10 Budget Indian Wedding Decorations

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Indian weddings are a galore of rich celebration that includes a lot of decoration, a king-sized dinner menu and a show-time entertainment drama. When you are a part of the Indian wedding, you have to take a week off from your routine to make sure your presence is not missed.

But you don't have to spend a fortune to throw a traditionally rich heritage Indian wedding. You can plan your big day with all the fancy things on the table without missing the fun and or spending a ton.

1. Decorate Your Backyard for Pre-Wedding Functions

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Indian marriages have many pre-wedding functions like Haldi, Mehndi, Sangeet, Grah Shanti and Garba night. If we consider the budget of each function including the decoration, food and musicians; it could cost you your annual salary or even more for all of them.

To plan these functions with a fixed budget, try to utilize your home for some celebrations instead of a grand hotel banquet or other venues By arranging a function at home, you will save a lot of pennies over renting a space. 

2. Plan for a Couple Swing or Gazebo Instead of a Reception Stage

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A reception stage can prove quite expensive in comparison to a couple swing or a decorative gazebo. Agreed, reception stage is never out of fashion but to organize a unique wedding theme; you can hire a bride & groom swing for a day; that can be placed in the middle of the venue replacing the stage theme. Some people also prefer to have a gazebo decoration for avoiding the additional stage decoration costs. 

3. Skip the Welcome Decoration with a Chalkboard Signage

chalkboard sign
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People spend a lot of money at the welcome gate decoration during the American Indian weddings. We suggest it to replace with a chalkboard signage that can be easily customized as per the choice of the bride and groom. These signboards are easy to decorate using artificial flowers and can be made wonderful by writing a romantic quote or just the name of the couple. 

4. Use Artificial Flowers instead of Real Flowers

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The cost of original flowers is quite higher in comparison to the artificial flowers. Also, artificial flowers can be reused in any other wedding functions and are quite easy to store. Real flowers definitely add beauty to the decoration, but you can always choose a few red roses and tulips in a combination of the artificial flower stems.

This saves a lot of money that is generally spent on venue decoration. Nevertheless, these flowers never lose its charm even at the end of the ceremony. If you do choose to use real flowers, try preserving your wedding flowers to save more money and enjoy for longer!

5. Decorate Chairs with Ribbons Made up of Spare Fabric

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Weddings can be made wonderful by doing something new and unique. We always look forward to creative decoration ideas that are both budget-friendly and elegant. Instead of asking he decorator for the chair covers and ribbons; we can always use the spare clothes or buy some fabric for making a ribbon over the chairs. This looks royal as well as unique, and is often appreciated at weddings at home or nearby venues. 

6. Choose Wedding Favors from a Wholesaler/Manufacturer

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Wedding Favors will never be out of fashion. Indian weddings are always incomplete without return gifts or return sweet boxes. For making your wedding look royal and in taste, you can always select return gifts from the wholesaler or the manufacturer. By doing so, you can save a lot of additional budget that is spent on the retail stores as a commission. Also, you can plan to wrap these gifts with DIY decoration ideas. 

7. Decorate the Photo-Booth with Minimum Props

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Utilize flowers, greenery, and fancy props to create a photo booth on your wedding day without having to break the bank. Also, you can use a corner of the venue with a flashlight and a drape for helping your guests to click awesome pictures. If you know a local photographer of your town, you can even ask him to give you the props for use on discount or as a wedding favour. 

8. Do not Buy Expensive Centerpieces

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Keep your collection creative! You can always save money on expensive centrepieces by keeping the idea creative and unique. You can choose glass candles, decorative books, artificial flowers, ribbons, photo frames and souvenirs (your personal collection) as the centrepiece decoration. This helps in making people know about your choices, and it looks quite different and unusual than regular decoration ideas. 

9. Use your Household Stuff for Welcome Decorations

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Creative people always think off the topic! You can never think of these ideas but if you imagine using the regular household stuff with creative decoration (DIY), i.e., using some additional lights and candles; it can warm up the welcome place and make the guests feel wow! You can use photo frames, ladder, bird cages, plants, etc. in a romantic way to enlighten the welcome way. 

10. Decorate the Wedding Stage Using Drapery 

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The use of original flowers, LED lights and music on the wedding stage can cost you a lot of bucks. Instead, you can decide on a drapery wedding stage idea for saving both money and time on decoration. These stages use artificial flower, chairs or sofa and drapery for enhancing the appearance. Also, they are quite reasonable to afford. 

A Wedding is one of the most beautiful days of your life but it doesn’t mean that you have to spend lavishly over the decoration or entertainment. You can always choose for the simple, elegant and beautiful options that saves both time and money. All a wedding day needs is the promise of two pure hearts for the lifetime!

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The minimalistic photo booth is so great. I feel like weddings always try to overdo it with an excessive amount of props that no one will ever use again. This way your guests can get photos that they actually will look nice in and want to share


Yes, it's simple and versatile!


I love all the drapery in these photos. It gave me some good ideas about what I might want to do for my wedding!


The tip about ordering from a wholesale site is a great one--I feel like brides get too caught up in the idea that something has to be expensive to look nice and I just don't think that's the truth.


Thank you for reading!


Wow! such a beautiful wedding blog.The wedding is one of the best things that happened to everyone once in life.


Thank you! We agree 🙂