Details Matter: The Definitive Guide to Cake Cutting, Cake Servers and Knives

cake cutting, cake servers, and knife sets

First of all, congratulations and best wishes to you and your fiance. You are excited, maybe a little overwhelmed, but most importantly, you are ready to get your wedding details finalized. The last piece of the puzzle is figuring out how you will cut the cake; namely, your wedding cake cutting, cake servers, and knives. In this short blog post, we review some great tips for helping you get this part of your wedding exactly right and feeling good about the end result.

Do we need a cake server or cutting set?
guide to cake cutting and cake servers

Ask yourself the following questions: is your budget so tight that you could barely get any flowers? And, are mementos not really important to you? If you answer YES to those questions, then do not get a cake server or knife set. But, if your answer is NO, then, by all means, go get that cake server and knife set.

While you may already be set on getting a knife and server or cutting set, you might also have overlooked the idea of not having this as an integral part of your wedding reception. Regardless, this is a common question with a very simple answer.

This being said, we believe there are much higher priorities, especially if you are on a budget and still trying to figure out how to spend your money on the wedding. For instance, your priorities should include a bouquet, a solid photographer, and the gifts for the bridesmaids. Your cake server or knife set falls just below those.

Only once you have the basics fully covered can you move on to the extras and small details. For example, wedding favors, personalized napkins, and then yes, of course, the wedding cake server set. When you prioritize your wedding tasks, you feel good about what you are able to achieve, and it is easier to let go of the things that you might want to do, but honestly cannot. Stretching yourself too thin to the very beginning is a sure sign that the wedding may not run as smoothly as you would hope. Your wedding will be beautiful anyway.

In the rest of this blog post, we guide you through a couple of different types of cake servers and sets. And, we also give you a couple of ideas on how to get your guests to pay for your cake knife and server set.

Types of Cake Servers and Sets

There are so many options out there that you are bound to find one that you feel you cannot live without. Whether you choose an angel food cake or red velvet, getting the perfect slice goes far beyond the recipe; you are creating an entire experience and moment through your choice.

Engraved Sets

engraved cake server sets

If you want to make the memento of your special day extra-special, consider engraving your set. Include your initials, the date of your wedding, or a special quote that will always remind you of your wedding day. This will make it a one-of-a-kind keepsake that is both practical and heartwarming. In addition, you can find engraved knife sets that range in price to better fit your budget.

If you decide that you do not want an engraved knife set, then maybe you want a set that matches your theme. We have covered five common themes for weddings in the hopes that you will benefit to one of them, or use them to jumpstart your own brainstorming!


rustic cake server set

If your wedding theme is more rustic, try for a taste of the barn house or farm scene. Maybe choose wooden handles and slightly bigger knives with a more practical feel rather than aesthetic purpose. After all, you might want to use them on a regular basis!


glass cake server set

If you opted for a clean, sparkling, and white wedding, you may want to choose a silver-based knife set or a glass one. This will not take away to the rest of the wedding, but rather complement the overall atmosphere without standing out too much on its own. The glass can come in different cuts to resemble crystals or be plain and smooth.


elegant cake server set

Depending on your definition of elegant, you may be thinking simple or extravagant. Gold or silver works well with this theme, as does engravings and designs on the knife set. Finding a more slender look might be appealing, though you could also go bulkier to accentuate the elegance of the knives themselves.


beach cake server set

The beach theme is a fun and sometimes colorful theme to decorate. As such, maybe your knives reflect this by having seashells, or colorful handles. They could be blue for the ocean, or have a sandy pink feel for the beach.


fairytale cake server set

This theme can yield some creative knife sets. For instance, maybe you opt for swirls on the handles or go for gemstones. The sky is the limit here, so let your creative energy run free!


Tips for a getting cheap set

should i get a cake server set for my wedding

Let's say you want a knife set but cannot really afford it. You are not completely out of luck, so long as you are happy with what you end up selecting. There are some great ways to get cheap knife sets without sacrificing quality or your spirits. For instance, grab some used ones to Craigslist or eBay. After all, nobody will know they were used, except for you. Maybe look into estate sales. These are resourceful ideas because, not only are you up-cycling products that might otherwise find themselves in a landfill, you are saving money and helping somebody else out.

You can also check out stores like Walmart and Michaels. Especially if just having a knife set is important to you, go this route and save your money for other priorities.

Finally, if you are especially creative, you could make your own. Maybe you like pottery and want to fire the bases. Maybe you are a wood-worker and have the time to carve and engrave the set. Then again, maybe you find a mold and fill it with seashells and water, or sparkles and stones. The options are endless, just follow your heart and do what you want to do.


Tips to get others to pay for them

best ideas for wedding cake server set

Let's say you have exhausted all of your budgeting options but nonetheless, you have found the perfect knife set. Unfortunately, you simply cannot afford it. What do you do? Talk to your friends and family, and those who love and want to support and help you. Remember that your wedding is a time of love and celebration. People want you to be happy. So, ask for some help.

Go to your parents or relatives and see if they will make this their gift to you (or maybe even use their knife set!). Be sure to let them know that the knife set is important and memorable for you to have on this once in a lifetime occasion. If they know that it will truly be something that you will treasure, they are bound to help you out in whatever ways they can.

All in all, your wedding can be perfectly complete without a cake server and knife set. If you have the funding or support, then the choice is yours when it comes to picking the best knife set for your wedding. Now that you have this decision made, what's next? Perhaps you should consider an elegant cake stand or the perfect table runners for your decor.

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There are so many traditions and customs that play into wedding days and it is impossible to have an understanding of all of them so articles like this are absolutely essential!


I had no idea that there were so many different types and styles of cake cutters and servers and now I'm sure to find one that suits the theme of my wedding


I'm glad you found the post helpful! Thank you for reading.


Wow! I really want to get the set engraved as I think it would make a great memento for years to come but I don't want to spend a ton. Any recommendations?


What a great read! I struggle with this, I am getting married in November we are doing a beach theme wedding. What do you suggest? I don't want to go elegant. Thanks for your help.


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