Details Matter: The Ultimate Guide to Indian Wedding Favors

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Wedding favors can be an important addition to your wedding. Whether you are having a traditional Indian wedding, a Diwali celebration, or are simply inspired by Indian style and colors, you will want to choose the best Indian wedding favors for your special day. No matter your preference, you can find wedding party favors that will match your style perfectly.

Use this guide to learn everything you need to know about Indian wedding favors. Hopefully, this will help you make your decision and vanquish unwanted stress.

Should I Get Wedding Favors for My Indian Wedding?

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Some weddings don't have party favors at all. Consider which you would prefer for your own event.


- They provide your guests with a warm "thank you".
- Wedding favors provide a special touch to any wedding.
- These items are a fun aspect to plan.


- Party favors can be another item to stress over.
- Depending on who you get your wedding favors from, they can also be quite expensive to buy in bulk.

Our Conclusion: We know that you might have a tight budget or have too many things to stress over, but we believe that wedding favors are a must. If you're worried about time or money, there are ways around it.

When Should I Give Out Indian Wedding Favors?

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This is another component that is completely up to you. Indian weddings have different parts, so you can decide when to hand out these favors based on your schedule.

Welcome Favors

Handing out wedding favors at the beginning of the event can be beneficial as it gets it out of the way so that you can focus on other parts of the day.

Ceremony (Puja) Favors

Though not the most common time to hand out wedding favors, right after the puja might be the best time for your wedding. If you're giving out hand fans, now is a good time.  If you're giving out a momento after the puja, put a table outside the ceremony area and have everyone pick one up on the way out

Reception Favors

Most brides choose to pass our their party favors at the end, as a "thank you" for everything. You might choose to give reception favors to round up the evening with your appreciation to family and friends.

What Kind of Indian Favors Should I Get?

Traditional Indian Favors

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- Ganesh Candles: These are what most people expect at an Indian wedding for their beauty and purity. They also allow your guests to take back something of use to their home.
- Indian Candles: This is a great traditional gift for an Indian wedding. They are vibrant and give you the option to make your own one-of-a-kind present for your guests.
- Elephant themed gift: An Indian Elephant resembles wisdom in India, giving your family and friends a worthy gift for their travels home. They can bring your family and friends good luck, prosperity, wealth, and happiness.
- Peacock themed gift: Unknown to most, the peacock is the national bird of India, symbolizing grace, pride, and beauty. Why not give your guests such a joyous gift?

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Modern Indian Favors

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- Favor Boxes for Sweets: As with most weddings, guests prefer something that they either use or eat. Favor boxes where friends and family can take home sweets is a popular idea. Use favor boxes in vibrant colors or add a custom tag!

- Glass Coasters: Add an elegant touch to your wedding by sending each guest home with a glass coaster for their home. This is a practical and lovely gift.

- Edible Favors: We touched on this before, but who doesn't love a favor that they can eat? You don't have to do this by letting them take home sweets. Make some of your favorite Indian edibles for your guests to enjoy.

- Henna: This is a great idea to add fun energy to your Indian wedding. Kids will love being able to be a part of the festivities with this gift. It's a great interactive favor that will include your guests and incorporate an Indian theme.

-Compact Mirror: Compact mirrors are a great and useful gift to surprise guests with. It allows the bride and groom to say thank you, while gifting something that will come in handy later on.

Indian Themed Picture Frames & Other Ideas

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Other Ideas

  • Chutney-  This is a great DIY gift if you are looking to keep costs low. Have your friends or family spend a day making chutney and putting in mini bottles together. You can incorporate custom labels in vibrant colors to keep the gift personalized!
  • Indian Snacks- Snacks are one of the best favor ideas! Guests can choose to eat at the wedding if they are feeling peckish, or choose to take home later. Regardless, you're sure to not to have leftovers of this wedding favor!
  • Placeholders- This is a great idea as it allows you to use their party favor as a seating display. Simply let them take it home for a fun touch.
  • Ice cream scoop- Personalize an ice cream scoop to each favor to make it really special for the guest. You can choose to engrave with your wedding details or keep plain. If you attach a tag, you can keep the scoop neutral and they will be able to use for years to come!

Should I Personalize My Indian Wedding Favors?

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There are plenty of people who are both for and opposed to personalizing your own wedding favors. Find out which decision is best for you.


- This allows your guests to go home with a favor that is unique.
- It gives your wedding an added personal touch.
- They will look the way that you imagine them to be.


- Personalizing your wedding favors may take a long time.
- It might add another item to your plate of wedding worries.

Our Conclusion: Personalization is a great way to give your friends and family the ultimate "thank you", but only choose to do it if you have the help or truly want to. It is not worth the added stress if you are not fully committed.

What Favors Receive the Worst Reviews at Indian Weddings?

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Don't waste your time and money on a wedding favor that will get tossed away. Learn from our top worst reviews.

- Wine Bottle Stoppers: These aren't the best gift for any wedding for a number of reasons. The first that comes to mind however is that not everyone drinks, nor does everyone like wine. Settle for something that all your guests might enjoy, or actually use.

- Bottle Openers: Just as with the wine bottle stoppers, not every guest has a use for a bottle opener. Besides, perhaps you can find a favor that fits you and the groom a little better.

- Matches: Matches are not a great hit with the parents. It is also never a good idea to mix weddings and uncontrolled fire. Keep the hazards away and choose a more sensible favor.

- Hot Sauce: Don't risk burning the tongues of your guests when you can find them something a little more stomach-friendly.

- Custom Marshmallows/S'mores: These are great favors for rustic weddings but don't seem to fit in all that well at Indian weddings. Opt for Indian-themed sweets instead of marshmallows.

How Much Should I Expect to Spend on Indian Wedding Favors?

how much should I expect to spend on wedding favors

The cost of buying wedding favors depends mostly on how many guests you will be having on your special day. We chose to break it up into the most common group sizes for weddings.

- 150 guests or less: To keep the cost down, we recommend buying personalized trinket dishes or glass coaster that have Indian designs on them. Expect to spend about $200 or less for a wedding of this size.

- 150-350 guests: With a bigger group of individuals, it might be a better idea to buy something that can arrive in bulk such as candles. You will most likely be paying about $300.

- 350 guests or more: For a larger wedding, we highly recommend doing something on a smaller scale such as edibles. This will reduce your costs as you can find good deals. Expect to pay around a total of $400 for a wedding of this caliber.


We hope that this guide gave you a better idea of you want for your Indian wedding. Party favors can be a way to personalize your "thank you" to close friends and family. Did you do something else at your own wedding that wasn't mentioned above? Did you have a favorite that perhaps you are now considering? Leave a comment or even a picture of your Indian wedding so that we can all learn what to do and what to avoid.

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Man, I have been so torn between if I should get favors for my wedding or not. Ultimately, it comes down to the budget, but I honestly would really like to have even a little one if possible. But I also don't want people to feel like we were being cheap.


A very common dilemma for weddings on a budget!


We were able to swing for favor for our wedding but we weren't able to get them personalized to each person. My family is very picky and I'm afraid they'll think less of me because of this. Should I just get them personalized ones?


You could try personalizing a note to go with each gift instead.


Our wedding is about 260 people and I think getting them candles is such a great idea. They are relatively cheap and can be personalized to our wedding super easily.


Exactly! Candles are always appreciated.