Flower Girl Gift Ideas

flower girl nail polish
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When deciding on who will be the flower girls for your wedding, it is extremely fun to ask them with gifts and presents to get them excited about the upcoming event they will be in. Gifts could range from pajamas, tote bags, and even personalized jewelry boxes!

Your gifts to your flower girls could even match your bridesmaids gifts! Especially if you decide on something like robes or pajamas to get ready in together on the big day! Flower girl gifts are another way of letting them know they are special and are an important part in your big day!

Here are unique gift ideas for your flower girls:


flower girl tote
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Tote bags are a sweet and functional gift for flower girls that the parents will love just as much! You can print their name or monogram on the bag to make it even  more special. If you want to gift your flower girl more, fill up the tote bag with smaller items that they can use on the wedding day!

For example, lip gloss, little flower petals, and a small treat are great additions to the tote! Another idea would be to visit your local craft store and buy blank canvas bags and personalize them yourself.

Makeup Bags

flower girl make up bag
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Make the flower girls in your wedding feel even more included with their own makeup bags! Especially if they match the ones you may gift to your bridesmaids.

Fill the makeup bags with lip gloss, and other little items you would like them to wear on the big day. Ideas of items you could fill them with are lip gloss, nail files, bracelets, candy, or hair accessories!

Trinket Dishes

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Trinket dishes are a really unique gift idea for flower girls! Attach a small bracelet or necklace to the dish to add something extra for them. Tie a ribbon around the dish and attach a tag with their name on it.


flip flops
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Flip-Flops are an extremely fun and functional gift to give flower girls! This would be even better if it was a summertime wedding. Add some ribbon and a sweet note around the flip-flops to ask them to be in your wedding! Say something like "my wedding would be a flop without you!"

Water Bottles

flower girl water bottle
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Water bottles or sippy cups are a great gift for little girls, and especially flower girls to have for the wedding day. This a gift they can use every single day! Add their monogram or name on the bottle to make it even more special! If you wanted to add something to the water bottles, an idea would be to fill them with candy!


flower girl robe
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Robes are a very classic and cozy gift to give to the wedding party! The flower girls will love to have their own personalized robe to wear on the big day just like everyone else. You could create special robes for the flower girls that make them stand out and feel special! Along with the robes you could add slippers for them to wear during the getting ready process of the big day.

Personalized Jewelry Box

flower girl jewelry box
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The most thoughtful gift for a flower girl could be a personalized jewelry box with initials or name on it! Add a special treat inside the jewelry box for the flower girls to wear on the wedding day as something extra! You could also add more presents inside the jewelry box like a charm bracelet, key chain, lip gloss, candy, or necklace!

Little girls always need places to store all those little trinkets like hair pieces, barrettes, bracelets and other jewelry. Just choose a design that will fit in well with the rest of her bedroom decor.

Key Chain

flower girl key chain
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Little key chains make the sweetest gift for flower girls and everyone else in the wedding party! A personalized key chain is a special gift to everyone being included in the wedding day. This keychain could even be handmade by you!

Personalized Charm Bracelet

flower girl bracelet
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Jewelry for flower girls and bridesmaids make the most wonderful gift ideas! The best part about jewelry is you could pick a unique piece for each bridesmaid and flower girl that would best fit them! We love gifting personalized girls charm bracelets and silver locket necklaces. Both of these items would carry your flower girl's initial making them an extra special keepsake.

Nail Polish

flower girl nail polish
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Nail polish is a really fun gift for flower girls! It could be used in preparation for the special day and get everyone excited and ready! You could even add it with other gifts to create an even more elaborate gift for the and flower girls! Add a nail kit, treats, face masks, body wash, and anything else for your flower girls to feel treated and special!


flower girl pajamas
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Pajamas to get ready in on the wedding day are another classic gift idea! Pajamas make the best gift because they can wear them on the day of the wedding and they will get to use them many times after! Personalize the pajamas with a monogram or name to create an even more special gift.


flower girl slippers
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Slippers are cozy and unique gift idea for bridesmaids or flower girls! You could get even more creative and give each girl their own color slipper! Gift each girl  pajamas and slippers to wear while getting ready the morning of. Add in face masks, snacks, and other small goodies to treat yourself and relax the day of the wedding.

