Details Matter: Deciding on a Personalized Wedding Toasting Flute

personalized toasting flutes

There are many people who are hoping to create a much better wedding experience by purchasing personalized toasting flutes for the bride and groom, the wedding party, or everyone at the reception. There are many options listed below that allow you to purchase something generic, or you could have a custom glass made just for the people who are tying the knot.

These flutes could be given as favors, or they could be etched with the wedding date or the initials of the couple. Research all these wedding flutes to see which one you will enjoy most. You can fit the flutes to your overall wedding theme, or you can purchase flutes that have a simple design.


Should We Have Toasting Flutes for the Ceremony or Reception?

personalized wedding toasting flutes

You need toasting flutes for the reception, speeches, and possibly for a ceremony where wine is used. You must have flutes ready for at least the head table, although it would be better to have toasting flutes that are just for the bride and groom. You could get something generic for everyone else, and everyone can drink champagne with class.

You also need to have toasting flutes for the cake cutting because there is a toast that time. You might use them for dedications for people who are no longer with you, and you want to equip everyone who should be drinking at that time. The personalized wedding toasting flutes may be featured in photos or during tributes at the wedding.

The majority of weddings only have toasting flutes for the bride and groom. Be certain that you know the kind of ceremony and reception you want to have so that you know how and when to buy your flutes.


Who Gets a Toasting Flute?

who gets a toasting flute

You always need to have toasting flutes for the bride and groom, but you might also want to have toasting flutes for the bridal party who sit at the head table. You could get special glasses for the parents of the bride and groom, or you could do that for the grandparents.

You might go so far as monogramming all the flutes that people are supposed to have, and you can lay them out at the places that are marked with name cards for those people. At the very least, you need to have a toasting flute for anyone who is going to give a speech.

Toasting flutes must be assigned during the wedding, and you must leave them aside if you have children at the wedding. The only way you could give one to a child is if you ordered sparkling grape juice for them to drink.


The Types of Toasting Flutes

types of toasting flutes

Personalized toasting flutes are very common because they could have the name of the bride and groom or an important quote on the glass. This is a very simple thing for people to get, and it only involves two glasses. However, you might go so far as to have the last name of the couple monogrammed on every glass, or you could use their new last initial. You might put an engraved message on all the glasses that is not a name, or you might choose something that has a lovely design.

The non-personalized flutes could come in any color. Rose gold is popular, or you could get a simple Mr & Mrs glass. These are simple glasses that do not require any personalization, or you could get stemless glasses that you might let everyone take home. These are fun and modern glasses that people will be happy to carry home on their own.

Finally, some toasting flutes might be designed in a themed style like the wedding. You might choose a flute that has a castle on the stem because you had a Cinderella-themed wedding, or you could use a space-themed flute for a sci-fi style wedding. The choice is yours.


How Far Can Thematic Flutes Go?

beach themed toasting flutes

The most common themed toasting flute is the fairytale flute, or you could go with something that has a beach theme. You could even match the flowers from the ceremony to the flutes that you bought. French style flutes look very elegant, and you might go with the much sleeker Italian style. Every crystal maker has a different style, and you must choose the style that you think matches you best.

The thematic flutes that you find will be collective items that you might have had made specifically for your wedding. These are flutes that will grow in value over time, and you will have a gorgeous item to display in your home.


How Much Should Be Spent on These Toasting Flutes?

how much to spend on toasting flutes

The majority of toasting flutes will cost somewhere between $30 and $100. You could spend more if you find a unique flute from a special crystal maker, but most of these flutes will fall in this price range. You can shop around by checking local department stores and online outlets.

You could purchase from a glassmaker who does this every day, and they will have the ability to build a glass that is exactly what you need. You will spend more, but you will get the kind of flute you want. If you have questions about the kinds of flutes you could make, you should read magazines and check out online wedding photos to find inspiration.

You should make the toasting flutes a line item on your wedding budget. This is especially important if you plan on giving away the flutes or spending more money than normal. Anyone who plans to invest money in their wedding flutes has to have them on their budget so that they do not spend too much.


Where Are the Best Places to Find These Toasting Flutes or Other Glasses?

best places to buy wedding toasting flutes

You can buy online because it will typically cheaper to buy, but you could also shop in a department store where there is a large section dedicated to China and crystal. There are a few different places online where you can place custom orders, including our website.

Places like Macy's, Bloomingdales, and Dillard's are known for having the largest home sections where China and crystal are sold. However, you could also try a place like Nordstrom or Newman Marcus. You must find the store that sells the type of China and crystal you want for your wedding.

Online outlets are typically run by people who make the crystal by hand, and they will do all the monogramming and personalizing that you need. Make certain that you have asked specifically for what you want because the best artists can make a special flute that you will keep for the rest of your life.


Giving Toasting Flutes as Wedding Favors

toasting flutes as wedding favors

Giving toasting flutes as wedding favors could get very expensive, but it has been done in the past. You might go with the cheaper stemless wine glasses that people could take home with them, and you could order these glasses with the monogram or wedding date posted on them.

If you want to give away toasting flutes as wedding favors, you need to make sure that all the people at the wedding are aware that you are giving them the toasting flute in front of them as a wedding favor. This makes your wedding a little bit more fun, and it ensures that your guests will remember you when using these flutes every day.



There are a lot of ways for you to use toasting flutes in your wedding ceremony. You could have these flutes personalized for use in the reception, or you could give them away to the people who came to the wedding. The best toasting flutes are made by professional crystal shops, and they can be personalized to your liking. You add a touch of elegance to your wedding, and you will impress everyone who comes to your wedding.

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I feel like these small details, like a personalized toasting flute or champagne glass are really what takes the wedding from being something generic to something that feels intentionally designed


You're spot on. Absolutely. These small details make toasting flutes a secret success in pictures


I had no idea there were so many options for customized toasting flutes. I'll have to check some of the different themes out on your site as I see that you offer a ton of cheap and cute wedding favor options!


Happy to help. It's tough to find custom options out there. We carry them all.

Hannah K
Hannah K

Giving champagne or wine glasses as a favor is such a thoughtful idea as well as something that could be really useful. What are your favorite recommendations if I were to do this?


Thanks for asking Hannah. My recommendation is that giving champagne wine glasses is easy and useful. Take a look on our site for stemless champagne wine glasses. I think they are way classier than the stemless wine glasses.