10 Easy Wedding Party Gift Ideas for Both Guys and Gals

Wedding party gift ideas
Source: Easy Weddings
Wedding party gift ideas
Source: Easy Weddings

Wedding party gift ideas are a factor in wedding planning that may be overlooked at first, but it's important to present the bridal party with items they can cherish. Groomsmen and bridesmaid gift ideas can be purchased, specially ordered, or even crafted at home to create the perfect gift for each member.

The more personalized the item is, the more memorable your special day, so consider these 10 ideas for your perfect wedding party gifts:

1. Personalized Luggage Tags

Wedding Favor Luggage Tags
Source: Wedding Favors Unlimited

Especially if your wedding party is required to travel for a destination wedding, gifting them with cute and flashy new luggage tags is an excellent idea that works for both men and women. These tags can be individually designed to match the personality of each party member or they can be made uniformly to create a sense of collectiveness.

Consider personalizing with initials and possibly photos of the event. You could also add details like the date and location of the wedding. Furthermore, there is no need to buy just one: luggage tags are relatively inexpensive, so purchasing a few different styles per person is a sweet touch.

2. Gift Card to Buy Wedding Photos

Wedding photography gift certificate
Source: Design Aglow

Another simple idea that might easily be overlooked is to give gift cards for the purpose of purchasing photos from the wedding. Most of the party will likely want these photos anyway, so gifting a card is a great way to let them choose what packages they want to purchase without having to spend their own money. Giving a card also relieves you of the duty of making sure you order the perfect photos to gift everyone in the party.

3. Uber Gift Card for the Wedding Day

Uber Gift Cards for Wedding Party
Source: Banker and Tradesman

You'll want your party to be safe while having a good, memorable time. Why not gift Uber gift cards so they have reliable transportation on the wedding day?

With such a simple gift, both bridesmaids and groomsmen can get around to any reception, bar, or lodging that might be part of their wedding schedule. The special thing about this gift of a card is that the party does not have to feel obligated to use it all on the wedding day. It's a gift that keeps giving until the balance is used up!

4. A Bottle of Local Alcohol

Alcohol wedding party gifts
Source: Raw Pixel

Most people are willing to accept a bottle of whiskey, bourbon, or even wine. Depending on where the wedding is, you may be able to find a local place to add a memorable touch to a gift. Some locations may already sell an option for a personalized label.

If not, there are alternatives you can purchase online for tagging the bottle your gifting with an extra personal touch or even photo of the wedding party. This gift is a sophisticated one that shows your wedding party how grateful you are for their help on your special day. 

5. Tote Bag Full of Supplies

Wedding party tote bags
Source: Wedding Favors Unlimited

Bags can be made at home if you're crafty, but they're also relatively inexpensive to buy and to personalize. Take this idea a step further by filling the tote with supplies for the wedding day and the day after. If it's a summer wedding, consider adding sunglasses. Lip balm is a safe option for both men and women as are personalized toasting flutes.

Finally, include a handwritten note for each member of the wedding party for an especially personal, intimate touch. Consider framing this note to really show the permanence of your sentiment to both your bridesmaids and your groomsmen.

6. Reservations for Lodging or Cars

Unique wedding party gifts
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If you have the means, consider making and paying for certain reservations. These reservations might be an Airbnb or other lodgings near the wedding. You might even consider arranging for a car rental to add ease to your wedding party's arrival and departure and make them feel extra special. By arranging for these kinds of gifts, you can add to their experience if they are coming from out of town.

7. Mason Jar of Memorabilia

Mason Jar Wedding Party Gifts
Source: Wedding Favors Unlimited

If you like to scrapbook, that's an option but you can also take a few scrapbooking skills and apply them to something extra creative. Mason jars are popular these days for drinking smoothies or making centerpieces at rustic wedding tables. Why not use mason jars to fill them with certain memories from the wedding for your bridesmaids and groomsmen?

You can decorate the jar with fabric paints, glitter, ribbons, and labels that match the theme of the wedding and which are highly personalized for each member of the wedding party. From there, you can fill the jar with any trinkets, including gift cards or magnets with photos on them. Consider a bottle opener or candies. Another perk is these jars are easy to transport and don't take up too much room in luggage!

8. Personalized Cufflinks and Bracelets

Wedding party gifts cufflinks
Source: Wedding Favors Unlimited

You can consider gifting something that the party can take home that also serves a function in the wedding. These might be cufflinks for men or bracelets for women that have initials carved in them or some other personalized charm.

You could consider matching these items to the wedding theme and adding specific details about the wedding on the items as well. Cufflinks and bracelets are both practical as well as elegant, simple gifts to give men or women!

9. Engraved Wine Glasses or Personalized Mugs

Wedding party coffee mugs
Source: Wedding Favors Unlimited

Not everyone drinks, but most people have a use for a mug. A classic gift is to engrave a wineglass and hand it out to your wedding party members. You can replace this idea with a personalized coffee or hot tea mug.

And who said the gift has to be empty? It's a great idea to stuff the glass or mug with some simple tissue paper and tiny gifts that will make the present even more special.

10. Coasters, Blankets, or Calendars with Party Photos

Blanket wedding party favors
Source: Wedding Favors Unlimited

Finally, the simple idea of adding photos to a gift is always a smart way to go. Many websites now include options for personalizing a variety of things including coasters, blankets, and calendars. Coasters are small, simple gifts that can be gifted in multiples and which are easy to transport. You can add photos to them to make a matching set and include personalized details on either side of them.

You can also consider printing photos and adding personalized notes on blankets, a gift that may be especially attractive for a cold-weather wedding. Finally, everyone could use a good calendar, so why not add your wedding photos to an idea such as that?


We hope this list was useful in finding the perfect wedding party gifts ideas for the guys and gals in your wedding. What was your favorite idea? Have another idea you used at your own wedding that was a big hit? Share in the comments below!

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These are all such great ideas to thank the people who took the time to be in your wedding and who had to set aside time and money to do so!


Thank you for reading!


I love the idea of getting them a gift for something that they were probably already going to have to pay for because then you know that they will use it and appreciate it without having to question it


Yes exactly! Thank you for reading!


I love the idea of doing a bottle of alcohol and then doing a personalized label. Where could I get one of those and is it easy to personalize?


What a great idea. What about these personalized wine bottle labels?