free gift is a great send-off delicacy for your guests.

9. They go great with wedding themes. Depending on the style of your wedding, this would be a great favor. Adding labels with cute sayings such as "Sweet as You€ with the bride and groom's name is a clever touch.

10. Can be a cute, small gift. We love this gift for its adorable nature. The look of a wedding favor isn't the most important factor, but it should be something to consider.


There are a few negative factors to think about when deciding on wedding favors.

1. They can vary in taste. Depending on the jar and type of honey, it might not taste as great as you'd hope. Just keep in mind that glass jars preserve the honey's original taste the best.

2. Honey jars are generally a smaller gift. Honestly, we're not sure that this is a negative thing as it can be easier to transport for your guests. But perhaps you'd like something bigger to show your appreciation.

3. Honey is very sticky. This ingredient is not the best to work with, as it will leave a residue all over your hands.

4. Not the greatest for a carry-on item. This might be a concern for some. Hopefully, most of your traveling guests are checking bags.

5. DIY honey jars are a lot of work. If you don't have the time to make all of these jars, then opt for a different gift that you can simply buy online in bulk.

6. Glass jars can be expensive. Mason jars are the pinnacle for most weddings, but they can actually be a pretty penny. To solve this problem, ask around. Maybe your friends or family members have some that they aren't using.

What Types of Honey Jars Are Available?

types of honey jar wedding favors

There are a variety of jars and flavors to choose to for your wedding. We would advise you to make these decision based on how they look, your budget, and how they may alter the taste of your honey.

  1. Honey flavors
    • Dandelion. This flavor is rare since beekeepers don't harvest it as often as other types. It can be found during the first crops of the year.
    • Alfalfa. This flavor blooms throughout the summer, making it an opportune addition for your summer wedding. Alfalfa honey is one of the most desirable types.
    • Blackberry. We personally enjoy this flavor for its distinctive fruity touch that makes a summer day more enjoyable. It is also a white honey, which might look good in a darker jar.
    • Clover. This is one of the most sought out honey plants in the United States. It is well known for its delicate flavor.
  2. Glass jars are a classic staple for any honey jar. This adds a great touch for your theme, especially if you would like it to be a country or rustic wedding.
  3. Honey dippers are a great way to add personality to your wedding favor.
  4. Jams and jellies make for a fun, summer wedding vibe.
  5. Personalized additions to your honey jar favors. Using a small sticker with you and your groom's names on it make for an enchanting little favor.

How Can You Personalize Your Honey Jar Favors?

personalized honey jar wedding favor

The best way to send your family and friends home with a gift that they would love is to make unique favors that are personalized. Below are a few ideas to help you accomplish this.

  1. Add custom labels, favor tags, or ribbon on them. A personalized label may include the couple's name, wedding date, or a quote or saying that is special to them. This will make your honey jar favors look even more pleasing and make them a beautiful memento of your wedding.
  2. Combine them with another gift. You can always add something small if you feel that this is not enough as a wedding favor. Add small packages of graham crackers or wooden honey dippers that would compliment the honey.
  3. Don't stop with just the honey jar favors. Maybe you can use this opportunity to share a story behind why you decided on honey such as how you both love nature. Print copies of this story and put them with the honey jars.

What Are Other Similar Gifts to Honey Jar Favors?

best wedding favor ideas

  1. Sunflower seed packets. These are a great way to spread the love, as they will send your friends and family members with something they can use. And they can also purchase them with the ability to personalize. We've included the link to an Etsy shop for reference.
  2. S'mores wedding favor. These are wonderful if you plan on doing a summer wedding. Besides, kids will love them. You can easily find them on Etsy like this one here.
  3. Coffee flavored favors. Though not as fun as the honey jars, coffee most likely is desired by most of those who attend your wedding. Besides, who can avoid the personalized "Love is Brewing” sticker on the front? Find them here if you'd like to check them out.

The bottom line of this is that I want you to have a wedding that you and your guests will remember. Though not the most important decision of the wedding, choosing your wedding favors is the lasting impression of the whole event. Which idea was your favorite? Would you consider giving honey to your guests as a wedding favor?

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Do you think that it's better to get a unique/flavored honey or one that is more traditional? I want my wedding favors to be unique but also something that my guests can actually enjoy and use


Rachel, I've been a planner for years and I think getting a traditional one is great, but a unique flavor can add a custom touch. That said, with all you have to do for your wedding, don't spend too much time. Just optimize for looks and budget and be done. Good luck!


This honey jar idea is just too cute! I am really worried though about getting it into the little jars without creating a sticky mess. I'll have to look more into it and see what options are out there


We agree. It's super painful to do yourself. (trust me, we have legions who try). Jams are easier and Olive Oil is the easiest DIY Food Favor for weddings


I would love to do a custom label for my honey jar wedding favors!!! How do I go about doing this?


Sure. Here's a great place to create a custom label.


I had never thought about doing a honey wedding favor before, my only concern is that is it possible for one of the guests to be allergic to honey? I guess this would be a problem with any food-related favor though


You're right. That would be a problem with any food-related favor. Honey is among the safest given it's not one of the 'big' 8. That's why it's been a favorite favor for so many years.