Sunday Wedding Ideas: Tips for Planning and Hosting a Sunday Wedding

Sunday Wedding Planning

“Do you have any tips for a Sunday wedding?” As a customer service rep for Wedding Favors Unlimited, I got this question often. Who’s to say what day is right for you? Sunday can be an affordable weekend option and a beautiful day for a tear-inducing ceremony. There are some challenges to look out for, though, whether you hold a morning or evening ceremony.

You might choose Sunday because that's the only day your dream venue is available, maybe religious restrictions prevent you from having a Saturday wedding, or maybe you just like Sundays! Whatever the reason, these tips will help you navigate the waters of Sunday weddings.

Host a Sunday Brunch Wedding

sunday wedding cake

If your out-of-town guests have to get back to their corners of the world for work on Monday, consider having a Sunday brunch wedding ceremony. Serving dinner at eight and cutting the cake at nine might be pushing it, even for locals.

The popular trend of a brunch wedding can also save you money. Because brunch is more casual than an evening wedding, you can save money on venues, food, decor, dresses, and more. Plus, a morning wedding is perfect for a bright-eyed a bushy-tailed couple. Ceremony at 10, Brunch at 1130am and catch your honeymoon flight at 5pm. Or let the event wane naturally with a casual after-party.

Find Sunday Deals

While Sunday can be a beautiful day for a wedding, it is far from the most popular. Because of the lower demand, some venues are cheaper for Sunday bookings, and you can take advantage of that! Wedding planning already includes steep costs. It never hurts to save a couple thousand with some venue and vendor discounts.

For example, "Old School Farm" in Pennsylvania offers a $750 discount for Sunday weddings. Photographer and DJ discounts might not be as certain. You should talk with your vendors. If some service seems a bit out of your price range, your Sunday date can give you some leverage for negotiations.

Plan Religious Weddings well in Advance 

Wedding Ceremony
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If you’re planning on holding your ceremony in a church or other place of worship, there might be some extra hurdles to holding it on a Sunday. Don’t let that hold you back! These venues are often open to finding a good time with you as long as you ask early. Be sure to consider special religious events and holidays, as you may have to work around them.

When planning a religious wedding, holding an afternoon ceremony in your chapel, temple, or synagogue on a Sunday could make the day feel more hallowed.

Choose a Unique Daytime Venue

Wedding Venues

When they see a Sunday wedding invitation, your guests might already expect that you're thinking outside the box. Because of the lower demand, Sundays open up myriad venue options for the couple in love. Typical early-day choices include the beach, a garden, or a park. But if the couple is particularly creative, they could choose to hold the wedding in a distinctive location that holds a special place in their heart. This could be an arcade, a library, even under water! The sky is truly the limit when you start to think outside the box.

Bonus Ideas: Tea Favors and Bloody Marys

What says Sunday brunch better than a spot of tea? Tea favors are a sweet way to personalize a Sunday brunch wedding. Favors could include personalized tea bags of your favorite flavors, heart-shaped tea infusers, whimsical coasters, and more.

Having an early Sunday wedding opens the door to a world of morning cocktails and libations. During your cocktail hour, your guests may enjoy having a choice between Bloody Marys, mimosas, and maybe even Irish coffee. Having virgin versions of the cocktails you choose to offer will make children and plenty of adults happy too.

Host a Sunday Evening Wedding

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Host Your Evening Wedding Early

Sunday evening weddings can be ideal when many of your wedding guests are church-goers, but they can be a challenge if there are kids on your guest list. A good compromise might be an early evening wedding with tiers — ceremony; reception with dinner, toasts, and cake; and an after party with those nearest, dearest, and most awake.

A good schedule might begin at 10am, with a 2pm ceremony start time, 240pm cocktail hour, followed by lunch, and 6pm cutting of the cake. The newlyweds can leave immediately after 6, driving into the sunset, or continue dancing into the night.

Host Your Evening Wedding Late

Wedding Ceremony
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If you plan a late Sunday wedding, you should make sure you don't care about people leaving soon after the ceremony to put their kids to bed. Most of your guests be able to take Monday off when they see your wedding invitation, so eating, dancing, and being merry through the night should bode well for your guests. In fact, Monday may be easier than Friday for many to take off work.

Plan a late wedding with lots of sparkle, excitement, and dancing. If you and your guests love to dance, there's no better way to do it than under the blanket of the night sky. Plan a fun dance party with a DJ everyone will love — consider including upbeat music from your culture that others may not have heard before.

If you hold a late Sunday wedding and want to end on the earlier side, you can cut out the two or more hours of dancing and send the couple off to their new chapter with fireworks, sparklers, or even a flashy musical group or classical quartet.

A secondary benefit of a late wedding is the late start. Night owls will enjoy being able to sleep in. You can even begin hair and makeup at 1pm for an early-Monday-morning finish.

Practical Sunday Wedding Planning Tips


Stretch it out or Cram it in 

If the majority of your cherished wedding guests are coming to your wedding from out of town, you should consider whether you want to organize your wedding into one spectacular day or stretch it out for a wedding weekend. If you are having a destination wedding, that will likely influence your decision.

For example, if you're holding your wedding in Hawaii, you might have cocktails with close family and friends on Friday night, your rehearsal dinner on Saturday night, and your ceremony on Sunday morning on the beach. This would give your guests, who have likely flown quite a ways, a reason to stay longer and enjoy what the locality has to offer on their own time. It would also give the couple more time to spend with loved ones that they don't see very often.

On the other hand, having one beautiful wedding day is clean, easy, and enjoyable for everyone. Your vision for your wedding and understanding of your guests will inform how you want to plan your wedding.

Double Check

Make sure your venue will be available for plenty of prep-time, especially if it's a church. You should coordinate between your vendors and your venue to make sure there will be enough time to get ready. If you decide to set everything up yourself, make sure the venue gives you plenty of time either the day before or the morning of to create a magical scene. Be sure to delegate to friends and family when you have a larger-than-life vision and a bite-sized budget.

Check for other date issues

If you plan it right, Sunday is a great day for a wedding. Don’t forget to check for other date issues, though. When planning your wedding, it’s important to consider your own calendar, the schedules of your closest family and friends, holidays (as these can make traffic a nightmare), and even special city-wide events that could keep guests in their cars instead of hearing your vows.


The most popular day for a wedding may always be Saturday, but with these tips you could inspire others to take on the opportunity of a Sunday ceremony! While it’s important to consider the needs of your wedding guests, they should be secondary to your desires. Be sure to plan time to take care of yourself (eat well and drink lots of water), keep in touch with your wedding planner, and maybe even write your betrothed a little love note. The most important thing is that, by the end of Sunday, the bride and groom are happy and ready for the rest of their journey together. Bon voyage!

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It's so crazy how Saturday has become the only "acceptable" day to have a wedding, Sundays have to be cheaper for the venue and allow your guests potentially to have a better chance at attending if it is during peak wedding season and they have many to attend


I'm so glad I found your Wedding Favors Unlimited site. It's so helpful and you have so many different topics on a wide range of wedding-related content. Thanks!!

Anna T
Anna T

Your idea of making the wedding into a weekend-long celebration is a great one. I'm only going to do this once in my life, so why not make it extra special and let my guests treat themselves to a relaxing weekend?


I love your wedding tips. My sister is getting married soon. I'll have to get her a good venue.


Thank you for reading, and congratulations to your sister!