Details Matter: Your Guide to Unique Food Wedding Favors

hot cocoa food wedding favor
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Edible Wedding Favor Ideas
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When  planning for your special we were hoping to leave an unforgettable lasting impression of appreciation with our guests. Well, nothing says “Thank You” more than handing out food favors to every attendee. Wedding favors are something that our wedding guests and their family members not only greatly enjoy  but also provide them with a sense of being valued and appreciated.

Food as a Wedding Favor


Pasta Wedding Favor Ideas

Pasta seems to be a big hit everywhere so we thought “why not”? One of the great things about pasta is that there are so many styles and delicious flavors available. There is no need to hand out the exact same to everyone.

We were able to work with our chef and food preparation team to provide several different types of pasta. Each had its own unique flavor, style, and taste. We found this to be a great way to make a good and exciting impression on everyone. Each pasta favor handed out was unique.

Custom Cereal Mix

Personalized cereal wedding favors
Source: The Feminist Bride

Another nice and well-liked item we have seen is custom cereal mixes. In our day of health awareness, this idea was another success as we focused on health-conscious options. Everyone loved receiving them and seemed genuinely excited about getting the gift.

Popcorn Mixes

Wedding popcorn favors
Source: Campbell's Sweets Factory

The 3rd food wedding favor we handed out was popcorn mixes. Let’s face it, this is a delicious snack that basically everyone loves to eat. It’s simplicity and tasty flavor variety made this one a big hit also.

We liked the idea of convenience and variety with this one. It's a simple yet much-loved food that can be eaten nearly anywhere. We found the cheese flavored blends to be the tastiest.

Desserts as a Wedding Favor


Cookie Wedding Favor Ideas
Source: Wedding Favors Unlimited

We had planned to serve dessert style wedding favors from the very beginning. Cookies are always a big success. Kids, adults and just about everyone always love receiving a box of tasty cookies.

Whether it was our chocolate chip, brown sugar, buttercream, caramel pecan or apricot cookies everyone seemed to be enjoying them immensely.


Wedding cake favor ideas
Source: Elegant Cheesecakes

Cake has long been held as a gold standard at weddings. Lately, traditions have been leaning toward giving out a variety of different flavored cakes as food wedding favors. We tried the traditional chocolate with chocolate fudge filling, white chocolate covered in strawberries and white chocolate raspberry cheesecake.

Needless to say, all were a big success. We received a big show of gratitude from nearly everyone who received one.


Candy bar wedding favors
Source: Wedding Favors Unlimited

This edible wedding favor is really great for the kids and many adults too. We had some luxurious candies including lollipops, gummy bears, jelly beans and candy sticks. We noticed most of the kids were consuming these treats almost immediately. Adding a favor bag is also an easy way to personalize this item.


Wedding brownie favors
Source: Thanachat Chantaramanee

Brownies have long been a tradition at weddings. We loved the idea of handing out the chocolate marshmallow and cheesecake brownies. To see the smile on everyone’s face made it all worth the effort. We also threw some cookie brownie bars into the mix.

Drinks as a Wedding Favor

Winter Drinks

hot cocoa food wedding favor
Source: Wedding Favors Unlimited

We all know how popular coffee, tea and hot cocoa is especially in the wintertime. At first we were not sure if we should shoot for things like gourmet coffee or keep it simple with store-bought packets.

Since we could not decide we ended up going with both. In every winter drink packet, we gave out we had a variety of at least 2 different types of gourmet coffee and tea, and 2 different flavors of popular retail hot cocoa.

Summer Drinks

Lemonade wedding favor
Source: Wedding Favors Unlimited

We did serve some summer drinks as well. We chose to give lemonade and margarita mixes. To keep these interesting and appreciated we knew we should shoot for the higher quality food wedding favors. We also made sure to provide plenty of variety and selection.

Creative Food Wedding Favors Ideas


Honey as wedding favor
Source: Wedding Favors Unlimited

We found that giving out wedding favors of honey was a great way of showing our appreciation to our guests. These were really well received especially by those who like to cook, bake or use natural additives to their food for the purpose of enhancing the flavor.