Fun Flower Girl Books

flower girl books
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Flower girl books are a special gift idea! Especially if the flower girls are younger, books for them to enjoy during the getting ready process makes the perfect gift! A book idea would be to create a book with pictures of you and the flower girl leading up to asking her to be in the wedding!

Flower Girl Jewelry

Flower Girl Jewelry
Flower Girl Jewelry to Wedding Favors Unlimited

Surprising your flower girl with jewelry is the perfect day of present for her. If you want to go the traditional route, you can give her a jewelry set such as pearl earrings, necklace and bracelet that she can wear on the wedding day. It is a great way to keep the cost low for flower girls and you'll get to choose what she wears on your special day.

Flower Girl Photo Frames

flower girl frame
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Your little flower girl will have a special bond with the bride and groom that reaches well beyond the wedding day. A customized flower girl photo frame is a great way to immortalize her wedding day memories. Just include a photo of the flower girl with the bride or bride and groom inside a gorgeous photo frame.

Many frames come designed especially for her either on hand-painted wood or engraved silver plating. Many different colors and styles are available so just find something that goes well with her room color scheme and decor. She'll proudly show all her friends and family this exquisite gift!

An idea would be to purchase blank wooden frames from a local craft shop and paint them yourself before gifting! Add some pearls, jewels, or letters to personalize it even more!

Flower Girl Apparel & T-Shirts

flower girl t-shirt
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On our website, we offer wedding t-shirts, sweatshirts, scarves and even hats that are hand-painted or embroidered with a 'Flower Girl' and even the child's name. Before ordering any shirt, you should check with her Mom or Dad to see what size shirt they would recommend.

She'll love wearing her custom piece of apparel to all the pre-wedding events like the bridal shower. And don't worry, she'll proudly wear it out and about long after your wedding day as well.

Personalized Backpack

personalized backpack
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What we love about these gifts is that they can be used for years and years after the wedding day. If you buy a high quality durable bag, she'll be able to get plenty of use out of it.

Our favorite tote bags, backpacks, and custom drawsting bags are those that can be personalized with the child's name and a cool design that fits her personality. For instance if she is into ballet, you could have a pair of slippers embroidered on the bag along with her name. Customized gifts are always well received by children.

Custom Piggy Banks

personalized piggy bank
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These giant ceramic piggy banks are a stylish way to encourage your little flower girl to save for a rainy day. Choose one with a hand-painted floral design where they also customize it with her name for a one-of-a-kind gift just for her. You can even throw in some change to get her savings started!

In addition to the traditional piggy banks, there are many other personalized piggy bank styles such as silver plated flowers and hand-painted flower-shaped banks available online so just do a search on Google to find the perfect one for your little flower girl.

Flower Girl Gift Sets

flower girl gift set
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This gift idea is one that you can put together yourself or buy to a reputable Kids gift basket company online. We like a 'Glamour Girl' theme best for flower girls because they are usually at the age when they enjoy playing dress up.

If you decide to put the gift together yourself, find suitable items such as lip gloss, nail polish, glitter pens, notepads, perfume, change holder, tiaras, playtime jewelry, boas and more. You can wrap them all up in a fun hat box, wedding themed gift bag or any fun girly container where she can store stuff in her bedroom!

There are many unique ideas you could use as gifts for your flower girls! You could even write them a simple letter alongside each gift to express how much it would mean to you to have them join in on the wedding day. Whatever your relationship is to the flower girls, it can be important to make them feel like they have a special part and role in the event! A gift is a sweet way to say that they are important and very much needed to make the day complete.


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These are wonderful ideas and could be used for flower girls of all different ages and I think would be something that they would really appreciate. What do you think is the most common flower girl gift? I want to do something unique


Personalizing the gift will ensure that it's unique no matter what you go with 🙂 thank you for reading.


I remember being a flower girl when I was young and how special it made me feel to receive a gift and feel like I was really part of the whole experience, especially because I was so young.


What a special memory 🙂 thank you for sharing!


Thanks for including other flower girl articles and resources. I don't know much about weddings and have lots of learning to do. Is there anything I should stay away from when thinking about a flower girl gift?


Just keep it age appropriate and thoughtful 🙂 thank you for reading!