10 Great Ideas for Candle Wedding Favors

Wedding favors candle votives
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Wedding favor candle ideas
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Candle wedding favors are an excellent way for you to remember your wedding. They are a great keepsake to take from the ceremony or reception, allowing your guests to cherish the memories of your wedding day long after it has passed. It can be overwhelming to make choices when there are so many options available, so we created this quick guide to help you!

Your ultimate choice is dependent on your personal preference, your wedding theme, as well as affordability. Some of these ideas are very basic, and there are others that are much more complex in color, design, or packaging. Use the list below to figure out the type of candle wedding favors that would be the best fit for you.

1. Soy Candles

Soy candle wedding favor ideas
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Soy candles have a unique scent regardless of the flavor, and they burn a little bit differently than a wax candle. You get this nice pool of wax that might mix colors from the candle. The candle could sit in a jar where it will collect all that has melted, allowing your guests the opportunity to remake the candle in a new image.

2. Personalized Tins

Candle wedding favor ideas
Source: Wedding Favors Unlimited

Personalized tins for candles are useful because they offer a nice vessel for the candle that could be repurposed in the future. The tin could be made of a soft metal that is engraved, leaving each guest with a special touch that they are sure to cherish. You could even purchase a tin that allows for multiple candle colors. The tin might even have a little handle that makes the candle seem like a tiny lantern.

3. Votive Candles

Wedding favors candle votives
Source: Wedding Favors Unlimited

Votive candles are small candles that have a low melting point, affording them a longer burning time. and the votive will offer a small amount of light to set the mood anywhere. Votive candles might be used on the tables at the reception, which you will then encourage your guests to take them home.

Votive candles make everything feel a bit more romantic without burning too bright. These candles are fun to use in the house because they are usually very soft in color, and you could use little vessels that are personalized.

4. Beeswax Candles

Bees wax candle wedding favors
Source: The Prairie Homestead

Beeswax candles might be the simplest that you use, but they have a lovely natural odor. The beeswax itself does not smell like honey, but it has this almost rustic odor that will make you think of living in a cabin in the woods.

The candles will set the scene for your wedding or reception, and they will be fun for your guests to burn at home. You could purchase the candles with the honeycomb inside, and that will give you an even more interesting aroma.

5. Scented Candles

Wedding favor scented candles
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Scented candles are a great idea in theory, but are not always the best idea for wedding favors. You cannot be sure that people will like the aroma that they receive, especially if it has an overpowering scent. Some guests may also have sensitivities and allergies that could negatively impact their experience with these candle wedding favors.

You should use candles that have soft odors or natural aromas as opposed to scented candles that have strong odors. You could match scented candles to each guest, but that is too hard to do in most cases.

6. Decorative Candles

Wedding favor decorative candles
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Decorative candles have bright colors, fun designs, and, typically, nice glass jars. You might choose a decorative candle that was intended to be used in a modern home, or you might find something with a box or jar that makes the candle look rustic.

Ensure that you have chosen decorative candles that match your theme, allow people at the wedding to take home the candles they like the most, and use a variety of candles so that your guests have some options as they leave the reception.

7. Themed Candles

Unique Wedding favor candles
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Beach-themed or fairytale-themed candles are very common because these wedding themes are great fits for any time of the year. You can choose tea lights that will match your winter wonderland theme, or you could purchase henna-inspired candles to fit your Indian theme.

You could purchase candles that look like planets, or you might choose candles that specifically match the colors of your wedding. Color matching is fun, especially if all guests were instructed to wear a particular color for the festivities.

8. Modern Candle Favors

Modern candle wedding favors
Source: Wedding Favors Unlimited

Modern candle favors give you the freedom to follow your favorite current trends without compromising your theme. From geometric candle holders to mason jar candles with a sleek design, your guests will enjoy taking home these candle wedding favors to use in their modern home decor.

9. Boxed Candle Favors

Wedding favors of boxed candles
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Boxed candles might have your initial on the inside of the lid of the box, a color-coordinated bow on top, or your unique wedding design on the outside of the box. You could use a larger box that will hold other wedding favors that sit with the candle, or you could purchase a box that is meant to hold the candle while it burns. The box becomes a design element in someone's home.

10. Generic Candle Favors

Wedding lantern favors
Source: Wedding Favors Unlimited

Generic candle favors offer you a chance to give people something interesting to take home. You could buy lanterns to give to your guests, or you might DIY in your wedding's color scheme. You might buy a variety of flavors to give away, and your guests might have fun picking out their favorites as the reception ends.


Candle wedding favors are fun items for your guests to have as a keepsake from your wedding day. Do you have any questions about the many other options available to you to give your guests the best wedding favors? Leave your question in the comments below and our wedding experts will share their helpful responses as soon as possible!

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I love all these different suggestions and specific types of candles so I don't end up giving a favor that is exactly the same as my guests have been given before and I have the option to make them more personalized with scent, look, and other elements


Exactly, you can really get creative with them!


Is it customary to also give matches with a candle or is it fine if instead I just do a more expensive candle favor expecting that most people have some type of matches or lighter at home?


Either would work!


Candles are such a great favor because they've been so trendy recently and could honestly go with any theme from travel, to garden, to matching a color scheme the options are really endless


Exactly! Everyone loves candles 🙂