Inspiration for a Winter Wedding Blue & Silver Color Scheme

Source: The Perfect Palette

There's nothing quite like winter wedding blue. The stark beauty of the season, the wonder of starting a life together in the midst of an icy Wonderland... It's easy to see the appeal of a ceremony in December. Choosing your bridal colors couldn't be easier, either; for a winter wedding blue and silver will create a breathtaking view, and bring the elegance of the season in!

When planning a winter wedding, no wedding color scheme seem more fitting than silver and blue. These colors can be very elegant additions to your wedding decor. With so many shades available, you can create a silver and blue fairytale in every little detail. Here are a few ideas for ways to incorporate these beautiful winter shades into your wedding.


Silver and Blue Wedding Inspiration
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The Wedding Dress

blue wedding dress
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Blue is actually quite wearable as a shade for a wedding dress, and much more unique than the traditional white. While white is beautiful and typically traditional, why not try for a more unique shade and opt for a blue wedding dress? Look for a dusky grey-blue to seem as neutral as possible- a color that is beautiful and will stand out for a winter wedding.

Bridesmaids Dresses

blue and silver bridesmaids dresses
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If you're not sure you want to go with a silver wedding dress, then why not have your bridesmaids incorporate your color scheme as well? Going for mismatched bridesmaids dresses in silver and blue means the options are really endless. The sky is the limit when it comes to bridal party attire.

Blue Aisle Runner

navy aisle runner
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The aisle runner is one of the most important aspects of your wedding ceremony. After all, walking down the aisle is when the real fun begins! Make it memorable, make it different, with a bright blue aisle runner. Whether your ceremony will take place inside or out in the snow, a blue runner will transform your venue with wintry style!

The Flowers

Blue and Silver Flower Inspiration
Image by Hey Wedding Lady

Choosing your wedding flower colors can seem like a daunting task, but there are many combinations to create a beautiful bridal bouquet of flowers in blue and silver. Great florists can find you any flower at any time of year, so dare to dream! Opt for silver roses or gorgeous blue irises.

Or, add in little blue velvet or blue satin ribbon. Include holly leaves in your bridal bouquet to add a bit of winter. You can also use faux pearls or gems in your bouquet, pin or glue them for a glamorous feel.

Blue Wedding Programs

Source: Three Little Birds

There's no better way to make your wedding special for your guests than to make every part of it unique and unforgettable, and that goes for the items most wedding designers overlook! There's no rule that says a wedding program has to be white; why not make it blue? Bring even more festivity and fun to your wedding with a light blue wedding program, or elevate the occasion with dark navy.

Reception Tables

Source: The Perfect Palette

You can really spruce up your guest tables with blue color accents. Try silver table cloths with blue accents, or tables would look really sharp with navy table covers and an accent of silver sequin runners. Your dishware could also be silver with midnight blue trim, or incorporate a navy napkin, or printed menu.

If your caterer doesn't have anything like that, you can visit a discount or restaurant supply store. You won't want to pay for for a room full of china, so just add an accent plate or creamer cup in blue with a silver accent. Make sure you request your caterer set these aside for you at the end of the night so that you don't lose them in the chaos!

Blue Flower Decor


What's a wedding without incredible bouquets? Give this wedding decor standard a fresh new style with blue flower decor! A quality florist will be able to provide a myriad of blue flower species; cornflower, bluebell, even orchids are bred in an array of blue hues. Take your time to create flower decor that speaks to you.

You could do large blue flower arrangements on the tables, but also in areas for the gifts, favors, or guestbook. You could also choose to stick an all white palette for the blooms themselves, and incorporate silver or blue vessels for the arrangements, or place candles in blue glass tea light holders.

Personalized Cocktail Napkins

blue cocktail napkins
Source: Etsy

For the perfect wedding reception, it's important to make every part of the event speak to you, down to the table settings! Personalized cocktail napkins are a simple, easy way to really help your reception stand out.

