Details Matter: How to Pick the Perfect Bridesmaid Slippers

Bridesmaid slippers
Source: Bryan Schneider
Bridesmaid slippers
Source: Bryan Schneider

When it comes to our wedding, it's all about the details! Details matter, and can sometimes be overwhelming, but choosing the right bridesmaids gifts are a less stressful detail that is sure to be special. Bridesmaids slippers are not only visually-appealing and comfortable, but they are also a gift that will last a long time embedded with memories of our big day.

Color and Material Options For Bridesmaid Slippers

Bridesmaid slipper gift ideas
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There are a lot of options available for bridesmaid slippers, but the most important place to start is deciding on the color and material of the bridesmaid slippers. Bridal white may be the easiest color choice since it is more common and easy to find. If we feel the need to venture out of the white zone, however, pink is another easy choice to bring in an eye-catching color.

The type of material of the bridesmaids' slippers is important because we want our ladies to slip their feet into comfort, not just something that looks pretty. Slippers made from plastic or rubber are certainly popular options, but leather, suede, and wool are other options to consider.

Spa Slippers

Spa slippers for wedding party
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Spa slippers are typically made from terry cotton and some even come with memory foam. Here, the main priority is comfort, but you can also choose between open-toed and closed-toed variations. For comfort and better protection of the feet closed toe is the most ideal choice.
If we're looking to add a pinch of style, however, then the open toe is worth considering, especially when you consider how your bride tribe's pedicures will be beautifully displayed! Who wouldn't want to show off their beautiful toes?! Whether we choose terry cotton or memory foam we are certainly not forfeiting comfort and style!

Regular Slippers

Bridesmaid slippers
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Regular slippers are often made of cotton. Cotton is perhaps the best choice for its breathable reputation. It is also the most common and versatile, a great addition to any pre-wedding spa time.
We also want to pay attention to what the sole of the slipper is made of because that could provide us with the life expectancy of the slipper. Regular slippers are possibly the leaders in the comfort department, and with a touch of durable rubber for the sole, they can be enjoyed for a significant time to come.

Platform Flip Flops

Bridal Party Flip Flops
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Platform flip flops are said to be a popular alternative for brides and bridal party for footwear however more so for destination weddings or reception footwear to take pressure off the feet. These flip-flops can feature leather straps and some even decorative sequins for extra flair.
When it comes to choosing the bridesmaids gifts we want to not only think of our ladies' comfort on the big day but also the longevity of the item so it can be treasured for a long time. If we choose the latter then regular slippers will give them all they need in comfort, style, and lasting memories.

Personalize Your Bridesmaid Gifts

Personalized flip flops for bridal party
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Any gift is more treasured when you personalize it. There are many ways to personalize a gift. From stamping the special date on the side to the initials of the new owners, personalized items tend to garner keen attention and care.
We want to make our ladies feel special and sometimes it can be as simple as having "bridesmaid" embroidered on their footwear. Regular slippers are the perfect candidate for this. With flip-flops, the embroidered message could fade with use whereas on a slipper it will more likely stand the test of time. In most cases simply being identified as the bridal party is enough to share that wedding glow with our ladies.

Other Items That Go Great With Bridesmaid Slippers

Robes for bridal party
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The most fun a girl can have is playing with accessories! We have our beautiful, comfortable slippers and now it's time to decorate our ladies a step further. When we think slippers we also think of comfortable robes.
After all, they do go hand in hand, especially for the fun getting-ready hours before the ceremony. Robes are also perfect to keep our clothes pristine while we are busy getting our hair and makeup done. Satin is a sleek, sexy material that offers extreme comfort in a lightweight and airy package.
Personalized hangers are another great companion to bridesmaid slippers because they keep our dresses preserved, and can be a gift that can be used and treasured always. It is a gift to treasure always.
Toiletries and cosmetics are an integral part of preparing for the big day, so personalized toiletry bags are a must for keeping all our necessary items in one place. They are also great for any other special trinkets that you will be gifting your bridesmaids with. They can be simple and classy with just initials or pop with a touch of sparkle in an intricate design.

This was just a quick guide to help you choose the perfect bridesmaid slippers. If you have any more questions about how to make sure your bridal party feels special on your wedding day, then leave us a comment below with your question. Our wedding experts will get back to you as soon as possible with a helpful response.

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These robes, slippers, and flip flops are just so cute. How can I figure out all of their sizes without them getting a clue as to what I might be giving them though?


You could ask them to provide all their general measurements (head circumference, bust, waist, hip, and shoe size) - they'll get to feel excited because it's clearly something sized for them, but they won't know exactly what 🙂


Honestly, I haven't been to a lot of weddings myself and never been in one. What are the expectations of what I should be getting my bridal party and what we are doing together?


It's very personal of course based on what you and your bridesmaids would enjoy, but we have lots of inspo around bridal shower themes (like this spa day theme) as well as tons of bridesmaids gift guide posts!


Would it be weird to get my different bridesmaids different gifts? I just feel like these might be the right gift for some girls but not all of them


Not at all, if anything they would probably appreciate the extra thoughtful gesture!