Weed Wedding Planning: A DIY Guide

Weed Party Favor
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If you are looking for ways to incorporate cannabis into your big day, consider this weed wedding planning article your guide to all things bud. There are a lot of things to consider when getting married. We consider our guests and how many people we would like to invite to celebrate with us.

You consider decorations, cake flavors, and whether to allow children to attend the reception. With the passing of popular marijuana laws like California's Prop 64, have you considered incorporating weed into your wedding day? There aren't a lot of wedding planners well versed in this, so we thought we'd help!

Planning for a Weed Wedding

Weed Party Favor
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When you're weed wedding planning for your reception, there will be a few things to consider first. One of those things is the fact that many places where the legalization of marijuana has taken place have also put a legal age of majority on the sale, distribution, and possession of cannabis. After you have researched if it's a plausible route for you to take, next consider who will be attending your reception. There are many who might be offended about attending a reception party where marijuana is going to be used. You must consider your guests and how they will receive a weed reception.

Legal Considerations

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There are many legal considerations to think about. You must read the rules and regulations regarding marijuana in the city and state where you plan on having your reception. Especially if you're considering a destination wedding. Each city, even in California, has adopted its own laws regarding the use of marijuana throughout their jurisdiction. Check out an up to date list about recreational marijuana use.

Where to Have a Marijuana Reception

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If you have passed the legality phase of weed wedding planning, next consider where you might actually host the reception. There are not too many traditional venues who will be 420 friendly. Like for instance, in California, some of the rules and regulations of Prop 64 say you must enjoy cannabis inside a private residence. That means to have marijuana at your reception means you should host the party at a house. Make sure the yard is large enough to accommodate all your guests. Consider asking a close friend or family member to give up their house and yard to use for your reception, and of course clear if it's okay with them to have marijuana available to the guests.

As you might know, especially if you are a cannabis smoker, a number of states have decriminalized the use and possession of marijuana. Each state has different laws regarding the sale, use, and possession of cannabis. To date, there are 10 states that have decriminalized its use. Also, Washington DC is among them. There are a number of countries who have legalized the possession of marijuana. The US has not passed any federal laws, but instead uses state by state laws to govern marijuana use. However, if you are in the US and on a border state with Canada, you can be certain they are on board.

Make Plans for the Venue

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When making plans for the venue consider all your guests. Some of them, especially if older, might not be comfortable with attending a cannabis reception. But because some of your guests may not approve, doesn't mean you have to cut out all things cannabis related. There are some  other things to consider when making plans for canna-weddings.

Have a Designated Area

When at the reception venue, it is important to keep in mind many people who do not smoke would prefer to remain smoke-free. With that being said, they would prefer not to be exposed to second-hand smoke of any kind. Have a designated area at the venue for guests who toke, and especially consider hosting it outside. Model it off a lounge area so guests can sit back and chat with each other.

Notify the Venue and Ask Permission

Before booking traditional wedding venues ask permission from the wedding planners if you can have cannabis at the reception even if marijuana is legal in the state you are getting married. If they have given you permission, also inform other vendors it will be served or passed out. The photographer will want to shoot those details and action shots of guests having fun, and your caterer may even want to find uses it for in their display or menu.

Consider Having The Reception at Home

As stated previously, it might be best to consider having cannabis weddings at home. The reason being is that there are not many wedding guests and wedding venues who are yet on board with its legalization. To have it at home, you will need to make certain the yard is large enough for your guest list.

Notify Your Guests

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Feel no need to advertise on the invitation you are hosting a weed wedding. Instead opt for a small disclaimer at the bottom of the invitation that it will be a green wedding. Many wedding guests will appreciate the warning. Also consider using signage at the wedding to indicate bud usage, and limiting it to certain smoke zones.

Consider Hosting a Bud Party The Night Before Instead

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If you host a bud party the night before, you will not need to worry about the venue or the guests. Only invite those who would like to participate in the bud party to toke the night before. That way, you can curate the guest list to form a more intimate party of those will enjoy and appreciate the bud party. Consider hosting it as a sort of "after-party" to the rehearsal dinner, or making it the theme of the rehearsal dinner! Since you are working with smaller guests lists and more intimate settings, this may be your best place to incorporate it.

