Weed Wedding Decor- Keep it Classy

Weed Wedding Napkin
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If you and your partner share a love for cannabis then why wouldn’t you want a cannabis-themed wedding? ‘Weed weddings’ are getting a lot of attention and are quickly growing interest inside the marijuana community. They’re also surprisingly elegant and full of class.

These weddings are designed to be beautiful, even with the cannabis additions which end up accenting the already beautiful wedding decor. How exactly can you plan a weed weddings of your own though? It's so much easier than it sounds. Go call your wedding planners, because a weed wedding is just too stylish to pass up.

Cocktail Hour

Weed Wedding Napkin
Source: Pinterest

When cocktail hour hits you want to be sure you have all the right additions to stay on the theme while impressing your guests. The best way to do that is to stylize your napkins to fit. Using napkins that are made out of hemp, or that have a personalized message on them is perfect. You can put a picture of leaves, or buds on the napkins themselves individually or in a pattern with initials. Stemless wine glasses are wonderful as well and can double as a party favor by personalizing each one. Add a small bag of cannabis to each, or etch the outside with a cannabis-based design of your choosing and you’re on the right track for great weed wedding decor.

Floral Arrangements

Weed Flower Arrangment
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Adding different cannabis related items to your floral arrangements at first may seem a little off-putting. What will the in-laws think? They’ll think they’re gorgeous because regardless of the cannabis-related inclusions, your floral arrangements are the height of weed wedding decor. Just imagine, branches of luscious cannabis leaves bowing around your vibrant choice of flowers. Each bouquet could be wrapped with hemp rope and the boutineers accented with one or two leaves. That’s only one idea though, with weed weddings becoming more and more popular, you never know what combination of flowers and cannabis will pop up next.

The Ceremony

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Any and all consumption of cannabis, just like alcohol, should be kept until after the ceremony. This is a day you’ll remember forever, and everyone coming should experience it clearly. Keep to your theme by ensuring the programs are designed with both the day and your cannabis related theme in mind. You can even plan your ceremony and reception in a location that is open and friendly to cannabis consumption. There are even venues that can organize the event for you, making the wedding so much less stressful. A cannabis friendly venue is essential, even if you’re just adding bowing cannabis branches heavy with leaves to the isle. You could also place decorative holders on each pew, with flowers of your choice, and either buds or leaves, which would really tie the event to the theme.

The Reception

Weed Wedding Reception
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An entrance is incredibly important, especially when you’re going from an official ceremony to the reception. The doors themselves should be thoroughly decorated with your color of choice, I’d suggest something vibrant, and of course you should reference cannabis in some way, a simple sign, or leaves wrapped around the door handles are both great ideas. To door is the entrance to a grand celebration.

You want to be able to say, ‘this is it’ and have your guests delighted to be there. Regardless of if you want to have a simple wedding or a lavish one, you’ll want to ensure the entrance really introduces guests to the main focal point in weed wedding décor, the head table.

The head table is the focal point of any reception, and it needs to be beautiful and classy, with just a touch of your favorite flower. You don’t have to just use the leaves and buds throughout your event; you can use smoking devices too. Arrange for some on theme pieces to be set up at the table. For example, a water bong can be used as a vase, with some regular flowers accented with cannabis leaves and a cute message tied around its neck.

You can also use long draping cannabis branches with the leaves still attached at the front of the table to accent a while or light colored table cloth. Centerpieces, bar decor, and photo booths should have the same kind of theme you set up at your head table.

In this example, you could potentially use smaller smoking pieces as centerpieces and bar decor. You could also drape some of those boughs to the entrance to the photo booth and along the bar, which shouldn’t just serve alcohol, to really pull the theme together in a clean and subtle fashion.

Weed Oriented Wedding Favors

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Wedding favors are my favorite parts of weddings. They give you a chance to really personalize gifts and really thanks someone for being there. Please do remember that any cannabis related gifts should be given only to people who are of age and can legally partake.

Some wonderful wedding favors are edibles. People are going to be eating at your reception traditionally anyway. So why not let those who can have some fun have some cannabis infused edibles? Small baggies with a few brownies, cookies, or other baked goods are sure to impress.

Other options are personalized matches, the boxes they come in can all commemorate the occasion all while providing a source of fire for those that wish to smoke at your event. Another wedding favor you can pass along are joints wrapped in their own personalized baggies, or tucked into small personalized jars. Wedding favors really pack a punch, and as long as those who receive them can legally have them, you’ll be sure that these favors will impress.

Weed weddings are beautiful, elegant, and though cannabis doesn’t have to take the center stage, it’s quite elegant when it does. From beautiful bowing branches of leaves to a bar that serves both beer and bud your weed wedding will be talked about for years to come.

With quickly growing popularity, these weddings have captured interest across the country, with more and more people designing their weddings around their shared love of cannabis. Please do remember only to supply cannabis in a legal state, and to those of a legal age, no matter the occasion. Also be ready to help any loved ones get home, in case they drink or smoke in abundance.

A weed wedding can be a magical, and beautiful thing, when you pull your wedding planners together, have the right style and theme, and think outside the box to make the magic happen. Do you have any weed wedding ideas that are sure to stun? Let us know!

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This has to be one of the coolest blog posts I've come across in a while. I would have never thought that marijuana and weddings could go together in a way that wouldn't be totally taboo and gross but this post gets it just right.


Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it!


I love how tasteful this is, when I started reading, I was a skeptic that this could be even the slightest bit classy but you've convinced me!


Thank you for reading 🙂


This theme is so crazy it might actually work! With your tips I could see it being the theme and not even telling anyone and still making an awesome ceremony


Thank you!