Our 10 Favorite Spring Themed Wedding Favors


Spring weddings will be here before you know it! And we have some great Spring Themed Wedding Favors for many of you that are planning a spring or summer wedding. What better place to incorporate a flower or beach theme than your guest favors!

Read on to discover our top ten spring themed wedding favors. These treats are easy and affordable and they are items your wedding guests will want to keep, use, and display.

1.  Personalized Seed Packets

A field of blue and purple Wild Flowers

Seed packets can not only add a splash of color to your wedding; they can also add color to your guests' gardens or apartments. You can either buy personalized seed packets online or make the packets yourself! To make them yourself, buy a large bucket or bag of wildflower seeds in bulk at your local garden supply store or home improvement shop. Consult with the garden expert at the store to learn how much seed you should add to each favor.

Carefully place some of the seeds in decorated envelopes or tulle bags, and finish off with ribbon. Finally, add a sticker or tag with your message, along with your names and the wedding date. Your message can be a line from a poem, something you and your betrothed choose together, or something like "Love Blooms" or "Let Love Grow." Consider also including printed instructions for how to plant the seeds on the ribbon.

2. Take-Away Floral Centerpieces

A table with bouquets of spring flowers

Make your centerpieces something your wedding guests will want to take away with small bouquets! Choose your favorite spring flower and put a few in each vase. When choosing your flowers, think about your wedding colors — your bridesmades, your wedding cake, your plates. Perhaps your favorite flower will determine your color palette. Perhaps your color scheme will influence your flowers.

If your wedding scheme has mostly cool colors, you might consider blue hydrangeas. If, on the other hand, your scheme is mostly warm, you might choose fragrant pink peonies. Place your wedding favor vases around a larger flower arrangement that features your chosen spring flower for a stunning centerpiece or arrange your vases on a stand.

3. Decorated Terra Cotta Pots

Terra cotta pots with succulents for a unique wedding favor

Terra Cotta pots are a great base for a unique wedding favor. You can purchase mini terra cotta pots at a craft store like Michaels or a hardware store like Home Depot. The idea is to fill the pots with either potpourri wrapped in tulle (so it doesn’t fall through the pot hole) or bags of pastel-colored candies.

You can dress the pots up with ribbon, beads and hot glue, foam stickers, spray paint, stencils, and much more. Don't forget to plan the decoration before you begin to make sure it fits your color scheme and style and looks like something your guests will want to display for years to come.

4. Floating Flower-Shaped Candles

Floating candle for a wedding reception centerpiece

Give your guests the gift of light! Floating candles aren't simply an exciting wedding decoration; they can also be a sweet wedding favor. Most big box stores like Target, Walmart and Pier 1 sell floating candles that come in various shapes including flowers and seashells. You can, however, also create your own floating candles. If you have a beach wedding theme, you can even make molds for your candles in sand.

Buy or make one or two candles for each guest (depending on cost and size), wrap them in cellophane or tulle, and tie them off with color-coordinated ribbon, and maybe even a "thank you" hang tag.

5. Golf Ball Wedding Favors

Golf ball on a bed of grass as a spring themed wedding favor

Spring means that golf season is in full swing. If you and your fiancé are golf fans, you can incorporate your passion into your spring wedding with a cute little favor. Buy small white glossy gift boxes that are just large enough to hold a golf ball and three tees on a bed of green cross or crinkle-cut shredded paper.

Print labels or stickers big enough for the tops of the boxes with your names, the wedding date, and "Together 'Fore'-ever". Add ribbon as the finishing touch to your golf ball wedding favors. These favors are perfect for the golfing couple, especially if you're having your wedding in a country club.

6. Butterfly-Print Disposable Cameras

Butterfly print disposable camera as a spring themed wedding favor

While having a professional photographer at your wedding is a must, disposable cameras give you or your guests a chance to see the more casual and personal side of your wedding, reception, or even bridal shower. A butterfly theme can add an element of fun, but make sure the cameras fit into your color palette and style.

Disposable cameras can be a good idea if you have a lot of guests who don't have a phone they can use to take pictures. Attach some ribbon around the cameras with a note saying whether you would like your guests to leave the cameras for you to keep and develop or whether they can take them home to keep and develop themselves. If you decide that guests can keep the cameras, they make a good alternative to the wedding photo booth.

7. Seashell-Shaped Chocolates

Assortment of dark seashell chocolates on blue placemat for spring themed wedding favors

Who doesn't like to eat chocolate during a special occasion? To make these tasty favors, you can find seashell or flower-shaped chocolates in bulk with a candy supplier or you can buy molds and high quality melting chocolate to make your own chocolates.

In either case, we recommend wrapping the chocolates in little cellophane bags and tying them off with organza ribbon that matches your color scheme. Since your wedding is taking place during a warmer season, be sure the favors won't melt before your guests get to them. Add a little thank you tag and you’ll be set.

8. Lollipops with Cherry Blossom Decoration

Cherry lollipop with pink thank you tag, bow, and spring flowers

In some cities, blooming cherry blossom trees are the quintessential sign of the coming spring. Some people travel many miles to see the trees in bloom. Remind your wedding guests of the season with cherry blossom lollipops. Children especially will enjoy having a sweet spring treat during your reception.

You can lay the lollipop, tied with ribbon and personalized with a sticker, at each seat. Or if you want to add a bit more, you can get small clear boxes, add peanut m&ms that fit your color scheme, and stand the lollipop in the mix.

Eco-Friendly Wedding Favors

Are you someone who recycles everything they can, who goes to tree plantings and trash pickups and takes their own reusable bag to the grocery store? Then you're probably going to want to plan a wedding that has a small carbon footprint. Sustainability doesn't just need to be a practical consideration, though. It fits in well with a spring wedding theme.

New growth, greenery, color, and warmth outside is reminding everyone of their relation to Mother Earth. And if your wedding is in April, Earth Day is just around the corner. So, for your eco-friendly wedding, here are a couple of wedding favor ideas:

9. Organic Cotton Bags Filled with Goodies

Bride and groom holding hands together in heart shape for eco-friendly wedding

First of all, draw-string bags are practical and fun to use on an every-day basis. But also, if you choose organic cotton bags with earth-related prints, they will remind your guests of what you as a couple care about. Cotton bags can also fit a shabby chic style — they aren't polished and sophisticated, and that can be a good thing! A typical wedding favor might be placed in a colorful plastic bag. Organizing small favors in an eco themed draw string bag can set you apart from the crowd.

You can fill the sacks with flowers to make some casual bouquets, or you can fill them with small items like those listed in this post. Other ideas could be beeswax candles, bookmarks made of recycled cardstock that match your color palette, or garden themed cork coasters.

10. Baskets of Ripe Fruit or Vegetables

Basket of ripe strawberries for rustic wedding theme

If you are planning a rustic wedding, perhaps in a barn or on a farm, there's no better favor than fresh fruit or vegetables, especially if they are grown nearby! Take small baskets and fill them with heirloom tomatoes, juicy peaches, or even zucchini. Your guests can enjoy their fresh treats on their way home or after your brunch wedding for dinner. With these baskets, you will be sure you're taking care of your guests the whole day through.


Use these wedding favor ideas to make your spring or summer wedding pop and send your guests home with something meaningful, lasting, and useful. Whether you're filling your guests' gardens with spring flowers, filling their tummies with sweets and treats, or giving them something they can display and cherish, you can be sure your thoughtful spring themed wedding favor will send them home with a smile on their face. Let us know...Did we mention your favorite spring-related wedding favor?