Details Matter: Everything You Need to Know about Wedding Toasting Flutes

Unique wedding toasting flutes
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Today we are going to talk about how vital wedding toasting flutes are. We'll cover whether you should even use a toasting flute, when to use them during your ceremony, and what kind of flute you should get. We'll then explore alternatives to expensive name-brand flutes and how you can personalize your flutes to make your special day memorable. True beauty is in the details!

Should I Even Use Toasting Flutes

Wedding toasting flutes
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One thing to consider before we go any further is to find out if your venue is supplying all of the dinnerware. This, of course, would be including the flutes as well. If so, get your eyeballs on those things as soon as possible. Now is the time to make changes, not the day of, that's not what should be on your mind as you finally sit down to eat after the ceremony.

This is all up to your style and look you're trying to achieve. Some venues provide stunning quality flutes, while others are content with a cheap plastic look as if they went to the party store down the street.

Again, it's up to you, according to a Wedding Favors Unlimited Survey, 43% of Brides choose to use a personalized flute set for their wedding, it's something to check off the list as soon as possible with your venue.


When to Use Toasting Flutes

Unique wedding toasting flutes
Source: Wedding Favors Unlimited

The most obvious time to use a flute is during the toasts. You don't want the best man holding a warm Coors Light do you? Maybe he doesn't mind, but you get what we are trying to say.

In order for the flutes to be available during the toasts, it's best to have them ready to go during dinner so everyone can raise their glasses together throughout each toast that is made. Another time to have them available is at the cake table for the cutting of the cake. This is an excellent place to share a thank you toast with your family and friends as well.


What Kind of Flute Should I Get?

Elegant wedding toasting flutes
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There are many different directions you can go with when choosing a flute set for your wedding. Like we stated earlier you can decide to use whatever your venue or caterer provides. Or you can dive headfirst into the toasting flute world.

There is always the classic look of just a simple, quality glass flute. This will ensure an elegant look while not breaking the bank either.

The next step would be to personalize your flutes with a simple phrase or just the bride and groom's names. If neither of those fit what you're going for then with a themed set that matches your dinnerware or cake/server set.

If you're looking for the best of the best, then that would be a Waterford set. These are a bit pricey, but the look, style, and quality may be worth it to some. We personally think you can still get a great looking flute set at a much better value. The choice is yours.



Wedding Flute Ideas
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Some great alternatives could be used and bring even an extra flair and feel to your wedding. Again, most of these decisions are going to come down to the theme you are looking to create throughout your reception.

A kind of twist on the classic toasting flute would be the stemless Champagne flute. These can provide you with a sleek look while keeping the same experience as a traditional flute with a slight tweak to the design.

Another option to use would be engraved shot glasses. These would provide a completely different look or feel if everyone in the reception uses them, but still a very toast-worthy glass nonetheless. If they are engraved with your wedding date or initials, they can make a great party saver as well for your wedding party and family to keep.

If your wedding does not have alcohol, then an excellent alternative to use would be a mason jar. Believe it or not, these aren't strictly used for hipster weddings only, only 98% of them to be exact. We're kidding, but they do add a nice hip touch to the ambiance of the reception experience for yourself and the guests.


Types of Personalization

Custom Wedding Toasting Flutes
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We have mentioned personalizing your flutes before, and we have briefly discussed a few options such as adding you and your spouse's initials or date of the wedding, but does anything else work?

One crucial detail is to not add too much to your glass. You don't want an entire poem or paragraph etched on the side. So, as far as content goes, we think it's safe to just keep it to names, initials, and dates.

However, there are a few options as to how you want the words put on the glass. You could have it engraved or painted on nicely as well. This adds a nice long lasting detail separating the glasses from every other one you'll be collecting quickly throughout your marriage.

One difference between engraving or painting may be that with painting that could blemish or fade over time as you wash them.


What to Avoid

Wedding toast glass ideas
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So, what to avoid in this complex flute world? Well, as we mentioned above, do not put a paragraph of words onto your flute if you decide to get it engraved. Keep it fresh and simple with using your names or wedding date.

We would also recommend avoiding painting all together when it comes to customization. The paint will most likely fade away fairly quickly after a single wash. We don't want you wasting money. Wedding are seriously expensive as it is.

Don't overlook picking out a quality flute with your planner, spouse, or whoever is involved in making the decisions with you. It can be easy to pick the first one you see, but we recommend trying it out, especially if you decide to use the ones provided by the venue or caterer. Look, touch, and try everything.

Do not use a wine glass for a champagne toast. Just picturing it causes us to shriek and shutter. That is rule number one when it comes to champagne and the flute life that we live so proudly.



Toasting flute ideas for wedding
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We hope that this post has inspired you if you are already digging deep in the decision pile. Well, keep digging and searching for what makes you and your spouse happy for you on your wedding day. We truly believe the small details are what can make or break the big day ahead.

Let us know your experiences with wedding flutes. Have you tried a million of them? What kind are you going to use? Have you already chosen but just changed your mind, again after reading this? We're sorry, not really.

Cheers to you and your wedding day, and don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.

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How much should I plan to spend on a personalized set of toasting flutes? I don't want to spend too much for such a small detail but I guess that's what ends up making the feeling of the wedding in the end


Toasting flutes range pretty widely in price - from just a few dollars to upward of $60 - but you can find plenty of beautiful, affordable flutes in our shop. Check out all our options and please let me know if you have any questions!


I love the idea of doing a mason jar to toast for non-alcoholic weddings. Are there more tips on doing weddings without alcohol? I feel like guests come to expect alcohol at weddings but it just isn't something I want to do.


You have lots of non-alcoholic options -- like a SodaStation or a fresh pressed juice bar for example!


Would toasting flutes be an appropriate gift to give a couple as a wedding gift as long as I gave it to them enough in advance that they wouldn't buy their own or is it generally better to just let them handle it and get something else?


You nailed it, if you're going to give it to them, give it to them at least 2 months ahead of time, otherwise, let them handle it.