The Right Beach Wedding Groom Attire

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As your wedding is getting closer, it is time to consider what your beach wedding groom attire. You will notice that the bride will have a lot of the limelight, however, the wedding wouldn’t be amazing if you, the groom, were not properly dressed. Finding the right attire may seem like it will be a fast task to accomplish, but in reality, it may not be as easy as it looks.
There are many features and benefits to consider when choosing beach wedding groom attire, such as the pros and cons of each outfit, will it work with the overall look of the wedding, are you going to be too hot, among other considerations. Therefore, if you are planning on a beach wedding, below are a few inspiring tips to help you with your options for your  attire so you can feel and look just as amazing as your partner.

The Layout of Your Beach Wedding

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Your bride and you have decided to pick the beach for your ceremony. Therefore, when you are first deciding on your beach wedding groom attire, you need to be aware of a few key factors that could make or break your outfit. For example, is the wedding going to be on the sand or will you have an aisle runner? Are you going to have shade, or be in the bright sunlight? What time are you going to be standing at the altar? Will there be options to get to a bathroom or a hotel? All of these questions could play into your outfit decisions. The layout of your wedding is highly important to acknowledge because you do not want to be too hot in whatever you choose or be uncomfortable walking in the sand.

A Suit, Tux, Or Neither?

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There are many ways to stand out as the groom at your wedding. However, if you are having a beach wedding, then considering why a formal tux or suit may or may not work for you. For example, almost all beach weddings are more relaxed and not formal, therefore, your attire should match. If you find a suit that is comfortable and breathable, then you will not have to stress about the sweat that comes with it. On another note, you may want to consider other options such as shorts and a white shirt. Beach weddings can bring out a chilled out environment, and not everyone that comes to the wedding will be concerned if you are wearing a tux. Some grooms opt for just dress pants and a white shirt. For an even more relaxed vibe, all of the sleeves can be rolled up. You can still pair accessories like belts or suspenders to your party.

Tie or Bow Tie?

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As a groom, choosing a tie or a bow tie to help bring your outfit together is optional for a beach wedding. Yes, you will want to accessorize to match your brides dress, however, some grooms choose not to wear a tie at all and use other options such as cuffs, vests, suspenders, or belts. It truly matters on the format of your wedding. If you are planning on having a laid back wedding with shorts and a nice shirt, then wearing a bow would feel out of place.

However, if you have a suit or tux that is comfortable, then consider the place and environment of the wedding to make your final decision. Just remember, ties are nice and long, bow ties are short and simple, but which one would you be more comfortable in, and what one would heighten your individual look next to your bride? Some opt for neither and an unbuttoned shirt which always feels right at home for a beach wedding.

Linen Suits 

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You can actually still stand out with accessories and fabric types if you want to still get a suit, however, you can consider a breathable material and go with a linen suit. Base your decision off the time of day your wedding will take place and consider if there will be any shade. If you are planning on an evening wedding, then you will not have to worry too much about the sweat for too long, but if you are in the heat of the day, sweating profusely is a concern for most grooms.

Talking to your partner about some options would be a good recommendation, as you both want to look balanced for maximum results and of course for the photos. In all considerations, choosing a suit, tux, or not at all depends on many variables. Choose the lighter fabrics and color correspondence to your bride's wedding dress according to the place, time, location, and comfortability, then you will be on the right path to start.

Shoe Styles

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Beach weddings are known for the sand between your feet, being bare and close to your partner. Therefore, some grooms get discouraged about shoe decisions. Some men are funny about not wearing shoes, while there are others who do not mind the grits of the sand in between their toes. What one are you? If you know that your outfit is going to be laid back to match your bride with a nice set of shorts and shirt, then wearing flip flops also works.

However, if you do not mind the sand, then going barefooted with this outfit, then go barefoot! Consider what your bride's shoes are and you should match that. If you decided to go more dressed up than shorts, then your shoe options should reflect that. Do not pair bare feet or flip flops with anything but shorts for a casual environment. If you're wearing dress pants, a suit, or any combination of the two you should have real shoes on. The level of dressiness is up to you though! For a more formal wedding, some couples still opt for dress shoes on their groomsmen, whereas boater shoes or loafers also work for a more dressed up look. Matching vans or converse also work great for a casual look that is not flip flops!

No matter what your decision ends up, talk to your partner about her opinions, to get a clearer picture on what to expect, then you will be already heading in the right direction of your attire.

Groomsmen Attire

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The groomsmen attire is also essential for a memorable wedding. You need to remember they will be in the photos as well as by your side, there for the way they are dress is to compliment you, and you to your bride. Therefore, if you are going to consider breathable attire, then allow the same for them, and along the same colors to complement your style. If you are wearing a white shirt and tan shorts, then possibly consider allowing them to wear the same, only you will stand out because of your accessories like the boutonniere.

Have a way to distinguish the groomsmen for the groom, usually the groom has another layer of formalness to them. If all the groomsmen are wearing pants and an unbuttoned shirt consider having the groom in the same plus a jacket or vest. They should complement you while still allowing you to stand out! They will be proud to stand by your side looking like you, and simultaneously you will be in the limelight standing next to them with something additional to your outfit.

A good tip to encourage your groomsmen would be the shoes. You will want to make sure they all match, if you have no shoes, then their shoes should be thrown too, however, if you wear flip flops, consider getting them all the same ones to help enhance your look as a groom.

Final Thoughts

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In conclusion, when considering your attire as a groom, first assess some key details about your wedding. Consider location, time of the wedding, shade, dress code for guests,  fast access to hotel or bathroom to change, and how your groomsmen will be dressed. All of these tips put into place and you feel comfortable in your outfit, your wedding will go without a hiccup with everyone looking amazing.

What did you wear for your beach wedding groom attire? Do you have any tips that we missed? Leave a comment below!

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Beach weddings have such a different vibe from other weddings and a totally different expectation for outfits. This makes everything so much clearer so thank you!


Thanks Wedding Favors Unlimited what an informative post! I have been at such a loss at what all the traditions are for wedding groom attire for a beach wedding and now I feel like I have such a better understanding


Forwarding this to my fiance ASAP to drop some tips on how to dress for our wedding day without directly telling him what to do lol I hope he gets the hint!