10 Creative Sweet 16 Party Favors

Sweet 16 Candy Party Favors
Finding  Sweet 16 party favors is typically one of the most exciting aspects of this birthday party planning. Round out the perfect event with the best sweet 16 party favors that friends and family will be able to take home with them. You want your child's birthday to be a very special one, so providing birthday party favors that will make everyone happy will be the icing on the cake. There are many options available to you, so we outline some of the best ideas below that will make it easier for you to give the kids and adults a memorable trinket from the party of the year.

1. Personalized Candy Bottles

Sweet 16 Candy Party Favors

Candy as a sweet 16 party favor is a no-brainer. Whether you provide an assortment of candy bowls, personalized candy bottles, or custom mint tins, your guests will enjoy the comfort that these sugary sweet 16 party favors will bring. You could use a recycled soda bottle, mini mason jars, or even a small medicinal tube-like container to house these sweet treats. They all look fun, and they can be personalized easily.

2. Scented Candles

Sweet 16 Party Favor Candle Tins
Scented candles bring a sophisticated edge to a celebration of a coming-of-age milestone. They can be designed to be an important asset to the overall decor of sweet 16 parties, tying the preferred aesthetic together. The birthday girl can even play their part by sharing their preferred colors and scents that they know their guests will love.

3. Picture Frames

Sweet 16 Picture Frame Party Favors
Pictures frames are great birthday party favors because guests will already have a great way to show off the fun photos they took during the sweet 16 party. You could even hire a photographer to provide instant photos on the spot, filling the frame without a hassle. Many picture frames used as sweet 16 party favors are also great surfaces for younger guests to decorate, paint, and further customize.

4. Glitter Bombs

Sweet 16 Party Favor Glitter Bomb
Glitter bombs may end up a bit messier than you would like, but there is nothing quite like the unbridled joy on your guests' faces, young and old, with an unexpected glitter explosion. You could customize each glitter bomb with fun messages from the birthday girl, thanking each guest for sharing in this important milestone, and of course with colors that fit seamlessly into your color scheme.

5. Soap Bombs


Sweet 16 Soap Bombs Party Favor

Soap bombs are fun because they are a luxurious item that each guest can use to de-stress once they arrive back home. You could have these bombs made in the initial of your child, or even with colors that correspond with your chosen color scheme. Make the birthday girl an important part of this process, allowing them to make the choice of their favorite scent, for instance.

6. Tote Bags

Sweet 16 Party Favors Custom Tote Bag
Tote bags as birthday party favors are always a welcome gift for your guests. Not only are they eco-conscious and useful for daily use, but they also allow them an easy way to carry the other sweet things that are available to them at your party. With the ability to design and personalize, tote bags show that you put a lot of thought into the best experience for each guest.

7. Small Makeup Bags

Sweet 16 Party Favors Small Makeup Bags
Small makeup bags are great for female guests and provide them with a way to organize their lives after the party. You might try these sweet 16 party favors when you are trying to make the girls at the party happy or even as pre-party gifts if the birthday girl's closest friends are joining her for a giggle-filled makeover on that day. You can pack these small makeup bags full of useful tools, like a handy pocket mirror.

8. Floral Sunglasses

Sweet 16 Party Favor Floral Sunglasses
Check the weather on your Sweet 16th's Birthday!  Floral sunglasses are fun to give out because they can provide you with the movie star look that all the girls want. You could even personalize them by having the names of each guest on them. Consider handing these out at the beginning of the festivities so that this sweet 16 party favor can be a useful accessory for any outfit. The best part, your guests will appreciate the fact that they can use these floral sunglasses for years to come.

9. Personalized Mason Jars

Sweet 16 Party Favors Mason Jars
Personalized mason jars are not only always trendy, but can also be multipurpose. Guests may use these beautiful jars as drinking vessels, or as a receptacle for other trinkets, they are bound to collect throughout this well-planned party.

10. Personalized Lip Balm

Sweet 16 Party Favor Personalized Lip Balm
Personalized lip balms are a fun sweet 16 party favor because they perfectly accompany the fledgling skincare routine of your teenaged guests. Personalize them by color, flavor, scent, and even the initials of each guest on your list. They are not only compact, and sometimes tasty, but are often able to be refilled. This birthday party favor is one that can keep on giving.
With the above options easily accessible to you, and best of all, easily-customizable, you will be able to find something for everyone. Feel free to mix-and-match the available party favors for your little one's sweet 16 party so that the memories of a good time will live on.
Do you have any other Sweet 16 party favor ideas that you would like for us to check out? Leave a comment below (feel free to include a link!), and we'll give you our opinion on it.

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I wish that I would have had more fun with my sweet sixteen when I was younger because it is one of the last birthdays parents are usually willing to pay for. I'll have to keep some of these ideas in mind for my next birthday though!


Do you have any creative ideas for a boy celebrating his sweet sixteen? Most of these ideas are only really applicable to girls


Great question. For Boys we recommend the following:
1) A Money clip or wallet with his initials discretely on it
2) Luggage - Nicer than a duffle bag (or even a duffle bag with his initials) Works great if he's on a sports team
3) A nice tie.


How cute are these?? I absolutely adore all of the personalized details that will make the party feel like something special rather than something just anyone could recreate with supplies from Target or a big craft store


We agree! Thanks Naomi!


I would love to use these ideas for my next party.


Yes! Thank you for reading.