5 Top Superhero Wedding Favors

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Batman, Ironman, Superman, Wolverine, or Spiderman whichever is your favorite, a superhero wedding is exciting. What is more superhero-like than finding the one you love?

Dazzling your guests with a superhero wedding will not only delight them but also make your wedding their favorite. What better way to say thank you to your wedding guest than with the best superhero wedding favors you can find. There are so many great ways to create the superhero wedding of your dreams.

Ways To Include Superheros Into Wedding Day

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Ideas are endless as to how you can include your favorite superheroes into your wedding. It is good to note that picking one to three superheroes is a better idea than having too many. You can choose more superheroes, but it can get really expensive. It will all be up to your budget.

If you choose Batman, then you can use the Batman theme but also focus a lot on the colors of black, yellow, and white along with the signature Batman logo. Everything does not have to have the logo, but the colors along with the logo will make it seem like it does. An idea for pre-wedding pictures could be fun with something like the big green Hulk hands. The groom could give superhero socks to all his groomsmen as a gift.

There could be a picture with all the guys lifting their pant leg to reveal their fun socks. The guys could also get matching superhero cuff links. Another idea for a fun photo opportunity is having the groomsmen wear a superhero t-shirt under their tux and dress shirt. Less is always more so you want to tastefully drop the superheroes throughout the wedding and wedding reception.

Superhero Wedding Favors

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Another great way to incorporate the superhero is to get the wedding guests amazing wedding favors. There are so many great ideas for favors like candies, picture frames, bottle stoppers, and more. You can even put little superhero figurines holding your guest's escort cards.

This way the superhero will help get your guests to their seats. The guest will also be able to take the figurine home with them. Pez dispensers are fun wedding gifts that you can put in your wedding guest take home bag. Pez makes dispensers of all the loved superheroes. Candy is always a great gift for wedding guests, and treats are more likely to be taken to snack on.

Superhero Candy and Cookies

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Everyone loves cookies and candy. What better favor to give your wedding guest than candies and cookies with a superhero on them. Cookies frosted with logos are cost-effective. Cookies with superhero logos can be made in all different sizes to fill up the wedding favor bag.

You can throw in superhero suckers with either the wrapper having a superhero logo or the sucker itself can be a superhero theme. Chocolate and candy with superhero logos can go in the wedding guest bags. You can also use bowls of superhero candy as displays around the wedding reception. They can be part of the centerpieces, the escort card table, the cake table, and more.

Superhero Anything With Wine

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Although superheroes don't necessarily drink wine, many of your wedding guests probably do. Giving small bottles of wine with a special printed superhero label is a trend. Big bottles of wine as well can have a pre-printed superhero wine label. In fact, if you are trying to save money, giving a bottle of wine to each of your guest with a superhero wine label could be in place of a wedding guest bag. Any wine accessory can be an opportunity for a great wedding guest favor.

Bottle stoppers with a superhero on it are fun and useful. Although wine goes fast, there is always that time when a person has wine left and wants to save it for another day. Superhero bottle stoppers are fun modern wedding favors to put in a wedding guest bag.

Wineglasses with a superhero logo and corkscrews with superhero logos are also possibilities. The corkscrew would certainly help when people travel and need to open that much-needed glass of wine.

Wedding Guest Bags

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When wedding guests leave your reception party, giving them a gift of a wedding guest bag is a great way to say "thank you for coming". The wedding guest bag is the perfect opportunity to really drive the superhero theme home.

You can also give a box. Both the boxes or the bags can have a superhero logo. You can make custom tags or stickers with the catchphrases "Bam" and "Pow" for example.

The bags are a great place for you to put the superhero-themed candy, wine stoppers, cookies, corkscrew, and wine. The choice is yours. There are so many possibilities to choose from. Some of the greatest treats in life are sweets and alcohol, your wedding guests will love you.

Don't Forget The Wedding Cake

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One of the biggest reveals of a wedding is the wedding cake. With a superhero-themed wedding, don't forget to incorporate your favorite superhero on your cake. Whichever superhero you choose, it will help inspire color and form for the wedding cake maker. Superman would make a great superhero to theme your wedding. You could easily make a cake colorful with red, blue, black and white. These colors make up all the colors of Spiderman and his suit. These are four simple colors which also look fun and exciting as decorations on the tables and around the reception. The wedding guests bags could also look great utilizing the logo and colors. If you are looking for only a smaller superhero impact, try a superhero themed cake topper to incorporate into your big day.

Be Creative

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A wedding is so important. There is a lot of money spent on both sides of the wedding party and the wedding guests. If you plan wisely, you can have an outstanding superhero themed wedding without breaking the bank. You can be creative and have as many friends help you plan and accomplish everything for the wedding. Finding excellent prices on what you need and want for the wedding is important. You do not always have to use wedding places to purchase what you need. It is useful to utilize the internet to find the best prices for the items that you need. It is always nice to give out a wedding favor as a way to thank your guests for spending your big day with you!

Getting married is exciting. You want a wedding to remember. Having a superhero wedding will add an extra element to remember for your wedding, making it a fun occasion for all that attend. The guest will especially love the idea of a superhero wedding because it is different. If you give a special wedding guest bag with superhero-themed gifts and all of the reception areas is all about your favorite superhero, your wedding will never be forgotten. Choose to make your wedding a fun one and pick your favorite superhero. The superhero you choose will be a secret blessing to carry you and your loved one through life and love.

Would you ever have a superhero themed wedding? Who is your favorite superhero? Tell us in the comments below!

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I love that these ideas range in how subtle or overt they are. I could see a guy trying to plan a wedding with the theme of superheroes and next thing you know the guests are showing up in costumes lol


Lol totally ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for reading!


The superhero shirts underneath the suits is such a cute touch and makes for a great photo but doesn't make the superhero thing such a big part of the wedding that it takes away from how classy and elegant it is supposed to be


Exactly! Subtle yet fun. Thank you for reading ๐Ÿ™‚


Great ideas! This would be the theme of my dreams. Now the only other thing I need to do is get some tips on how I can get my wife on board


Thank you for reading and good luck ๐Ÿ™‚ Just send her this post and see what she thinks!