10 Creative Ways To Use Candle Wedding Favors

Votive candle favors
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Think of candle wedding favors as your new go-to easy decor moment that can double as a fun and useable wedding favors. This helps to combine different aspects of your wedding and eliminates some of the stressors often placed on getting married. You'll be able to relax and fully enjoy this adventure the two of you are about to embark on!

Selecting candles to use as wedding favors is a win-win because it's a less stressful option and it is widely enjoyed by a variety of guests. They are easy to access and purchase in bulk, available to customize, and can also be used as decorations for the guest book table, cake table, or during the reception.

1. Use Them At The After Party

Candle Wedding Exit
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You may lose some guests throughout the evening, but if you are having an after party this is an excellent time to set out your candle favors. This allows for you to distribute a nicer candle because you won't have as many people to gift them too and makes for a great thank you for those who hang in for the after reception fun!

When you are ready to make your big exit, have a designated person start handing out the candles to all the guests. Ask them to light their favor and line up from the door you're exiting from. This grants you a great candle lit photo opportunity with your beau, and will see to it guests actually take their candles with them! Eliminate the job of someone waiting by the favor table handing them out and ensure you aren't stuck with a bunch leftover! Including guests in this special moment will alleviate any thoughts of taking home a candle that has already been burned.

2. Deliver Them To Each Hotel Room

custom wedding candle favor
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Utilize your custom candles as not only your favor but also your welcome bag by leaving the candles in their hotel rooms to greet the guests. Welcome bags are especially nice for destination weddings as your guest has traveled to celebrate with you. In this instance make a spa-like basket with the candle inside, and if your budget allows add in things like bubble bath or champagne. Pair this with a personalized match box and you've got an adorable way to greet guests and thank them for coming to spend your special day with you.

3. Decorate The Guestbook Signing Table

Candle Guest Book Table
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Decorating your guestbook signing table with the candle favors is a great way to use the candles up front in your wedding theme for a short amount of time. The candles can be displayed lit or unlit. Having a table with lit candles on it to welcome your guests can be beautiful and add to the romantic atmosphere. Display the candles amongst your guestbook to encourage guests to take one as a favor as they stop to sign.

4. Give Them Out At The Rehearsal Dinner

Tin candle wedding favors
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Instead of setting out favors at the reception, considering gifting to the guests that attend your rehearsal dinner instead. This allows you to customize the candles specifically to the guests, and because you'll have a smaller amount of people you can take this opportunity to make the gift really sentimental. Consider choosing things you know each guest will enjoy and that will fit into their homes, or by leaving a personalized thank you with each candle. This will turn into a more intimate gift and thank you to those close to you and your partner.

5. Have Each Guest Light Their Candle As Part Of The Grand Entrance

Candle lit wedding entrance
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To create a big entrance for you (and for another great photo op!) have the candle favors distributed at the beginning of the reception. Then ask guests to light them for your first introduction as Mr. and Mrs. It allows you to acknowledge your guests from the get-go at the reception and add a spark to the entire evening.

For a different version of a similar experience, ask the guests to light them up for your first dance. You and your partner are out on the dance floor and your wedding guests are surrounding the two of you with lit candles. It allows the guests to interact with your special moment, while also giving a romantic atmosphere for your photographer to capture!

6. Incorporate Colored Votives in Your Decor

Votive candle favors
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Using colored votives for your candle wedding favors can be a great way to incorporate your favors in to your wedding theme and décor. You can rent votives to use as your candle centerpieces and the personalized versions can be set out for guests to take at the end. This is great way to tie together your decor and your favors for a cohesive moment. Display the personalized candles near the door where you can have someone stand and hand out or display a sign encouraging guests to grab one. Clear votives make for a great favor because they can be customized directly by engraving them, or a colorful or printed tag can be added with your names and wedding date.

7. Pair The Candle Favors With Personalized Matches

Personalized wedding candles and matches
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Another easy way to customize is by sending guests with personalized matchboxes instead of candles which allows for you to save money. You can purchase plain candles in bulk and add your names and date on matchboxes to pair together. A well designed match box is all you need to add a personal touch, and your guests will appreciate having a plain candle that can go on display in their home after the wedding. This provides you the ability to gift a favor your guests will use many times after your wedding date, and that makes for great wedding favors!

8. Display At The Cake Cutting Table

Candle lit wedding cake table
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Another way to incorporate your candle wedding favors into the decor of your wedding is displaying them on your cake cutting table. Try placing in different tiers, so there are levels to add depth and interest to your cake display. If you aren’t doing a cake, try working the candles into the cupcake display instead. Consult with your caterer or baker to devise a plan that makes the most sense in terms of decoration and function.

9. Utilize as Lighting During Dinner

Candle lit wedding reception
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Once the reception starts and the lights go down, considering working off candlelight to make the party feel more intimate and romantic. Using your favors as a way to light the venue works as a double edged sword for your benefit. Consider it as a way to employ candles as both favors and decor. If your wedding is a rustic theme, try mason jar custom candles. If you consider your style more classic, custom votive candles would be the perfect addition!

10. Set Out on Guestbook Table

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Another idea to display your candle wedding favors is to combine them with your gift table. This encourages guests to take one at the beginning and not leave until the end (where most guests forget!) You can add to your gift table on one end with a ‘take one’ sign so that people can easily drop off your present or card and take a candle as they walk away. This also serves as immediate thank you for the gift and for spending the evening celebrating with you.

This list hopefully included plenty of inspiration on ways to use candles for wedding favors. If you want to create more of an experience for your guest, utilize the candle wedding favors in a way that includes them in a special part of your ceremony or reception. This can include your grand entrance (or exit) or your first dance. Although they will have lit their favor, it makes them feel special or more included than grabbing a favor off a table. If you want to focus on a well designed custom candle or display idea, consider working into your guest book or cake table. Regardless, a custom wedding candle is going to be appreciated and is an easy gift to please everyone.

Have any other ideas on how to incorporate candle wedding favors into your big day? Leave a comment below!

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I feel like candles have become really popular both at weddings and just generally so I really liked this article of how to use them in a new and unique way. Great article!


Yes candles are definitely popular and for good reason, they make any setting more beautiful. Thanks for reading!


I love the idea of each guest lighting a candle as they enter. I want to show my guests that they aren't simply the audience but a part of the experience and this seems like a great way to do that


Definitely! It's an intimate touch. Thank you for reading!