The 12 Best Cheap Bridal Shower Favors

Budget Bridal Shower Favor Travel Kit Goody Bag
Planning your wedding is one of the most exciting experiences you will have in the journey to becoming a bride. It can also end up being one of the most expensive if you aren’t careful in selecting budget bridal shower favors that your guests will take home with them.
Whether it is cheap bridal shower favors for the festivities before the big day, or wedding favors for your distinguished guests, a bride wants to give them the most beautiful and personal favor to take home with them. The list below outlines some of the best ideas for budget bridal shower favors that you can personalize with your own style and creativity.

1. Candle Favors

Budget Bridal Shower Favors Personalized Candles
If your theme has a more intimate and romantic feel to it, working your favors into your table decor is a great way to save money. With candle favors, you can personalize the experience with whatever scents and color catch your attention and match your theme, or as another way to personalize the candles you can get labels printed to put on them. Sending these candles home with your guests will give them a perfect glimpse back to that wonderful night, as well as keep them from cluttering up your closets.

2. Personalized Stemless Champagne Glasses

Budget Bridal Shower Favors Stemless Champagne Glasses
Do you or your spouse seem to have champagne taste on a beer budget? Giving your guests stemless champagne glasses evokes a modern elegance to create a classy feel to your celebration. With many affordable customization options from etched names and monograms to paint and ribbon DIY options, these glasses could be perfect to make your family and bridal party feel special and loved. These glasses have the added benefit of being able to be used again and again, so this gift will have plenty of opportunities to bring back memories of the night you gave them.

3. Handmade Goody Bags

Budget Bridal Shower Favor Travel Kit Goody Bag
When in doubt of what your guests would enjoy as budget bridal shower favors, goody bags are a great go-to option. Whether it’s a small survival kit packed with glasses and sunscreen for a beach setting, homemade s’mores wrapped with a pretty ribbon for fall, or a couple of cookies to give guests energy after dancing the night away, these goody bags will show your guests your love and appreciation while staying frugal.

4. Potted Plants or Seeds

Budget Bridal Shower Favor Potted Succulents
A great way to stay within budget and add a rainbow of color options is through small potted plants or seed packets. They are fun and environmentally friendly favor options that have recently gained popularity—and for good reason. Having small name cards tied around the pot of a plant by a theme supportive ribbon or baskets full of a variety of seed packets in your theme’s colors for guests to pick through is such a fun way to add life to your day. Save money by choosing flowers that are in season.

5. Personalized Honey or Jam Jars

Budget Bridal Shower Favors Personalized Honey Jar
Looking for a favor that tastes as sweet as the love you feel for your spouse? Try looking into personalized honey or jam jars. With so many customizable options in the jars alone, from shape and size to color and decorations, even a personalized label will give these fun treats the personal touch and unique feeling to perfectly accent your big day. Pick one specific flavor for a uniformed feel, or mix and match for a spontaneous one.

6. Picture Frames

Budget Bridal Shower Favor Picture Frame
While this idea may be a bit more commonly seen than some of the other ideas we've discussed, there is a reason for picture frames being a tried-and-true favor. The frames can be personalized or left plain for your guest to fit seamlessly into their decor, filled with a picture that will make them as happy as you are on this day.

7. Tote Bags

Budget Bridal Shower Favor Tote Bag
A favorite for many, theme-related tote bags are a fun and useful token, even after your big day. A simple, plain colored tote painted with fabric paint or decorated with a fancy ribbon transforms the everyday bag into a chic accessory. If your budget allows it, you could take it a few steps further and put a few goodies into everyone's bags. Imagine their surprise!

8. Mini Bottles of Alcohol

Budget Bridal Shower Favors Alcohol Bottle
If you're an alcohol lover or having more of an adult affair, giving guest their own mini bottles of liquor is a great way to loosen everyone up and give a gift they're sure to love. Pair any liquor with a soda can for a complete drink, or offer mini wine bottles instead. Add a ribbon or a tag on them for a personal touch.

9. Photo Booth Photos

Photobooth Photos For Budget Bridal Shower Favors
Save money by combining your guest's budget bridal shower favors with a great form of entertainment! By providing a photo booth, your guest's will have hours of fun while bringing home evidence of their spectacular evening. Create DIY props to make a personal addition to the experience. Hats, glasses, word bubbles with funny sayings, the options are endless. Don't forget to take plenty of these pictures yourself, since they're sure to make amazing memories that you will laugh at in years to come.

10. Flip Flops, Personalized or Plain

Budget Bridal Shower Favor Plain Flip Flops
If you're expecting a rowdy crowd who loves to dance, providing flip flops for the feet who beg to break out of dress shoes are a fun and practical budget bridal shower favor to offer. Pick a simple plain color that matches your wedding style for a frugal choice, or go a step further by personalizing them. A romantic saying, the date, or even just a few hearts are all examples of what you can get printed on them.

11. Cookies

Budget Bridal Shower Favors Individually-Wrapped Cookies
Never go wrong by choosing sweets. Cookies are universally loved by any age, and they are easy to make yourself as budget bridal shower favors or cheap enough to order from a professional. The flavors of the dough and icing, colors, and designs or toppings can all be made with your style in mind. Wrap them up or place them in small individual boxes for convenient grabbing and your guests will snack away.

12. Coloring Pages and Crayons

Budget Bridal Shower Favors Adult Coloring Pages
Children in age and children at heart will enjoy coloring a cute outline of a bride and groom. Print them with personal characteristics, such as hairstyles, freckles, or clothing styles, and tie a few crayons with fancy ribbon to create a kid-friendly and beautiful favor. You could even place the kid's favors at a smaller, easily accessible table for smaller hands to reach. This idea is just as good for a budget bridal shower favor for your adult guests who are up for some relaxing fun.
This list only covered the smallest portion of an endless list of ideas for budget bridal shower favors. After reading this list, your creative juices are undoubtedly flowing, sparking an idea to move your planning to the next step. If you have a question or another awesome idea, share it with us by leaving a comment!

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I love the idea of a potted plant, seeds, or a succulent. It is so on trend and something that is pretty much guaranteed to be enjoyed by all of my bridesmaids!


Definitely! A plant is a beautiful gift that gets better with time 🙂 Thank you for reading!


DO you have any ideas for doing a more expensive bridal shower gift? I really want to do something that shows them how much I appreciate them especially because bridesmaids end up spending a decent amount of money to be in the wedding


Yes absolutely, check out Michelle's post about unique bridesmaid gifts - I think the personalized plush bathrobes would be amazing 🙂


Are there any items you wouldn't recommend giving as bridal shower favors? I just don't want to do something that is too overdone and have my bridesmaids disappointed or left with something that they won't appreciate or use


Hi! Great question. As for what *not* to give that is very personal based on what you know about them. If you love it, they probably will too! For some bridesmaid gift ideas that are luxurious and functional, check out this post that Michelle wrote recently!