Wedding Favors in Los Angeles: Fun Favors for a Sunny LA Wedding

Trinket tray wedding favors
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Almost every person who goes to a wedding somehow does not leave empty-handed. This can be because those toasting glasses or that bottle opener just looked too cool not to have and use at home. The tradition of having wedding favors at weddings goes back to the early 16th century and has been bonded to us ever since. Where they used to give out love knots or ribbons back in those times, we now see a trend of favors that are useful for each of the guests that attend weddings. Therefore, to give you a little more insight on wedding favors, below is a short brief that discusses a few facts and ideas that you can use to incorporate into your wedding for you Los Angeles brides.

Why LA Weddings Tend To Have Wedding Favors

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Los Angeles is renown for an abundant amount of weddings each year. However, there are some families that do not think wedding favors are a good idea. This idea needs to be changed on many levels. For one, having wedding favors at a wedding in LA can make or break the wedding. For example, if you have your wedding out in the heat of the day, having some sunglasses would present useful, right? If you are having a wedding in LA, most likely you will be outdoors. Therefore, consider the alternative options of sunglasses, or even fans as a wedding favor.

In addition, the people in LA love to grab gifts or even snacks as a keepsake of a good time and memory. Add that creative style to your wedding and make the favors fun and creative way to introduce your own style with wedding favors. There are many different ideas that you can come across in regards to wedding favors, so if you are looking to get more information on the wedding favors, send us a message, we would love to hear from you.

Popular Edible Los Angeles Wedding Favors

cake pop wedding favors
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Many years ago a few innovative ideas for wedding favors were to give guests a box made with stones or precious metals in order to receive good luck and fortune. And inside the box would be things made with something sweet. It is because of this tradition, that edible wedding favors have become the latest trend.

lemonade wedding favors
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For example, by giving your guests the ability to take home edibles such as cake pops as wedding favors in Los Angeles, or favor boxes with tasty cake would bring this tradition alive and bring on good luck to the bride and groom. Another fantastic idea would be to have packets of lemonade and sangria as a wedding favor, to give your guests something different and something useful they would love to take home with them!

Favors for Sunny Beach Weddings

sunglass wedding favors
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LA can be filled with different weather conditions, however, most of the time it will be hot and sunny. Therefore, there are going to be a lot of weddings that are done on the beach. This gives a stunning look to each of the wedding, as well as some beautiful photos to remember the occasion. Therefore, consider giving out the sunglasses, fans, or even bottle openers as a wedding favor. Personalize these favors by adding custom tags, wraps, or stickers to them.

It's usually a good idea to give out these gifts at the reception dinner, because it will allow them to make use of the favors for the actual wedding, and give your wedding more memory and appreciation. However, if you are incorporating sunglasses, fans, or waters, these might be useful to hand out during the wedding ceremony so they can utilize them to combat the LA heat.

Glassware Favors

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There is nothing more personal at a wedding than giving out glassware as a wedding favor. If you want to give glassware out, not only will you give each guest a useful object to use at the wedding, but also one to use at home and in the future. A creative idea that falls in the same line as glassware would be personalized coasters or even ice cream scoops.

Cork Coaster favors
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With the favors that are useful for different occasions, each time they are used, the memory of your wedding will be in the back of their mind, allowing fruition of your wedding to be a success. Plus, it is fun to give out something random such as an ice cream scoop, it makes people smile. Moreover, in Los Angeles, it is hot, and everyone loves ice cream.

Having favors that are easy to grab and wrapped beautifully with custom tags are the best to incorporate into your wedding. Ice cream scoops can can be engraved, coasted can have your names or wedding dates emblazoned on them, or consider engraving glasses to use/take home from the reception.

Trinket Dishes for Wedding Favors

Trinket tray wedding favors
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Most weddings are all about the bride and groom, however, when considering the wedding as a whole, it would be nothing without the guest's attendance. Some people want to make memories last a lifetime, while others want simplicity. For those that are looking to keep their memory alive, considering adding trinket dishes as a wedding favor. Trinket dishes work as great cute catch alls to place knick knacks, change, keys, or jewelry.

trinket tray
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Recently they have become a favorite in today’s society, and they are a great gift for girls, who love to hold onto the gifts. Trinket dishes give girls the ability to put their jewelry into and they make a great gift for guys to use for wedding rings or spare change. Trinket dishes can also be used for gifts in the future to give to friends and family. Therefore, if there are leftover dishes, and a friend could not make it to your wedding, it would be easy to mail and give them a piece of you that they will cherish.

Wedding Favors to Avoid in Los Angeles

Wedding Favors Los Angeles

Since wedding favors are one of the most honored traditions in Los Angeles, making the decision to choose the right gifts is important. For example, if you choose candle wedding favors, it might not be as recognized and remembered, because it already is in the sunny areas, and people may not use it in the future.

Another wedding favor that would be good to avoid would be key-chains. No matter if everyone drives, they most likely already have a key-chain set, and getting yet another one may be too much. Therefore, avoid key-chains mostly because everyone already has one. Give them something that they can use in the current times, like sunglasses, or trinket dishes. It will prove more effective for them and the memory of your wedding in the future.

Final Thoughts

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In conclusion, wedding favors are a great tradition to keep alive. Giving your guests the ability to have a bottle opener, or sunglasses to use at the wedding would be a great way to gather attention. Giving out favors they can eat is also a great favor that will bring you and yours good luck in the future, according to tradition history. No matter what you decide to give as wedding favors, ensure that it falls in line with your location, as well as the thoughts of the guest's attendance. This can be a huge factor and success of your wedding, as well as memories of the event for years to come.

When you consider how you would feel if you attended your own wedding, what would you think would be the perfect gift to take home, would you use it in the future, and would you be happy to have as a wedding souvenir? Once you answer yes to all of these questions, then that may be the perfect gift to give as a wedding favor at your wedding.

Let us know which is your favorite from this list! Do you have any favors we should add to this list?We love to see the results of our ideas, so send us a picture of your result with your wedding favors in
Los Angeles.

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Thanks for including some wedding favors that you think are too overdone. It would be nice to see a whole article on this because although I've been to a few weddings, I want to make sure I'm not giving something my guests have already been given multiple times.


That's a great idea for an article, thank you for the suggestion!


the personalized sunglasses are absolutely adorable and I know I would love to get them at a wedding, especially one that was outside. The only thing is, what about people who are already wearing glasses? Should I provide an alternative favor?


They would probably appreciate a backup pair, plus if everyone has a matching pair that would make a great wedding photo opportunity!


Everything is bigger and better and more grand in LA and especially if your guests are visiting for the first time, they are going to have high expectations and that means with the favors too!


Exactly! Gotta love a little LA glam.