Ring Bearer Gift Ideas

ring bearer tumbler
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Giving the ring bearer a gift is a big part of your wedding because you want them to feel special for playing such a big part in your wedding. These kids might not remember your wedding when they get older, but they will remember the gift you gave them. Take a look at this list when you are trying to find the perfect gift to give your ring bearer to thank them for taking part in your special day.

1. Personalized Duffel Bag

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The personalized duffel is something that you can give them with their initials, their name, or it could have a message on the bag that will mean something to the kid. You should get a duffel that is the right size for them, and try pick their favorite color. Look for small embroideries to add to the bag for their favorite hobbies, like sports or stuffed animals. They will cherish this bag for a very long time and it is useful!

2. Personalized Sports-Themed Gift

personalized baseball bat
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Give a sports gift based on the child’s favorite team or sport. This means you might give them a jersey, or give them a piece of memorabilia they can cherish like a personalized mini baseball bat or ball to play with.

3. Personalized Tumbler

ring bearer tumbler

Source: Etsy

A personalized tumbler is the sort of gift that they can use when they go on trips or go to school. Kids will be excited to carry this tumbler with them everywhere they go. Get the tumbler in their favorite color and add their name and wedding details to it.

4. Personalized Towel

personalized towel
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Personalized towels are a good gift all year round. You can get them a personalized tower of bath rime, or you can get them a personalized beach towel. This is great gift for a destination wedding in a warm location! Again, give them the towel in any color or pattern you know they will like.

5. A Board Game

classic board games
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A board game is a very good choice for kids because they often want to play a game based on their favorite character or franchise. You can get the board game in any style, and you might find special editions of the game that would be even more special. Gift them a classic like Sorry! or find one based off their favorite tv characters.

6. A Fun Gift Basket for Kids

ringer bearer gift box
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Round up a gift basket of all the child's favorite things to thank them for being your ring bearer. Go to the child’s parents to ask them what to put in the gift basket. The gift basket should include a game of some kind, candy, snacks, and perhaps a toy. Smaller kids might like a coloring books and markers or crayons, and you can build this basket around their favorite things to do.

7. A Personalized Piggy Bank

boys piggy bank
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The personalized piggy bank is exciting for small kids because they can use that piggy bank to collect money. If it has been personalized in a sweet way, most of these kids will actually keep that piggy bank for years after the wedding.

8. A "Ring Security" T-Shirt

ring security tshirt
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The “Ring Security” shirt or sweatshirt that you give this kid makes them feel special when they are participating in the festivities over a weekend. They might wear this shirt before and after the wedding, and it would be a fun shirt to wear under their suit or tux.

9. Stacking Train

ring bearer gift idea
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The tiny toy train that the kids can put together easily might have the logo from your wedding, and you could put the child’s name on the locomotive. This is a fun way to make them feel a part of the ceremony when they are very small.

10. A Puzzle

ring bearer puzzle
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Puzzles are fun gifts because you can tailor these puzzles to the kid’s interests. Every kid has their list of favorite things, and you can pick from that list easily. Or use it as a fun way to ask your ring bearer to be a part of your big day!

11. A Stuffed Animal

ring bearer teddy bear
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The teddy bear or stuffed animal that you give these kids should have their name on it, and can be dressed in a suit or tux like they will be. You can give them a stuffed animal that they will hold on to for many years to come.

12. A Tie or Bow Tie

ring bearer tie
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A tie or bow tie that was chosen especially for the ceremony is a fun moments that kids can take with them when the ceremony is over. If the bride or groom puts this on the kid, it will make the kids feel that much more special. Have it look like a mini version of what the groom or groomsmen will wear!

13. A Personalized Backpack

Source: People

The personalized backpack is a big part of American culture, and it could be the first that a young kid gets when they are a part of the wedding. You can get their name or their initials on this backpack, and the kids will use that bag for years after the wedding.

14. Dump Truck

dump truck
Source: Amazon.com

Every little boy loves a good dump truck, and you could get a dump truck for the kid that has their favorite colors or has their name on it. These trucks are fun to customize when you are shopping online, and gives the ring bearer something they can play with to entertain themselves during the reception.

15. A Personalized Pillowcase

Source: Sew Cute by Me Designs

A personalized pillow case is a lot of fun because it makes the kid feel special. You can customize it to fit the theme or their room and even add a personal message to the inside.