Olive oil wedding favor ideas
Source: Wedding Favors Unlimited

Another wedding favor we knew would be well received was oil. We went with high-quality small bottles of olive oil. We selected only 100 percent organic products.

We did throw a little mix into everything by having 4 different brands to be sure there would be some variety and not every guest receiving the favor was getting the exact same thing.


Vinegar for wedding favor
Source: Pixabay

We also did the same thing with vinegar. We knew that giving a gift of unique and expensive balsamic vinegar would be a great way to say thank you for attending our special day. Everyone who received this gift said they could not wait to taste some on their favorite dish at home.

Truffle Oil

Truffle oil wedding favor
Source: World Market

Truffle oil is a culinary additive that adds flavor to many great dishes. It tastes great on pasta, french fries, mashed potatoes, deviled eggs and even pizza.

We knew from our own personal experience that this ingredient adds an unforgettable flavor to many dishes and foods. We felt it would likely be a big hit also and we were right. Everyone loved the gift.

Bubbles for Kids

Bubble Wedding Favors
Source: Wedding Favors Unlimited

Bubbles for kids may not seem like a traditional wedding favor but we had been hearing that this was how trends were going. Let's face it, after sitting quietly through the ceremony most kids are eager to have fun. A gift like this provides some real fun that they can all enjoy outside together during the after the wedding reception.

Bad Food Wedding Favor Ideas

We wanted everything to go very well throughout the entire day so when it came to planning our wedding food favors we also did some research into some of the “not so great” ideas.


Chocolate Wedding Favors
Source: Kyaw Tun

Normally this would be a great treat to give as a wedding favor. After all it comes in so many different types and qualities. Even though it is a well-loved handout, chocolates can be a bit of a hassle at after wedding receptions.

First of all, adults and kids alike are tempted to fill up on the delicious tasting chocolate diminishing their desire to enjoy the wide array of food being served. Secondly, nearly everyone is still wearing their nice clothes that they chose for the wedding. Needless to say with kids it's a given that some of the chocolate will melt and definitely end up on the white shirt or dress of their fancy clothes possibly creating a permanent stain.

Nuts, Trail Mix

Trail mix as wedding favor
Source: Maksim Shutov

We cut this one out of our list because of the risk of allergies. We already knew of 2 guests coming that had allergies. Some do not even know they have an allergy. It simply was not worth the risk. Another factor is that many times kids unfortunately sometimes eat nuts and choke on them while playing.


Macaroon Wedding Favor
Source: Rose Elena

We skipped the macaroons mainly because they are often known to be stale and undesirable within a day. For those bringing the wedding favor home to enjoy the following day, this one is a swing and a miss.

Caramel Apples

Caramel Apple Wedding Favor
Source: Taste of Home

Caramel apples are sometimes given as a wedding favor. We decided to skip over this one too because they are difficult for guests to keep and bring home.

Legend has it that often they sit on the counter or in the refrigerator for a few days before getting thrown away. We saw it as a waste of time and effort.

How to Package Your Wedding Favors

Wedding Favor Packages
Source: Wedding Favors Unlimited

We discovered personalized packaging is an important factor in handing out wedding favors. Many of the items like honey, vinegar, coffee and cereal mixes come safely pre-packaged.

Others like cakes, cookies and other desserts will sometimes require the professional care and packaging of an experienced company for making the wedding favor presentable and leaving that lasting impression of happiness on guests.

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Thanks for including food wedding favor ideas that you would skip over I think something like chocolate I wouldn't include because it just seems too overdone and easy. I want something that sets my wedding favors apart


I love the non-traditional ideas that you shared. I would have never thought to do something like pasta but it's a great idea and a wedding favor guests would actually be inclined to use


Pasta is great because it takes so long to spoil. Highly recommend


Another awesome article from Wedding Favors Unlimited. Are there any of these unique food wedding favors that are available for purchase on your site?


We have them all. Let us know if there's one you're looking for in particular