Our Top 6 Bridesmaid Tote Bag Ideas

Personalized Bridal Party Tote Bags
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With so many options out there for bridesmaid tote bags, it can easily become overwhelming, especially when you're not sure where to begin!

When looking at your choices for a bridesmaid tote bag, some important factors to consider include the location of your wedding, your theme, as well as the personal characteristics of your bridal party.

For instance, are your bridesmaids primarily single and childless, or are they active mothers with a lot on their plate? Will you be gifting these bridesmaid tote bags at your bachelorette party, your bridal shower, or while preparing for the ceremony? The answers to these and other relevant questions will help you to decide on the appropriate size and style of each bridesmaid tote bag.

Below, we outline our top 6 bridesmaid tote bag ideas to help make your decision easier:

Beach Tote Bag

Bridal Party Beach Tote Bags
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Your bridesmaid tote bags are meant to show appreciation to your bridal party, and no matter their individual differences, a beach tote bag is a fun and sporty option. It's roomy enough to hold several gifts while maintaining its style. They may want to store a change of clothes for the end of the day, flip-flops to ease foot pain, make-up, or even beach towels.

Beach tote bags are typically well-crafted and strong enough to keep the contents secure. It's a gift that they will use for many years to come. You may choose this fun bag for your bridal party to highlight your beach wedding theme. It’s perfect for a beachside wedding or reception.

Team Bag

Personalized Bridal Party Tote Bags
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The team bag is great for bringing some team spirit to your bridal party. This bag can be fully customized and will help to illustrate your team of bridesmaids as a cohesive unit.

Feel free to choose a plain yet classic color combo that will be enjoyed by each person, as well as fit into the theme of your wedding. It will accent a reception or evening bridal shower very well. This look will surely unite the bridesmaids and promote a sense of togetherness.

Practical Bag

Totes for Bridesmaid Gifts
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We love the practical bag for being a bridesmaid gift that keeps on giving. Its perfect for a formal or informal wedding party. The bag is typically well-crafted with a sturdy, environmentally friendly, and functional design.

Your bridal shower would be a great place to present this bridesmaid tote bag because it will likely come in good use for all activities leading up to the wedding. Your bridal party will especially enjoy the classic look of the practical bag that can be worn for future occasions.

Yoga Mat Bag

Yoga Bags Bridesmaid Gifts
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A yoga mat bag is a particularly fitting choice if your bridal party consists of yoga/fitness/healthy living enthusiasts. This option will feel particularly personal, as each bridesmaid will have a sense that you are aware and in tune with their interests.

The yoga mat bag typically has a functional design, with adjustable straps for ease in carrying, as well as compartments to secure your smaller daily essentials like IDs and keys.  A great yoga mat bag is a high-quality gift that takes thought and care to purchase. You are giving your wedding party a heartwarming valuable gift that they can use for many years to come.

Jute Tote Bag

Large tote bags for bridesmaids
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The jute tote bag is constructed from materials that are plant-based and natural. This is an especially great gift for your vegan and eco-conscious bridesmaids. This is the perfect gift to fit into the theme of an organic wedding with lots of greenery.

It is beautiful enough to sit at your bridesmaids' seats before your reception dinner begins. It has a classic chic appearance yet it's fully functional. They could tuck away other favors from the evening or use it to go shopping for the rest of the trip. It's also great as a gym bag or an overnight bag.

Personalized Tote Bag

Bridesmaid personalized tote bags
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Personalized tote bags are always welcome as a gift to a frazzled bridesmaid who may be having a hard time keeping all the moving pieces together leading up to your big day. With the careful choice of color, name imprinted, or initial embroidered, your bridesmaids will feel the love in these personal touches.

A personalized tote bag can be any size, so be sure to choose one that you think would be great for the festivities, as well as be sufficient to carry along for everyday use. This would be a great gift to give at your bridal brunch, especially if the bridal party were in charge of the planning and execution of this aspect of your wedding journey!


Bridesmaid tote bags are a great aesthetically-pleasing and multi-purpose option for gifts to present to your bridal party. Your bridesmaids will love the thought that went into choosing the most fitting tote bag for them.

We would love to help you figure out the perfect gifts for your bridal party! Let us know your questions in the comments below and our team of wedding experts will share their thoughts.

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