How to Create a Wedding Cupcake Tower

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When the time comes to get married so many people get wrapped up in the little details. Should I have a long or a short dress? Do I want to get married in a church or the beach or an event space?

Maybe take a moment to stop thinking about all those other things and wonder, cake or cupcake? If you're looking for less conventional way to do dessert, consider doing a wedding cupcake tower instead of a cake. This is a great pre-portioned idea that is a little more fun than traditional cake. You can have multiple flavors available it you choose cupcakes, rather than different flavored tiers of a cake.

1. How to create a tower (items needed, etc)

wedding cupcake tower
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You can easily DIY a tower if you're willing to craft a little bit. Maybe you’ve looked on Pinterest and seen a ton of images of wedding cupcake towers online and you don’t like any of them. If you didn’t like the millions of ideas you saw online OR what you saw was beautiful but the price doesn’t work for you, make it yourself.

Thankfully in this DIY society that we live in you can find a tutorial for almost anything you want to do and there are tutorials for cupcake towers.

If you are a crafty person and have some time to add a personal touch to your wedding, then you can build a cupcake tower. You will only need some things that are probably already in your house, or just a quick trip to the craft store. The layers of the cupcake tower are made from cardboard! I know you have some random boxes hanging around, especially if you’ve just moved in with your soon to be spouse.

You cut them to size, if you don’t have a sturdy hand these will be some REALLY special cupcake towers, but that is okay. Just make sure you have plenty of glue sticks for your glue gun. This project also utilizes the cans of soup that you forgot you had in the pantry.

The soup cans will form the support between the layers of the cupcake tower and the cardboard will make the different layers. You can use ribbon or bow accents to give the tower the look and personality that your wedding has. You could also use different colored paper for the different layers to make this tower 100% you.

If you want to make your own cupcake tower visit to learn more.

2. Mini Cupcake Stands 

cupcake stand
Source: Pinterest

Mini cupcake stands give you the option of truly displaying the cupcakes. You can put the individual stands on different layers so that you give a completely unique look to your cupcake table. There is also the possibility that having mini cupcake stands at your wedding can allow you to work the cupcakes into the décor of the room.

You can have cupcakes stands all over your wedding reception room if you want. If your wedding is adults only you could have cupcakes as the centerpiece with the mini cupcake stand displayed in a unique way.

Mini cupcake stands can become expensive if you want to display each one individually. You could always get full sized cupcake towers to display the majority of your cupcakes and then have a few mini cupcake stands displayed scattered around the main display.

3. Different Themed Stands

Source: Deer Pearl Flowers

Wedding cupcake towers can have so many different personalities and looks, it’s truly as limited as your imagination or what people have already done on Pinterest.

You could use a candle stick and a platter to give you that rustic wedding theme or even shabby chic. You could easily find both of these pieces in an antique store and you can glue the pieces together and then use spray paint to give it a pop of color or even make it all one color. Go for a white or ivory for a classic look.

You can use clear plates or light weight clear pieces along with clear individual cake stands and tower them together. If your grandmother gave you her set of cake stands or plates, this can be a great way to showcase those family heirlooms at your wedding. Obviously you won’t be gluing the pieces together, but the clear plates or pieces can be set on top of the cake plate or stand which will allow you to put the cupcakes on top.

You could also use wooden crates to create a cupcake tower. If you are getting married in a backyard and the food is BBQ or southern comfort, then you might want a really chill way to display your cupcakes. Using wooden creates and some plexiglass to create a cool and relaxed cupcake tower.

For another natural take, use slices of wood to create the wedding cupcake tower. This also creates a great rustic look! If you want more ideas on how to create cupcake towers with/for different themes go here for many more ideas.

4. Oversized Cupcake Tower

Wedding Cake Alternative Option - Wedding Cupcake Tower 01
Source: Louisville Wedding Blog

An oversized cupcake tower can allow you to display hundreds of cupcakes and still give off the wow factor that you want from a cake. Try incorporating different sized cupcakes to add dimension to each tier.

The cool thing with a huge or an oversized cupcake tower with multiple tiers is you can have 5 or 6 different flavors of cupcakes at your wedding. You could put a different flavor on each tier! Don't forget some signage on the table to indicate what flavors are which.

5. Use Packaged Cupcakes

cupcake tower
Source: flickr Cakes by Jodi

If you are going to have a cake, why not allow cupcakes to be at your wedding too?! Many people choose to have a mini cake so they can still the traditional cake cutting with their spouse. Then for the main dessert, they choose to do cupcakes for everyone.

If you create a wedding cupcake tower using packaged cupcakes, this allows people to also take them at the end of the night like a favor. Edible favors are also a hit with the guests! This is great for guests who might not want to stay until the cake is cut but don't want to miss out on dessert.

This helps ensure there isn't tons of leftover cake for the wedding. Encourage guests to enjoy a cupcake during the ceremony and to take one to go after the reception. Guests will love to have a sweet treat to eat at the end of the night after a couple of glasses of champagne!

6. Use Cupcake Tower to Replace a Cake

Source: Wedding Ideas

No one ever said you had to have a cake at a wedding! You can easily replace cupcakes with a cake at the wedding and still smash into your partner's face! The beautiful thing about using a cupcake tower instead of a cake is the fact that cupcake towers can be just as tall as a wedding cake.

Some couples opt to have the top tier of their tower be a tiny wedding cake. Use this as your official cake if you want to still cut the cake and feed to your spouse, or follow the other traditions and save this top tier in your freezer to get out on your first anniversary.

Cupcakes are much easier to have different flavors than regular wedding cakes. Do a small selection of gluten-free cupcakes if you think that would appeal to your guests.

If you love peanut butter, you can also do a few peanut butter allergies! Most opt out of this for their real wedding cake to avoid those with peanut allergies. This is the best of both worlds! Just make sure everything is properly labeled!

Feel free to do the bulk of the cupcake flavors as his and hers favorite flavor of cupcakes. Or choose any flavors that have significance to you as a couple (like if you shared a special kind on one of your first dates). There are limitless options available and different personal touches to add.

The cupcake tower is another great place that you can use the theme of your wedding. For rustic weddings, look to wood slices. Use a sleek acrylic option for modern and cool weddings. For a vintage feel, utilize a couple of different versions all mixed together.

A wedding cupcake tower is still sure to make an impact at your wedding, while still giving your guests a delicious dessert. Consider switching out the traditional wedding cake for something like this instead! Would you ever have a wedding cupcake tower? Tell us in the comments below!

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I have always wondered how people did this after seeing it on Pinterest for years and now I finally know and can do it myself. Thanks for the amazing article yet again, Wedding Favors Unlimited!


You're welcome!


All of these are just so beautiful and have so many small details that make it amazing. I love having the small cakes on top so that you can still have the moment of cutting the cake and that more traditional moment.


Thank you for reading 🙂


Where can I buy any of the types of cupcake stands mentioned? Is this something that you offer on your site or anything that would be like it? Thanks in advance!


You can check out all of our stands here!