Details Matter: Everything You Need for your Rustic Wedding Decor

Rustic Wedding Backdrop

Rustic Wedding Decor can be designed to fit any style or location. You have the opportunity to incorporate any part of the wedding with this rustic style, considering everything from rustic wedding table decorations and decor to your color scheme and the toasting flutes that you use during the reception. Consider all these options below as you flow through the process of planning each part of what is sure to be a memorable wedding.

1. Rustic Backdrops

Rustic Wedding Backdrop

Backdrops could have rustic scenes or colors included where any number of style preferences can be accommodated. Rustic wedding backdrops often involve the use of distressed wood elements, as well as arrangements of flora and fauna that offer a beautiful contrasting arrangement. Different tarps and tapestries that could possibly be used offer the chance to customize the rustic backdrop to fit into a particular space and color scheme.

2. Rustic Tables

Rustic Wedding Table

Rustic tables at your wedding can be achieved in various ways. One option is to have these tables custom-made from logs, reminiscent of a rustic outdoor wedding in a cabin located in some faraway woods. Another interesting option, that may also be more affordable, is to use a standard table with a rustic-style table cloth. You might even use old world furniture that is not so rugged but shows the character of a beloved item that has been cared for across generations. You are free to create something sophisticated or something simple. It all depends on the type of wedding you want to have.

3. Rustic Signage

Rustic Wedding Signage

Rustic wedding signage is not only fun and easy to create, but they can also match the color and style of the rest of the wedding with ease. Use your rustic signage to direct guests to the right location for the ceremony, reception, and of course, the restrooms. They can also be used on a smaller scale to explain which foods are available at each station. For more discreet affairs, rustic wedding signage is a great way to announce that a wedding will actually be taking place (as opposed to another gathering that may have been expected). All of these little things make the wedding seem more rustic while reminding everyone in attendance of the simplicity of the countryside.

4. Rustic Place Settings

Rustic Wedding Place Settings

Rustic place settings are an interesting element in the rustic wedding decor theme because they bring people back to a time where everyone ate off fine china as common practice. You could create a very classy aesthetic as if you were in an old plantation, or you could use old world flatware that seems to have been hammered by the blacksmith in town. Another element to consider for your rustic place setting is the kind of table runner you will use to accent the table setting.

5. Rustic Favors

Rustic Wedding Favor Photo Frames

Rustic favors could be anything that makes people think of the old world or of refreshingly simpler times. Perfect favor ideas include wooden toys, duck calls, or make picture frames from rustic materials. Think about what rustic wedding favors you will give both to your wedding guests and to your wedding party.

6. Rustic Accessory Collections

Rustic Wedding Accessory Collections

Shopping for accessories for your rustic wedding theme can be one of the most fun parts of the wedding planning process. From beautifully-crafted champagne toast flutes to a delicate garter for the bride, these little touches can make a significant impact on how your rustic wedding theme comes together. Even better, all of the accessories you need are easily available online.

7. Rustic Aisle Runners

Rustic Aisle Runner For Wedding

Aisle runners are used to make it easy for people to walk down the aisle, across the reception space, or even to access food stations after the ceremony. The aisle runner chosen for this special day can fit into the rustic wedding theme relatively easily, especially with the abundance of ideas available that utilize burlap as the main material, for instance.

8. Rustic Flower Baskets & Petals

Rustic Wedding Flower Basket

Whether as the base of unique floral arrangements for the bridal table, or swinging in the hands of a cute flower girl, rustic flower baskets can provide a simple essential piece to tie your rustic wedding theme together. Fill your rustic flower baskets with colorful petals to bring the necessary pops of color needed for your wedding. The simple styling of rustic flower baskets is also a great way to match more rustic locales.

9. Rustic Ring Bearer Pillows

Rustic Ring Bearer Pillow For Rustic Wedding


Rustic ring bearer pillows can be designed with a combination of fabric that evokes the rustic countryside that this wedding theme is all about. Pick something that looks well-worn to match the bride's "something old" on the day.