Choose the color, edging, and lettering that will make you feel like your dreams have come true! A silver napkin with navy lettering, a crisp white napkin with silvery, starlight lettering; the choices are endless!

Blue Charger Plates

Source: Linen Tablecloth

A charger plate might seem a little over the top, but this is your wedding, not a family dinner! This, the very best day of your life, deserves all of the flair and excitement that it can get. A gorgeous charger plate will transform your dinner tables in one incredibly easy step.

Choose light blue for a festive touch, navy for a refined feel, or even a shining silver to make your guests feel like stars! If you're not sold on blue chargers, look for a blue napkin or accent plate to add a pop of blue to your wedding table setting.

The Wedding Food

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Bringing your color scheme into your meal isn't as hard as you might think it is! Simply print your menu on blue or silver stationery and place at each guest's seat.

You can even offer a first course that is color-suiting, a blueberry sorbet would look lovely, or at the end of your meal, offer gourmet chocolates or decorated cookies with colored icing.

Or try a blue themed cake! You can opt for blueberry flavored cake, but keep the icing a neutral white to not over do it (or dye anyones mouth blue!) This way the white icing still looks classic in all your photos.

You can use minor accents like blue fruits in the salads too. A simple detail like a silver doily under the appetizers on a blue tray can really create a dramatic look.

The Centerpieces

Blue and Silver Flower Inspiration
Image by Sweet Chic Events

For an elegant touch to each table, fill a tall glass vase with water that's been dyed with blue food color. Add a little for a light blue, or a lot for dark blue. Then, add silver glass beads to the bottom of the vase and voila! Just add flowers!

If you don't want to do flowers in your wedding centerpieces, you could instead do blue flower stems or sticks, a battery-powered fountain, or even just silver floating candles. If you really want to surprise your wedding guests, fill large glass fishbowls with blue or silver gravel and of course some fresh water. Then for the kicker, place silver or blue fish in each bowl. At the end of the night, it's likely that your guests will want to take them home. Go ahead and give them away or raffle them off as a fun finale.

Wedding Favor Ideas

winter wedding blue silver wedding favors
Source: Martha Stewart Weddings

For winter wedding favors, you can really add your personal touches that involve your color scheme. Silver and blue favors are very common and are easy to find! You could give your guests an engraved silver favor frames with a photo, or use them as place card holders.

Looking for something edible? Try blue or silver colored, winter-shaped cookies. Bakeries can make you any shape and design you would like, all you have to do is ask! Alternately, you can give cupcakes, silver fortune cookies or simply go with blue and silver chocolates tied with ribbons.

winter wedding blue champagne wedding favors
Source: Junebug Weddings

Adding a touch of blue to your ceremony is as simple as designing wedding favors matching a blue color. A winter wedding blue favor could be small gifts inside blue tulle bags, decorating a gift with blue ribbon, blue candles, etc. A blue rose, the symbol of infinite love, is a very popular design on stationery.

The most important day in your lives has to be perfect, and if you've chosen a winter wedding date, we know just how to make every moment special. Blue and silver accents will complement the season, and bring a little Winter Wonderland to your special day. Little touches, like pretty blue bouquets and blue stationery may seem small, but it's the little things that can have the biggest effect. Your love is unique, and so should be your wedding.

It's a celebration of all that you have been through together, and the warmth of the future you'll share. Make the most of it! Love the plans, or have a better idea? We'd love to hear from you! Comment below!

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Blue and silver really does look so gorgeous together and you really thought of every way you could bring the color scheme into the wedding. Great ideas here!


Thank you!


I've been tossing around the idea of doing a non-traditional wedding dress color. Where do I even start to look for one or do you have any resources about that?


Most wedding dress designers are open to customization these days!


What shade of blue do you think is best with silver because in the photos, there is a range from super light blue to a dark navy? I just think it would look odd if there was a huge range of blue shades with the silver


A good rule of thumb is to stick to two shades of blue to complement the silver.