Buying Bulk Wedding Favors: What You Need to Know

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Your wedding has been all planned out. You have the venue, the dress, the caterer, and the music. Everything is simple and ready to go. Now you can focus on wedding favors specifically buying bulk wedding favors. They can be just as much a tradition as the cake. If you have a lot of guests, this can seem overwhelming, though. Fear not. We have you covered.

Why Should You Use Wedding Favors?

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Favors can serve as a "thank you" to your guests. Your guests have taken time out of their busy schedules to come and celebrate this special day with you. You should thank them with little mementos of their time with you. They will remember you every time they light the candle or while they are at the opera with their tiny bottles of wine.

Cheap wedding favors can serve as little reminders of your wedding day fun. A couple of cheap wedding favors should be kept for you and your spouse. These little gifts to yourself can be stored alongside your wedding photo or next to your wedding album. The rice reminds you of being sprinkled with abundant bliss. The mini crackers remind you of how delicious that cake really was.

Years in the future, you can get out your wedding box and sift through your beloved treasures. Reconnect and bond with your spouse over these special moments and remember scary wedding day scenes together. This time, you can laugh about it.

Different Types of Favors

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A useful cheap wedding favor that can be used over and over again that wedding guests will always appreciate (like a bottle opener, cork stop, or candle). These little objects are not only fun to view in miniature form, but they can also be really useful! If you have a favorite candle company, consider asking about bulk pricing for your favorite candle scent. Now all of your family and friends can be inspired by them, too!

A great way to use candle favors is to match the color or flavor to your wedding theme. Not every wedding has a wedding theme outside of color, but it may still apply. For example, an orange-and-red wedding can have a Thanksgiving-scented candle.

Also think about incorporating a gift that the wedding guest can use over and over again. Bottle openers, cork stops, and shot glasses are things that can easily live in guests' homes for years to come- and are incredibly useful.

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Little crackers, cheeses, or mini bottles of champagne are also great favors. You can do a lot with a mini bag of tiny treats for your wedding guests. If nothing else, a small box of petit-fours is a favor all by itself. No one will want to leave treats behind!

You can also include a small block of aged cheese with a mini block and cheese knife. That is a great way to give "class" to your favor theme. If you like the aged cheese theme, you can also include a mini container of pesto spread. It adds a little kick to your cheese.

Secrets to Buying Bulk Wedding Favors 

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Shop around for good deals - wedding favors don't need to cost an arm and a leg! Yes it's a special occasion, but for your celebration, little prizes in a cheap format are perfect. Favors are not meant to be actual gifts. They are meant to be meaningful little reminders and nothing else. Don't go overboard. Don't push for $20 favors. Simply pick out something you like.

Don't be afraid to compare price! Comparing prices is easy. Get your favorite websites all lined up. Look at pictures of the favors. Look at the prices for the favors and packaging (little bags). Make sure the favors can fit inside the little bags. After you make your final decision, order samples of both favors and bags to make sure that you have the correct size of each. Make sure the samples are to your liking before you pull the trigger with the rest of the bulk order.

Watch out for those websites who will price gouge you after they send a sample order. If you receive a particularly good sample, you may be tempted to spend more than you planned. Don't let this happen. Get quotes upfront before you order samples and only order samples for favors you really enjoy. You want to make this process as efficient as possible.

You can always purchase supplies from bulk retailers like Costco or Sam's Club. Wedding favors can be deceptively simple. You don't have to get supplies for a "wedding supply store" or a specialty website. You can just go to Sam's Club or Costco and get the items you want. Pick out exactly what you like and order this in bulk. Both of these stores will be happy to accommodate you on bulk orders and even give you a discount on this.

Consider assembling the favors yourself. Handmade favors are great. These little gifts are especially meaningful to your guests. If you have craft supplies around the house, you can put in sweat equity rather than a financial investment. That will make your cost for favors little to nothing. You might only need to get favor boxes.  For example, favor boxes can be used with candies, sweet treats, or even fortune cookies (Yum!). Or instead, wedding favor bags can bee filled with even more treats or a Christmas ornament for Winter weddings.  Even filling it with candy/chips/water along with a personalized mint tin is an easy way to go.

Purchase from a Bulk Wedding Favor Provider 

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If you do buy in bulk, you can build up a box of favors including multiple types of items. Favor suppliers can help you save a lot of money. If you buy in bulk, you can get a large supply of favors for a party of 100 or more. This will ensure that you still get all of your favors out to your guests and can still have a lot of people at your wedding.

You can match up items that go together with your wedding decor, pair your candle with matchsticks, and your wine bottle with a corkstop. Bulk suppliers, like, can help you put items together. This way, you can put a complete mini set together. Your guests will love the interesting little combinations you make with their gift items.

Ideas for Displaying for Bulk Wedding Favors

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Incorporate your favor into an escort card display for double duty for your wedding decor. Your escort card display can help you incorporate favors and distribute them. This is a clean and efficient way to do it. You can display the favors paired with the guests name and table number.

This is a great way to organize your guests and give them their favors at the same time. This makes the whole process easy to set up for your guests. Have them pick up their name cards and favors on the way in. They organize themselves and you don't have to distribute them in person. This also makes sure that you know who doesn't have a wedding favor. Then you can give them their name card and wedding favor because they missed it.

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You can also have a favor that you experience. You could set out favors like shot glasses, fill the shot, and also have their table information. This incorporates game playing into your wedding. If you like interactive guests and being more active, you can set this up. Your guests can relax and feel more comfortable at your event. This is a great option for a crowd of people who don't like formal events. This loosens everyone up and puts them at their ease.

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You can simply display the wedding favors at a prominent table. People can come and get them as they like. Children can replace lost bags and adults can decline to take one if they choose. This is the most common method of distributing wedding favors. Make sure that everyone knows about the table if it is not clearly displayed in a prominent location. People tend to act more formal and be less exploratory at a formal event. Lean on great signage for guests to know to grab one!

You can have a member of your wedding party distribute favors to each guest as they enter the wedding hall. This way, everyone gets one, and no one is left out accidentally. Make sure that your helper asks everyone if they have a wedding favor yet. Some people may re-enter the room after leaving. This helps include a special family member or friend into the wedding process as well.

What are some of the most unique wedding favors you have seen? Do you have a preference for type and style for this type of special occasion? We would love to read your comments below and learn about your own experience.

Our readers would love to read your comments, as well. Be sure to come back and tell us if you try one of these suggestions and have a revision or suggestion to make. Your opinion is important to everyone who has read this article. If you have pictures of creative or lovely favors during your special occasion, please post them in your comment, as well. Happy Planning!

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Bulk wedding favors seem to be the way to go. They're just one of the many ways to save money at a wedding which can already be so expensive. Do you have any more suggestions of what I can do to save money?


Saving money specifically on the favors, or saving on the wedding in general?


I'm worried that when I buy wedding favors in bulk, I will be sacrificing the quality. What can I do to ensure that the quality of the favors is as good as I expect it to be when buying in bulk?


If you buy from places like Costco and Sam's Club you can check for quality in person. If you want to order online try buying just one first or perhaps the supplier can offer samples. And ask married friends or your wedding planner for recommendations!


Should I always get the exact amount of gifts/favors as I have guests? I'm not sure if everyone will take one or if I should plan extras in case some people take two??


At least get enough for each guest - you can place them at their table setting or add a cute name tag to make it clear that each person should only take one 🙂