The Top 10 Budget Wedding Favor Ideas from FashionCraft 2020

Unique bottle opener wedding favors
Source: Wedding Favors Unlimited

Getting married is a glorious time for both the happy couple and all those who get to attend the wedding. It is good for every happy couple to remember their guest when planning the wedding. Every guest who attends spends time and money to share in the joyous occasion.

The least a married couple can do is have a small trinket for every guest to take home with them. If you are a really nice couple with some extra cash, a gift bag for each guest will be the talk of the town. Whichever way you want to give, here are 10 budget wedding favors from Fashioncraft 2020 that will make your wedding guests elated.

Why Buy FashionCraft Favors

FashionCraft Wedding Favors
Source: FashionCraft

When planning your wedding, you have many vendors to choose from to get what you need. Why buy FashionCraft Favors. It will not take you long to figure out why you should buy FashionCraft favors. The cool favors from FashionCraft will be favors your guests will not have seen before.

You will also be pleased with the quality of the FashionCraft favors. FashionCraft has bulk buying options. Buying in bulk is easy. The more you buy, the less each item will cost.

Pineapple Themed Gifts

Pineapple wedding favors
Source: Wedding Favors Unlimited

There is nothing that says luxury better than a small pineapple attached to anything. Picture frames, candles, catchalls, keychains, and so many other little wedding gifts you can choose.

Mostly golden in color Fashioncraft's pineapple themed gifts are fun to choose from. Small accessories like pineapples are great to set out on top of books to bring a look to a living room.

Nautical Themed Gifts

Nautical FashionCraft Wedding Favors
Source: Wedding Favors Unlimited

Nautical themed wedding gifts help guests take a little reminder of escape with them. Anchors, bottles, whale ceramic measuring spoons, and more can be found on the website. Whether your wedding is in Maine or you wish it was, you can bring a seaside wedding together with nautical themed gifts.

Measuring spoons are something every cook cannot live without. Guests love a favor that they can use again and again long after your special day, like a reusable personalized candy tin or measuring spoons for the kitchen.

Compact Mirrors

FashionCraft Pineapple Favors
Source: Wedding Favors Unlimited

The ladies of your wedding party or wedding guests will appreciate a beautiful compact mirror they can remember your wedding by. There are several different themed compact mirrors to choose from.

From chrome purses to Eiffel Towers, you can have fun choosing your favorites compact mirrors to give the ladies that come to wish you well in your new life as a couple. Choose a compact mirror that fits your wedding theme to remind guests again and again of your special day while they use their favor.

Unusual and Cool Bottle Openers

Unique bottle opener wedding favors
Source: Wedding Favors Unlimited

How many times have you been on a vacation or having fun at a picnic and you need a bottle opener? Bottle openers are one of those things you don't necessarily want to buy, but you need it.

Help your guests on their travels and get them one of Fashioncrafts cleverly designed bottle openers. You can find airplanes, starfish, words, and cowboy boots. We are confident you will find a bottle opener you will love.

Floral Themed Gifts

FashionCraft Floral Wedding Favors
Source: Wedding Favors Unlimited

Everyone loves a flower. Our floral themed wedding gifts are quaint and sweet. You can find fans, glasses, and more with cute and lovely flowers that are perfect for garden lovers, and spring and summer weddings.

Wine Bottle Stoppers

Wine bottle stopper wedding favors
Source: Wedding Favors Unlimited

Wine is very popular these days. A bottle stopper can always come in handy. Sometimes you want to savor that wine over a few days. A fun and creative wine stopper are excellent for these occasions. Give a gift of saving in a wine stopper.

Beach Theme

Wedding favor votives
Source: Wedding Favors Unlimited

Most people love the beach. You might even be having a beach themed wedding. Check out our fun beach themed wedding favors.

It will be very tough to choose just one. Get a few varieties and you can keep a couple for yourself. Beach themed weddings are fun for all.

Love Theme

FashionCraft Love Themed Wedding Favors
Source: Wedding Favors Unlimited

While on the subject of love, why not some love-themed wedding favors? We have love-themed favors plenty.

We have over 100 items in our love-themed section of wedding favors. Choose your favorite love-themed favors and make your guest swoon.

Travel and Destination Theme

Wedding favors for travel themed wedding
Source: Wedding Favors Unlimited

If your wedding is a destination wedding or your guest just love to travel, find travel-themed favors for your guests to take home. You could choose an elegant crystal design or something more casual like sandalwood for a beach wedding.

Luggage tags, mini crystal globes or snow globes, bottle openers, and more could fit into a travel and destination theme. You may also want to consider giving them a favor from the local destination they are visiting for the wedding. Travel themed favors are fun and a little bit different than the normal favor guests might get.

Rustic and Country Theme

Rustic Themed Wedding Favors
Source: Country Living Magazine

Small lights strung through the trees or a candlelit wedding in a barn, rustic and country-themed weddings are popular and lovely. Think about burlap, wood grains and tones, Edison bulbs and barnyard decor for your wedding theme.

How does this translate into the perfect favor? Why not give your guests customized mason jars or a delightful wine barrel candle that fits your theme—and provides a useful takeaway that will leave guests feeling appreciated?


These are our favorites wedding favor ideas from FashionCraft in 2020. What was your favorite? Have other ideas that didn't make the list? Comment below!

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These wedding favors are so great and fit with so many themes for weddings! I mean the nautical favor of the whale measuring spoons are the cutest freaking things ever!!


Olivia, I'm so happy you love them! I do too.


I've never heard of FashionCraft before but after this I will definitely have to check them out. What would you say their specialty is?


Fashioncraft is a speciality wedding favor provider. They have over 1000 personalized options. Check them out!


I love the pineapple and beach favors because they could go with so many different themes and not just be for weddings but all sorts of celebrations like birthdays


Yep! We agree. This is a great one for birthdays. And not many people think of it that way.