Five Mistakes to Avoid When Planning Your Indian Wedding

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There is no bigger production on the planet as an Indian Wedding. The occasion calls for nothing less than the utmost planning and design. There will be great celebrating and most mistakes can be avoided with careful attention to details. Creating priorities in several aspects of the wedding can help avoid these fumbles and contribute to a phenomenal experience for you and your guests. Let talk about the 5 mistakes to avoid at Indian weddings.

There is so much to think about during Indian wedding planning that will bring joy and auspiciousness to a wedding. Preventing mistakes before the fun begins leads to a glorious celebration. Hire and listen to the people and professionals who have helped throw hundreds of Indian weddings. They will have seen the mistakes made before that you can avoid. That being said, the most important advice any wedding planner will give, is to stay true and represent you and your spouse. Now let's talk about everything Indian wedding so you can get on with the fun stuff!

Don't Mess with the Dress

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One of the biggest mistakes a bride can make is the choosing and treatment of the dress. It is one of the most important decisions for a bride and choosing can be such an emotional process. A mistake that some make when shopping for the dress is going for what's trendy instead of staying within their own style. When there are so many choices, it can get overwhelming very quickly. There can be the illusion that what is being posted online on popular wedding sites is what you will want.

Before you go shopping, picture what you would want to look like before you start browsing through sites and catalogs. Unless you are someone who is constantly dressing the trends you will not feel yourself the day of the ceremony. Plus, you know the photos will last for generations and trends don't hold up. You want to be able to look back fifty years from the wedding and recognize yourself. Be proud of the choices you made.

Most likely you will be ordering your dress from overseas. There are so many intricate and delicate pieces that are apart of the final piece. It will be packaged very well from the shippers and taking care of it once it arrives can be tricky. Try very hard not to try on the dress too many times. Obviously, this can be difficult with other styling appointments but can prevent small wear and tear with beading and other delicate details. Keep your dress safe and preserved leading up to your big day!

The dress is one of the first details a bride will take care of when the wedding plans commence. Make sure you are representing your unique self and find some resilience in keeping the dress in perfect condition for ceremony day.

Treats for Your Guests

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As unique of a couple as you are, you'll still want this aspect to shine through the day of your wedding. One of the 5 mistakes to avoid while Indian wedding planning pertain to the guest treats. This is the occasion of a lifetime, but nobody wants to overspend. When you need to order special items in bulk it is often that people purchase way too many gifts for their guests. At the end of the wedding, couples are often left with so many treats that were not used.

Flip flops have been one of the more popular guests treats in recent years and they are also the item that is most often left unused or left behind for trash. When choosing favors, think about what ties everybody all together. The bride and groom will want to incorporate something about themselves that can relate to everyone showing up to see them married.

Edible favors and sweets always tend to be consumed or taken with and can be as unique as your imagination. Shot glasses and plastic trinkets tend to be left behind. The more unique the item, the more it reminds the guest of your ceremony, the more likely they will appreciate and hang onto it. Many times the mistake with guest favors is that the guest is not important to the choice of gift. You want to thank each and everyone for attending your wedding. A well thought out treat will do just that.

The Place Settings and Assigned Seating

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Not as fun as picking out the dress or decorations, but a necessary part of a great celebration. One of the best tips given by wedding planners is to ABSOLUTELY have assigned seating as opposed to free seating. Although it can add the amount of planning on your side and can often feel a bit stressful, your guest will appreciate the ease and clarity when it comes time to sit down.

Believe it or not, most guests want to be told where to go and when. Especially in an Indian wedding, many guests you invite will not know the proper etiquette or flow of the ceremony. Seating arrangements give everyone a bit of guidance amongst the crowds and confusion.

Although it can feel stressful deciding where friends and family sit as they might not agree with where you sat them, it will provide a structure for everyone to fall into. There are a few more ways to make the seating process even more clear. With Indian weddings, the guest lists can be large and in charge. Make a clear sign and map of guests names in alphabetical order that will easily let them know where they should go.

Put couples names together on one card in case you have many people with the same name. You will want to go over the layout and system with your wedding team so they can help direct the crowds in the right direction. Congestion and confusion are avoidable mistakes.

The Mandap

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This is another mistake that can easily be avoided during Indian wedding planning which will enhance your guests' experience. Everyone has traveled and attended to see a beautiful couple get married. The Mandap is easily the number one frustration for a guest who cannot see the couple because of over designing it.

Yes, it should be extravagant and possibly over the top, but you don't want it to prevent your guests from watching the ceremonies. When designing the Mandap, take into consideration where your guests will be sitting. Ideally, it is best to have the Mandap elevated. Reduce blocked sight lines by keeping draping selective and intentional.

The Baraat

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Last but not least, the Barrat. There tends to be more attention on the bride in any wedding tradition, but even more so in Indian weddings. A classic mistake is not planning enough time and space for the Baraat. This is where the Groom will have the attention mostly on him and can be one of the most fun moments of the wedding.

Since parading to the wedding sight, so many unexpected things can happen along the way. So many parts of the wedding ceremony can be regulated and kept on time, but giving time for spontaneity and enjoyment is quintessential to the Baraat. The dress is all about the bride, let the Baraat be the best for your groom.

Indian wedding planning can often be overwhelming, but hopefully these tips to avoid helped think about some things that you might not have already thought of! If you are dealing with any of the areas above, let us know your experiences and how you're dealing. We would love to hear if you have any more ideas about these areas of the wedding. Don't hesitate to leave a comment with any questions below!

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I totally understand about choosing the dress. I have been trying to help my sister choose hers and she keeps trying on all these new and trendy dresses. But the truth is she loves and looks good in the more traditional but I think she is preoccupied with what others may think of it. How can I explain this to her?


"Traditional" can have a heavy connotation. Try describing the style to her as "timeless" 🙂


I will make sure we budget enough time for the Barrat. I know that things never go to plan with weddings anyways so I'll probably budget even more time now.


Good idea!


Our original idea for the mandap was so over the top, but we loved it so much. Then, once my mother saw it she was so annoyed that we hadn't thought about how ridiculous it looked. It definitely would have ruined the look and feel of our wedding had we gone with it.


Always helpful to have a second opinion during the planning phase 🙂 Thank you for reading.


Thanks for sharing these helpful tips- I am going to share them with my sister as she wants to put the Mandap in a position where most of the guests won't be able to see them.