Where Do I Find Wholesale Wedding Supplies?

where do I find wholesale wedding supplies?

How To Find Wholesale Wedding Supplies

Searching for wholesale wedding favors can be difficult if you do not know where to look to get the best prices. If you're wondering "Where do I find wholesale wedding supplies?", you need to know where to start. Regular retailers are not always your friend! Whether you are trying to find wedding favors, decorations, favors for your guests, cake toppers, or other wedding items, the following tips in this article will get you started in your planning.
Use the following tips to find the wedding favors you need so that you can stay within the budget for your wedding.

Where to Buy Wholesale Wedding Favors

where to buy wholesale wedding favors

Wedding favors make it easy for you to delight your guests as they walk out the door and give them a gift that is useful to them while commemorating your special day. Wholesale wedding favors are a simple way to save money, and there are several convenient ways you can purchase them whether online or in-person.

Utilizing in-person sources like a local flower market or a local rental company is a great way to save money as you plan the finer details of your wedding. Or use an online marketplace like Wedding Favors Unlimited, Wedding Recycle, or even Costco are great ways to save money on your wedding favors. Making your day special doesn't have to break the bank, so let's dive in to more details about finding the best wholesale wedding favors.

Where NOT to Buy Wholesale Wedding Favors

where not to buy wholesale wedding supplies

You should not buy your wholesale favors from the four stores listed here, and you should be aware of the reliability and quality of any online merchant you are using. Amazon, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and Alibaba are great places to buy clothes, shoes, household products, and even electronics. However, they present problems when you are shopping for wholesale wedding favors. These companies do not sell at wholesale, and they do not offer high quality items at a discount. Let's explain why:

Amazon does not offer wholesale pricing. Michael's is discounted deeply, but the company does not offer the cheap prices that you would get from a wholesaler. You might be convinced that you cannot get something cheaper than Michael's, but a true wholesaler might charge you half of what Michael's does.

Hobby Lobby is not a wholesaler, and they have quality issues that could derail your wedding. Alibaba has some issues with customer service, and they ship from global locations that could slow down your delivery. You need to look at online wholesalers who are US-based. The online wholesaler charges less, ships faster, and offers better service because all they do is sell in bulk.

Online Wholesalers

online wholesaler for wedding supplies

Finding online wholesalers will help you save money, and you will come across bulk product descriptions that already have the discounts applied. You can use the online wholesaler to buy so many products that you will have a few left over, but only some of these online wholesalers can give you the prices you want.

Wedding Favors Unlimited was started to sell wedding favors in bulk to brides and grooms. The company has a large list of wedding favors that you might try, and you will see some inspiring options that you might not have thought of before. This company offers such a large catalog that you can shop by price, and you will avoid overpaying for the perfect wedding favor.

You might also go to Caterer's Warehouse because they have simple favors that you could put on every table at the reception. The catering supplies that you see could make great wedding favors, and it would serve you well to think outside the box while shopping.


costco wholesale wedding supplies

Costco is a good place to go because they have quality products at low prices. You can buy the bags that will hold the favors together, and you might buy the parts to create your wedding favors. They carry some cheap glassware, and they have other products they sell in bulk that you might not have thought of.

You could purchase anything from umbrellas to messenger bags in bulk to give to the wedding party, or you could buy vases for each table that you could give away.

Costco is a massive corporation that already sells at wholesale prices, and they have many locations around the country they can pull from. If you have heard of a certain product or need more of a certain product, ask the store to deliver the rest to their location. You will spend much less money on these items, and you will get the customer service that only Costco can provide.

Local Wedding Rental Company

where to find cheap wedding supplies

Local rental companies are very happy to give you a discount on all their used items. They cannot hold onto everything, and they will give you a discount because they need to get these items out of their storage unit. Seek out all the local rental companies to see which one gives you the best prices and options.

Local Flower Markets

cheap flowers for wedding wholesale

Local flower markets require some connections because they are not open to public sales. However, you can buy through your connection at very low prices. The flower markets have to hold onto a number of items that would serve well as wedding favors, and it makes it easier to buy locally. The local flower market will let you come to pick up the products, or they might send someone by on their delivery route.

Wedding Recycle

best wholesale wedding suppliers online

Wedding Recycle is a place where you can buy a one-off from a wedding for very little money. You might keep this site on your radar because they could sell you a singular item you need to make your wedding come together. However, you will find some bulk items that are very cheap.

These items are very inexpensive because they are being recycled, and they were probably bought in bulk originally. You could get a very low price on the favors that you need, and you should continue checking on this site to see what comes up. You might be surprised by what you find.


Buying wedding favors in bulk is very hard to do if you do not buy at wholesale prices. Wholesale prices are hard to beat because you are buying dozens of items at once for at least half of what you would spend at retail. You must avoid retail establishments because retailers cannot give you the savings you need.

You should search through all the sites and companies listed above until you find what you want. Some companies have hidden gems, but others have dozens and dozens of palettes of products that you can repurpose as wedding favors.

You want all your guests to go home with something beautiful, and that is easier when you have spent less than your budget on wedding favors.

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Thanks for this perspective about some of the bigger arts and craft stores. I feel like I never see anything bad about them but I just can't afford their prices. I think buying wholesale wedding supplies is the right option for me!


Great to hear!


Also, if I choose to buy wholesale for my supplies, won't by guests recognize the favors from other weddings?


They won't. There are 2000+ favors, the odds of seeing the same ones are small. The only ones that appear often are the stemless wine glasses. Those are super popular.


I've never heard of wedding recycle I'll have to look on your site and there's to get all the perfect supplies to make my wedding a success!


We love the site. Thanks for reading!