Roundup of All the Best Ring Bearer Pillow Alternatives

olive branch hoop ring bearer
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The ring bearer pillow has been a tradition for decades in wedding ceremonies around the world, but people are now interested in ring bearer pillow alternatives. It is a primarily symbolic tradition as the rings carried by the ring bearers on the pillows are not the actual rings at all. It is a purely symbolic tradition, as someone else in the wedding party, an adult, is usually the one holding on to the real rings made of precious stones and metals.

In that sense, using a pillow has no real significance, and can often be seen as overdone, or a tired tradition that has been used time and time again. Instead of using the pillow, there are tons of fun, creative ring bearer pillow alternatives for brides and grooms that are less traditional!

Have Them Hold A Sign:

ring bearer sign
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One fun alternative to a ring bearer pillow would be to make or buy a ring bearer sign for them to carry down the aisle. The sign would say something like "Here comes the bride," "Your future wife is on the way," or something to that effect. If you make your own sign using paint, stencil, stamps, or whatever you choose to use it is a very inexpensive option. It also will not break the bank if you decide to order a cute sign to avoid the stress of having to make it yourself.

Utilize Your Pet:

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Pets are a part of the family, and when you get married you want to have your whole family be a part of your wedding day. A cute way to incorporate your beloved pets into your wedding is by attaching something to their collar. It can be a box that contains the rings, a cute sign that says here comes your bride, flowers decorated around the collar, etc. It is an adorable way to incorporate your pet and bring about a fresh option that not many people see in a wedding.

Use A Sentimental Box:

Box ring bearer alternative
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Family heirlooms are a precious commodity that is dear to families and their individuals. One way to incorporate a precious family heirloom such as a jewelry box or another small sentimental box of some sort would be to clean and polish it up and use that to carry the rings down the aisle in. It incorporates a part of your heritage and pays homage to your past while giving you a physical reminder of the love that has been passed down to you through your family.

For the Travel Inspired Wedding:

map ring bearer
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A favorite past time a lot of couples have is going on traveling around on adventurous vacations and seeing different parts of the world together. Experiencing different cultures, trying new foods, hearing new languages, and seeing together what the world has to offer. A big theme in weddings these days is incorporating the places you have traveled too. This theme allows the people at your wedding to get a little peek into your life and see the places you've loved.

In order to incorporate this travel theme down to the details of what the ring bearer carries, you can use something like a travel size globe, a rolled up map of the world with the rings slid onto it, or a souvenir from your favorite place you visited together holding your rings. It will remind you of a time and place that was special to the two of you, and give your wedding guests an experience to remember and a story to walk away with, feeling as though they know you as a couple just a little bit more in depth.

A Ring Bearer Dish:

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A ring bearer dish is made specifically for you and your soon to be spouse. A lot of couples enjoy making a bowl together at a ceramics class. When they make their own bowl it is a bonding experience for the couple in love, but it also means that they can make it specifically for their taste. It can have their initials on it, the colors that they are using for their wedding, or symbols that mean something special them. After the wedding, the couple can keep it and use it as a trinket dish to store their rings in every evening, or as a keepsake in a special place. It is a great alternative!

For the Literary Lovers:

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Couples who love literature want to find a way to incorporate that love into their wedding. One romantic idea for a ring bearer pillow alternatives is to get the couples favorite books and tie a string around them with the rings strung onto the string. You can also carve out the book to hold the rings! It is a simple, yet elegant and meaningful way to incorporate your love for books.

For the Nautical Wedding:

Source: Weddingomania

If you are having a beach wedding or a nautical themed wedding, you can find a cute box and decorate it with seashells, starfish, sand from the beach you are on, painted with sea colors, or a myriad of other great options. Or you can use a hinged seashell box (real or metal) to hold the rings. Bring the beach to every detail of your wedding by using a beach themed box to take the rings down the aisle.

Use Greenery TO Your Advantage:

olive branch hoop ring bearer
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You do not have to use greenery for just the bouquets of flowers that the bride and bridesmaids hold while they walk down the aisle, or the corsages that the groom and his men wear. You can use greenery like olive branches, babies breath, lambs ear, magnolia leaves, etc. as ring bearer pillow alternatives and string the rings onto the base of the greenery. Create a hoop using the greenery, and it is a easy way to incorporate an element of natural beauty that doesn't break the bank.

For Rustic Themed Weddings:

Source: Mountain Modern Life

If you are having a rustic themed wedding, ring bearer pillow alternatives could be a bundle of twine that has a vintage ribbon tied around it with the rings attached, Or a small delicate mason jar that has burlap wrapped around it with the rings placed inside of it. These options would give a delicate, soft touch to the rustic themed wedding or outdoor wedding you are having.

Seasonal Weddings:

Source: Mountain Modern Life

Different seasons bring about different options of decor including ring bearer pillow alternatives. For example: if you have a wedding during the Christmas seasons, you could use an ornament or a piece of Christmas tree branch to carry the rings on. If you are having a wedding in the fall, you could get a small pumpkin that is hallowed and cleaned out. Carve the couple's initials into the pumpkin and place the rings into it to carry down the aisle. Even using a fake pumpkin or a painted pumpkin could work!

moss box ring bearer
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For a spring wedding, you could utilize sunflowers or a clear, delicate rain catcher, moss box, or birds nest that ties into the season of spring. There are so many options you can use to keep with the season that your wedding is in.

Use An Old Wedding Dress:

ring bearer pillow ring pillow
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If you like the idea of the ring bearer of pillows, but want it to be a little less traditional and more unique to you, you can make use of an old wedding dress. For example, the bride could use a piece of fabric from her mother's wedding dress, or the fabric from the dress that belonged to the groom's mother. They could also use part of a dress from a grandmother or great grandmother: it would tie in some levels of family heritage giving your wedding a romantic touch.

There are so many ways you could use your creativity to make your wedding less traditional, and more geared to your specific likes and needs. Any of these ring bearer pillow alternatives would make the most minute detail geared to your personal taste, and not something that people have seen time and time again. It will give you something special to hold on too and remember for a long time to come, and look back on with fondness!

What's your favorite ring bearer alternative? Have one you love that we missed? Leave us a Comment Below!

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I've never seen the book idea before and as someone who loves books and reading and everything literary, I'm sold! Where can I get something like that?


The easiest way is to DIY with a copy of your favorite book 🙂


Another great article by Wedding Favors Unlimited! Aside from the pet idea (which in my opinion can never be overdone because it's just so cute) these are all such original ideas I would have never considered. Are most of these available on your site?


Yes, the ones that are available are all linked in the post. Thank you!


Using an old wedding dress, or just a piece of it, to make the ring bearer pillows would be so special, especially if it was from a family member and there was some emotional significance to it.


Yes it would be such a beautiful detail!