If you're super picky about what you want, we recommend visiting a cannibis expo ahead of time. It's no different than a Bridal Show! Get an all-access pass to one of these expos and you'll usually be able to sample quite a few and pick up recommendations.

Adding Touches of Bud to Floral Details

Flowers with Weed
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Floral arrangements are considered to be one of the biggest decorations when it comes to weddings. But what are ways to incorporate buds into decor and flowers? Because of the natural texture, marijuana fits right in to most flower arrangements and tablescapes. Work with your florist to mix into your table settings. Consider using a single leaf as an accent piece on your plate with your place setting and escort card. There is no right or wrong way to include!

Consider Adding Bud to Bouquets and Boutonnieres

Weed boutonniere
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The easiest way to work into your decor is a bud bouquet or boutonniere! Because it is a compact green, it works really well in a small arrangement like a boutonniere. If wanting to also incorporate into your bridal bouquet, consider opting for a marijuana leaf instead. It will act as natural greenery and won't look too out of place amongst flowers. If you are working into the boutonnieres or bouquets, consider doing smaller touches on the grooms, ushers, and bridesmaids to coordinate the whole bridal party.

Consider Hiring a Budtender

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When you are making plans to incorporate legal cannibis into your marriage celebration, you should consider a budtender. What does a budtender do? The same things that a bartender would do. He or she will greet guests as they approach the bud bar. They will then pass the joints, vape, and other cannabis products to your guests. The guests who are there to enjoy marijuana will have an excellent time and get a thrill over seeing you went out of your way to hire a budtender for your special day. They will act as experts of all things bud to you and your guests. Have someone that is not that experienced in using cannabis? They can encourage a specific strain and teach them step by step basics.

Pairings with Bud

Food and Drink Weed

If setting out weed for guests, you should also consider what everyone will want after they enjoy it- food! Consider setting up more food stations and focusing on little bites and finger foods that are easy to snack on. Have fun with playing with mini versions of tradition foods, and don't be afraid to have snacks passed around all night or food stations available throughout the evening.

It is important to remember not everyone will want to smoke at your reception! Still planning on having a bar will ensure every guest is happy, and will only add life to the party! But remember to be responsible as well.

Cannabis Desserts

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What is a cannabis reception for your marriage without the desserts? These laced desserts are fun to eat. Although, it should be kept in mind that your desserts should not be laced with high doses of THC. Weed infused desserts often have a higher potency than smoking it alone. Consider using buds to decorate your topper, or small bite sized edibles so no one consumes more than they wish for.

Marijuana as a Party Favors

Weed Party Favor
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How can you throw a party without party favors? Having weed wedding favors is the perfect option for those who want to integrate into their big day but don't want to commit to an entire cannabis theme. Use customized packages and labels (bonus points for joint puns!) and set up as a display for your guests to take as a toke-n of appreciation. This is also another under the radar way to incorporate into the big day.

If you're hosting a post-party or morning after brunch, keep the party going by transitioning the weed memorabilia into the day after parties. This will help cure hangovers and continue with the theme!

Overall, weed weddings are a unique trend to sweep the wedding industry as of late. As laws get more lax towards the usage of recreational weed, try incorporating your favorite hobby into your wedding for all guests to enjoy!  There are a ton of ideas we still haven't talked about, from wedding dresses to hiring the right wedding planners. We'll cover some of these soon!

Would you consider having a weed wedding? Let us know why or why not in the comments!

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I'm genuinely surprised at how in-depth and informative this was. I thought I saw another weed wedding blog post so I'll have to check that one out too. Thanks for the info!


Thank you for reading!


This has to be the most trendy and millennial thing to ever happen but I have to say that I kind of love it. Like you mentioned, there are a lot of extra things to be careful about, but if you did a small wedding or reception I could see this really working.


Exactly, with the right crowd this concept is sure to be a hit!


I don't think I would ever consider it. I have a feeling some of the older relatives in my family who happen to be more traditional wouldn't be a fan of me having my wedding outside of a church, much less have weed at it.


Yep it's definitely a non-traditional option!