16. Sunglasses

ring bearer sunglasses
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Sunglasses are a fun gift for any kid, and it could go along with the ring Security shirt listed above. Plus, you can tailor the glasses to the kid’s personality. Some kids need a retro pair of glasses, but other kids need to security guard glasses that help them get through an outdoor ceremony. This is the perfect gift for a destination wedding!

17. Basket of Candy

candy gift basket
Source: Celebration Gift Baskets

Gift your ring bearer a basket of their favorite candy. These kids need to feel like you worked hard to show them you care, and they will have something to snack on when the time comes.

18. A Personalized Blanket

personalized blanket
Source: Etsy

A personalized blanket that comes with a child’s name could also have their favorite characters on the fabric. Add their favorite tv or book characters to the blanket, or keep it simple with just their name.

19. Coloring Book

coloring books
Source: GiftsForYouNow

Coloring books are a lot of fun because they can provide these kids with hours of entertainment. Pick the coloring book that you know is based on the child’s favorite shows or make your own wedding version of coloring books!

20. Fun Pool Float

pool float
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The pool float works well for destination weddings where everyone is playing in the hotel pool for a few days. Gift them a fun animal to play with during the surrounding festivities of a destination wedding.

21. Play-Doh

play doh
Source: The Knot

Play-doh is good for the kid who likes to build things. Gift them a set and they can use it to entertain themselves during the rehearsal or other long periods of time during wedding preparation.

22. A Personalized Yo-Yo

personalized yoyo
Source: My Personal Memories

The yo-yo could have the child’s name on it and can also have a thank you message from the bride or groom. This is an easy gift that can fit in mom's purse to have the child play with during down time!

23. Bubbles

Source: Oriental Trading

Bubbles are fun to give and easy to play with. This is a great inexpensive gift for your ring bearer that kids will still very much enjoy!

24. Pajamas

blue pajamas
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Pajamas are a good choice for a ring bearer present. Have the t-shirt customized with the child's name. The ring bearer can even wear these pajamas while hanging out with the groomsmen and groom getting ready for the big day.

25. Toy Fishing Rod

toy fishing rod
Source: PillyPootnik.com

The toy fishing rod is also good for a destination wedding where you are near water, and a fun toy for kids to play with!

26. Pedal Car

ShelbyRed pedal car
Source: Morgan Cycle

The  pedal car is a great exciting gift when you are looking to spend a little more money on a ring bearer gift. They will cherish and play with this for years to come!

27. Colorful Blocks

Source: AliExpress.com

Blocks are a great gift for a younger ring bearer. They will appreciate a toy that can play with and use right away!

28. Ukulele

Source: LL Bean

The ukulele could be the child’s next obsession! This is a good first instrument, and it might be the best thing for a kid who loves music. Plus, a mini guitar is a good way to encourage this kid to chase their dreams of being a rock star.

29. Life-Sized Games

tic tac toe
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The life size game blocks or  tic tac toe board could become their favorite part of their room, and is a fun game to play outside. If you are having a casual wedding the whole party could engage in life-sized games!

30. Dominos

Source: Amazon

The domino set that you give a child should be very nice. This is one of those games that kids to play when they are very little, and giving them something like a wooden set of dominoes could make the kid very happy.

31. Play Tent

boy tent
Source: lifetimekidsrooms.com

The play tent that you have chosen is perfect for kids who want to have a little bit of space set apart in their home. You could even have the theme for your wedding or the child’s name on the tent. This is great for those ring bearers with an imagination!


A ring bearer gift is a great way to say thank you to your little man for participating in your big day, whether they are older and younger it is important to give them a little something to feel special. It doesn't have to cost a lot! A simple game or activity for them to do will have them entertained and happy for hours.

Is there anything we should add to the list? Leave a comment below!

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31 great ideas! Thanks Wedding Favors Unlimited for such a great article about what I can get for the ring bearer. They are all so age-appropriate


Thank you for reading!


These are just too cute! I know the little man will love these and it will really make him feel like a special part of the wedding--and he IS!


ALong with this, I would really enjoy an article about how to keep some of the younger guests, like the ring bearer, entertained throughout the night so that their parents can focus on enjoying themselves and so it doesn't turn into a daycare center.