12 Wedding Favor Ideas For Your Tropical Island Theme

island favors

island favors

A Tropical Island Theme

Close your eyes for a minute (or at least, you know, pretend). The kiss of the deliciously-warm sun rays on your bare shoulders. The gentle caress of the refreshingly-cool wind blowing through your hair. The soothing, salty smell of the ocean (so strong that you can practically taste it!). Now open your eyes.

Whether you were stuck in traffic while reading that, or sitting snugly on your own little rung of the corporate ladder, that quick trip to a tropical island was sure to have simultaneously been able to calm your nerves and given you just enough of a rush of excitement to make the trip real.

If you happen to be getting married on a tropical island this year, or are just enamored with the thought of planning your own beach-themed wedding, there is an abundance of wedding favor ideas that are sure to have your guests ready to keep dancing in the sun.

Here are 12 of our favorite tropical island-themed wedding favor ideas that are sure to hit the mark:

1. Flip Flops

Source: UK Wedding Favours

Nothing says tropics like flip flops. This simple footwear may receive a few quizzical looks when worn at a business conference, but for your wedding, your guests will enjoy the feel of wiggling their toes in the sand. At the very least, they’ll be able to imagine it.

From flip-flop-shaped pastries and luggage tags to placement card holders that bear the signature strappy style, flip flops are an easily-recognizable aspect that ties the theme of your special day together seamlessly.

2. Tropical Fruits

pineapple wedding favors
Source: Pinterest

Have your guests salivate over the imagery of a biting into a slice of ripe pineapple, the juices playfully dripping down their fingers. Let them enjoy the thought of drinking a cool glass of fresh coconut water while lounging in the shade of two palm trees.

With tropical fruit-inspired wedding favors like golden pineapple bottle openers and delicately-made coconut-shaped candles, your guests are sure to treasure these darling keepsakes.

3. Beach Chairs

beach chair tea lights
Source: Wedding Favors Unlimited

Nothing evokes the laid back vibe of a tropical island like a well-worn beach chair, preferably stationed close to the shore with an abundance of shade. Even if your wedding isn’t on an island, harness that same laid back vibe with beach chair-shaped place card holders or tealight candle holder that is sure to make each guest table the talk of the night (or day!). A beach chair favor, is also a great way to put a name place card holder on a table and the tealight candle holder could be a great way to light up your cocktail tables.

4. Water Is Always Welcomed

personalized water bottles
Source: Etsy

After a lovely ceremony in the sun, your guests will likely be as parched as all-day beach goers. Offer them a cool refreshment with personalized water bottle labels. You can include your name, wedding date, and even a personal message on each label, leaving your guests with gratitude for your well-timed thoughtfulness.

5. Tropical Flowers

Source: Wedding Academy Creative

The beauty of tropical islands is largely due to the abundance of vibrantly colored flowers that serve as a feast for the eyes wherever you turn. Inspire that same kind of awe at your wedding by offering each guest a Hawaiian-style lei, made of either real or artificial flowers.

Spruce up your centerpieces with beautifully-arranged flowers, encouraging each guest at the table to take a flower or two home with them. Make your flower-themed wedding favors even more practical by providing each guest with a personalized packet of flower seeds, a long-lasting and eco-friendly option that is sure to be a hit!

6. Shells and Sand

Source: Wedding Favors Unlimited

Nothing says tropical island quite like the unmistakable duo of shells and sand. Shells on their own can make aesthetically-pleasing favors, but you can level up this idea by filling them with a variety of sweet treats to make the experience even sweeter.

A practical favor bearing a sand-effect, like sandy finished photo frames or mini sand castle candles are also sweet touches. There are even options to personalize seashells with your name and wedding date on them to commemorate this important event.

7. Starfish

starfish wine stopper
Source: Etsy

The starfish is also another great reminder of the natural beauty of tropical islands. A starfish-shaped napkin ring for guests to take home, or elegantly-designed wine-bottle stoppers are sure to be beautiful, yet practical, additions to the homes of your guests.

8. Shrunken Beach Towels

beach towel wedding favors
Source: Pinterest

You can offer your guests beach towels compacted and wrapped into pint sized packages. When your guest opens the package, the towel fluffs up to normal size. They come in fun designs that make an unexpected, yet pleasantly-useful surprise.

9. Suntan Lotions

sunscreen wedding favors
Source: Wedding Favor Discount

Nothing can ruin a fun, sun-drenched trip like a pesky sunburn. Help your guests to keep their skin intact without sacrificing their shoreside experience by offering mini personalized sunscreen wedding favors that everyone will truly appreciate.

10. Sunglasses

Source: PicClick

Personalized sunglasses will undoubtedly be a hit as favors for your tropical island-themed wedding. Not only will your guests appreciate the eye protection from the glares of the tropical sun, but they will love the fact that they can reuse it at any other time. If you don’t want to go the route of offering actual sunglasses, feel free to check out the slew of other sunglasses-shaped options like keychains and yummy take-home desserts.

11. Luggage Tags

luggage tag wedding favors
Source: Etsy

A luggage tag can quickly become an oft-used item, going with your guests everywhere from quick sleepovers to extended vacations personalized luggage tags, designed with your favorite tropical island aesthetic in mind, will bring happy memories of your wedding day for your guests each time they pick up their suitcase for another trip.

12. Beach Pails

beach pail wedding favors
Source: Pinterest

Your guests will always appreciate the child-like wonder that beach pail wedding favors bring. From miniature buckets that are the perfect size to share a handful of your favorite candy, to larger plastic beach pails that can be filled with any number of tropical island-themed goodies at the discount store, you can make this wedding favor as quirky and personal as you’d like.

Tropical island-themed weddings are common, but there are a number of ways to make it uniquely yours. Your guests will feel the refreshingly vibrant aura of your love as a couple, while also having a better chance of remembering your anniversary for years to come. Have anything we missed? Leave a comment below!

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I love how practical so many of these gifts are. No one wants to receive something that they are never going to use so making it something relevant and useful on the wedding day is sure to leave guests satisfied


We're glad you enjoyed it! Thank you.


How would you go about doing something like flip flops when everyones shoe sizes could be so different? I feel like it would be impossible to predict


You could ask in advance, make educated guesses based on the guest list, and buy a few extras of the most popular sizes in case someone needs to swap 🙂


Are there some tropical island or destination wedding favors that I should try to generally avoid? I don't want to do something that everyone has seen a hundred times before