10. Rustic Memorial Candles

Rustic Memorial Candle For Wedding

Rustic memorial candles are handcrafted by professionals from all over the world. They not just function as a light source, but also serve as a beautiful reminder of the loved ones you wish were in attendance.

11. Rustic Unity & Sand Ceremonies

Rustic Wedding Unity Candle For Unity Ceremony

Unity and sand ceremonies have been around for a long time and can be modified to match the style, beliefs, and culture of the happy couple. Ideas for these ceremonies are readily available online, as are the usual physical elements, such as unity candles. Sand ceremonies are beautiful representations of the joining together of two people into a union. With the element of differently-colored sand, it can be an easy match to the color scheme.

12. Rustic Toasting Flutes

Rustic Wedding Toast Flutes


The toasting flutes are an important part of the celebrations, and as such, need to be decided on with the couple's style in mind. There are a number of options available online, with many being customizable.

13. Rustic Cake Serving Sets

Wedding Cake Serving Set For Rustic Wedding


The cake serving sets could be made of copper, or they could be made from that bright silver that requires a heavy polish. There are plenty of rustic chic options to choose from to accent your theme perfectly.

14. Rustic Wedding Cake Toppers

Cake Topper For Rustic Wedding


You are putting the icing on the cake when you pick the perfect elegant topper. Pick a cake topper that matches the wedding, your style, and your personal needs.

15. Rustic Guest Books

Wedding Guest Book Rustic Leather Bound

Rustic wedding guest books can have a more rugged appearance. This gives the impression of a beloved notebook that is well-used and oft-consulted. A book that is bound leather and a quill-like pen will be the charming touch you need for your guests' presence to be recorded forever.

16. Rustic Guest Book Alternatives

Guest Book Alternative For Rustic Wedding

You might have people sign a plank of wood, or you could choose a cross-section of a tree trunk that you want people to sign to take with you. The signatures on these can be glazed over, making them last forever. You may also take a more heartfelt approach, prompting guests to leave messages in a wish box for all they hope for the happy couple to achieve.

17. Rustic Table Decorations

Rustic Wedding Table Decorations


The table decoration for your rustic wedding is the centerpiece, both figuratively and literally, of pulling your theme together in a coherent manner. You may want your rustic wedding to be edgy and brooding with gorgeous dark, roughly-cut wood. You could also take on a more whimsical feel with cheerful blossoms and wildflowers abundantly present. Choosing the little elements that match your wedding style to craft the table decor of your dreams.

18. Rustic Table Planning

Table Planning For Rustic Wedding Theme

Planning the table set up for your rustic wedding is important to ensure that the flow of foot traffic to and from the dance floor, the bathroom, and the buffet is comfortable for all in attendance. Rustic table planning can take the form of an old stepladder that houses cards outlining the seating arrangement. It can even take the form of lists attached to the trunk of a massive tree. Having an organized seating chart will help to keep order throughout the event, even when some guests have had a bit too much to drink.


The rustic wedding decor that you eventually create depends on finding the perfect rustic elements to fit your personal style. From your wedding ceremony to the reception, you can build your design concept one little thing at a time. Is there a rustic idea you'd like us to give an opinion on? Paste the link in the comments and we'll tell you what we think.

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The alternative guest book idea is so cute! I'm obsessed with the look of rustic weddings and this fits the aesthetic perfectly


How can I achieve the rustic look if I'm having my wedding indoors at an event center on a budget? I'll definitely start with some of the ideas but I don't know how a plastic table can really be transformed


Sure it can! Get a watering can and fill it with flowers. Boom, an instant cheap centerpiece. Cover that table in cheap white plastic. Now it's a rustic picnic.


For my rustic wedding decor, what colors do you think best fit the theme besides the obvious burlap and white? I want everything to be very cohesive without being too matchy


I think a surprise color for rustic wedding decor is blue and white. You'd be surprised how far that'll take you. Silver (not very flashy) is also a great color for rustic weddings