Tips from Indian Wedding Planners for Mandaps

indian wedding mandate
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Developing mandaps for Hindi weddings can be a lot of fun for you, but you should think about how much leeway you have when designing these beautiful tents. Planning an Indian wedding, there are a lot of important details to consider. Each step listed below will change the aesthetic for your wedding, and you should have a look at each idea to learn which will work best for you!

In fact, you could create a wedding atmosphere that people will want to repeat at their own wedding in the future. Tips from Indian wedding planners for Mandaps can completely change how your wedding looks when you are preparing for the most important day of your life.

Outdoor Mandaps

Outdoor mandaps can take on two very different styles. Each of these styles is listed below, and they can create a lovely setting for your wedding that people will fall in love with.

indian wedding mandate
Source: Maharani Weddings

Tip #1

The open tent that you create for an outdoor setting should have earthen colors that remind you of the earth from which we have all come. The soft corals and ambers are a beautiful wedding color combo, and the open top of the tent can be used when you know for a fact that the weather will hold. The open tent that you are using is very exciting because it allows you to sit under the sun while you are getting married.

Indian wedding mandap
Source: Maharani Weddings

Tip #2

Many people choose not to have an open tent for fear that weather may no cooperate. Also, you might not want the sun beating down on you when you are getting married. The closed tent idea works best when you have the top of the tent hanging down into the scene where it looks as though you are in an Indian palace. A closed tent could even have fabric on the sides that falls down and keeps you out of the weather. This will  provide shade and the layers of fabric framing the mandate will feel luxurious.

Hotel Mandaps

Hotel mandaps have to adjust to the environment because you need to move furniture, hang up the scarves and fabrics to make the room look opulent. Use these four tips to make your hotel mandaps look perfect. Tips from Indian wedding planners for Mandaps include hotel ideas because a lot of people choose to get married in a hotel. You can incorporate Indian wedding decor into the setting to make it feel personal. Anyone who has traveled to the hotel for the wedding can pile into one room, and you can create the ambience that you want without a large space.

indian wedding mandate
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Tip #3

Turn the couch in the room to the side, hang your scarves around the couch, and allow the tent to grow out of a simple hotel room. This is the most basic way to get this done, but it helps you when you are on a budget. Plus, you could bring chairs under the mandaps if you would like to make the setting look a little bit different from the traditional scene.

indian wedding mandate
source: Indian Wedding Venues - ShaadiShop

Tip #4

You can use the furniture from a ballroom in a hotel to make your mandaps, but you need to be sure that you have brought in the sofa that came from the lobby. You want to use special furniture from around the hotel,  and you could ask the hotel staff to raise a small tent that you can decorate for the celebration.

Source: Mojica Photography

Tip #5

Hotel mandaps also work well when you are in a large dining room that is set up for the reception. In order to do this, you should make sure that you have the mandaps in the corner where you can surely the whole room. This is another good place to decorate a simple tent that the hotel staff has provided, and you could easily hand the tent back when the wedding is over.

Source: Italian Lakes Wedding

Tip #6

Canopy beds can substitute for the mandaps if you want to have a much more relaxed and intimate ceremony. You could decorate the whole bed, hang your fabrics from the posts on the bed, and turn the room into a fairy tale scene for the wedding. Canopy beds can be purchased in any style, and they can be repurposed as many times as you like because you can switch out parts and pieces.

DIY Mandaps

Making your own mandaps can be a lot of fun because you can convert any piece of furniture you like. Remember that you have a lot of options when you do this, and you can make adjustments to the mandaps on your own. This will help every mandate feel unique and personal to you!

Indian wedding mandap
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Tip #7

Converting an old tent into a setting for your wedding can be a lot of fun because you can tear off the roof of the tent, hang your own fabrics, and even paint the tent if you want. Someone who is converting an old tent will find this to be simple, and you can use the colors you like most. You can fold up the tent when it is time to move it, and you can move the tent around with fabrics already attached. You could also reuse these DIY mandaps with other people because they can be unfolded and used again easily.

indian wedding mandap
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Tip #8

You could use bed canopies to hang fabrics and DIY a mandap that give you a much more intimate feeling. You could pull away all the parts of the bed with no trouble, and add support to the canopy so that you can remove the side rails. When you do this, the mandaps look that much better. Plus, you can can easily tear down this setting and raise it where you would like.

indian wedding mandap
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Tip #9

You could buy an arbor that will be used to set up your mandaps. These are much heavier items to decorate, but they are fun to play with because you can paint them, decorate them, and hang any fabric from them that you would like. This will help incorporate a more natural aesthetic.

Modern Mandaps


Tip #10

Modern mandaps are going to carry the sleek lines and dark colors that you expect from most contemporary architecture. There are many people who would like to use the modern decor aesthetic because they want the whole thing to be muted. Also, a modern mandaps setup could use freestanding posts that create the appearance of a copy. Look for simple colors and clean lines to create your modern mandap!

You do not need to have a real canopy to make this happen, and you could move those freestanding posts into any room that you like. You could bring your modern design outside, and the modern design could be moved to any room where you are getting married.

In Conclusion

Mandates are an important part of Indian wedding decor. After you have figured out what solution is best for you, you can move on to the fun parts of wedding planning like picking out the menu or choosing your Indian sweets wedding favors. Were there any tips we left off the list for including a mandap in your big day? Tell us in the comments below!

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I think the hardest part of planning our entire wedding was the mandaps. There are just so many styles and colors to choose from when preparing for it. Plus, I'm not great at decision making!


It can certainly be an overwhelming decision! Thanks for reading.


I didn't even think to see if the hotel would let us use some of the furniture there for our mandap. It would save us so much time and money.


Yes! Thank you for reading.