The Best Las Vegas Wedding Decor for a Sin City Wedding

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Las Vegas wedding decor is something that you must take seriously if you are planning your ceremony in the city where weddings happen every day. You want to have a unique ceremony that will stand out from the pack. You should use all the tips below to make your ceremony and reception the most colorful and vibrant experience of your life. People will walk away from the wedding knowing that they have been to an amazing event, and you should build an atmosphere that people will want to replicate at their own weddings.

If You Have The Resources


Anyone who has a lot of time and money to work with should hire a planner who can lay out an amazing wedding, spend the time planning the wedding with great care, and get all the things you want down to the last detail. People who do not have much time and money will skip over some of the details because they do not have the resources necessary to deal with all these details. However, you have time and money to spend on the details that a wedding planner will handle for you.

Las Vegas Wedding Planners

Choosing wedding planners takes a bit of time because you need to meet people, get to know them, explain your budget, and hear their ideas. You can talk to the planner about what they would do to make your wedding special, and they will show you how they can collect all the items you need for the wedding. There are a couple wedding planners listed below that you might like to try, and you can do your own research if you would like to meet other professionals in the Vegas wedding industry.

-Rachel’s Custom Events
-Weddings And Events By Emily

Feel free to do your own research as you seek out wedding planners. You might have gotten a name from people that you know in the area, or you might contact someone that you have heard about through social media.

Floral Shops and Event Rentals

Floral shops and event rental companies will provide you with all the things that you need from the flowers to the tables and chairs. The event rental companies bring in everything you need from a tent for an outdoor wedding to the chairs for the witnesses. The rental company could bring in all the audio equipment that is needed for your DJ, or you could get the florist to come decorate the whole space for you.

There are a couple florists and rental companies listed below that you might like to try, and each florist that you see will source their flowers from different places, give you more options for a color palette, and explain how they could give you a nice bouquet, flowers for the ladies, flowers for the men, and flowers to fill the space. If you choose to incorporate flowers into any of the decor, hiring a florist will also help with these details!

-Flora Couture
-Gaia Flowers

Party Rental Companies

Party rental companies will bring the tables, chairs, the stage for the band, the audio gear, and even the tent for the reception. You can rent anything you like from the companies listed below, and you would be wise to shop around to see what your best options are. Especially when planning a themed wedding, you'll want to look into large party rental companies to find some unique decor like oversized dice.

-Las Vegas Party Rentals
-RSVP Party Rentals

If You Don't Have Resources

Source: Longwood Blogs

If you are trying to save money or decorate for your wedding on a budget, you should source your decorations from locations that have low prices and a wide array of options. You might not have realized what you could do to decorate for your wedding because you are afraid you will be reduced to fairy lights and fake flowers.

Michaels and Hobby Lobby are craft stores that allows you to buy almost everything you need and provide supplies to DIY any Las Vegas decorations. Home Depot and Lowes have flowers and plants in their garden department, and you can pick up as many of those flowers/greens as you need to provide any greenery you need.

The mall often has a store that you can visit to buy many decor items that might be helpful to you. Shop the mall carefully so that you can find what you need. Party City has all the party supplies you could every need, and you will spend far less money because you have invested in a place like this. Target has a few party supplies, and you could find a guestbook in their stationary department. Walmart also has a floral department, and you could buy party supplies, the guest book, and even some of the food you need.

Where To Buy Decor In Vegas

las vegas wedding decor
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You can shop at a number of small businesses in Las Vegas that will give you the wedding decor you need. Getting Las Vegas wedding decor from a local company gives you many more options, and you will be much more comfortable buying because you are supporting local companies. These local companies often work with planners, and they will give you discounts where possible. Try any of the companies listed below or search online for more companies that you might like to work with.

-By Deign
-ABC Party Essentials

How To Decorate

Choosing decorations for a Las Vegas themed wedding is pretty easy so long as you have taken a look at all these options. You might not use all these ideas in your wedding, but you could use several of them to incorporate the Las Vegas theme in various aspects of your big day.

Playing Cards

personalized playing cards
Source: Wedding Favors Unlimited

Playing cards are a fantastic way to decorate for a Las Vegas theme because most people think of playing cards and gambling when they think of Vegas. You could use playing cards all over the wedding space, and you might use the face cards as party of the design. You might even go so far as to dress as the king, queen, or jack. Hand out a personalized deck to each guest as a favor at the end of the night!

Personalized Napkins

Las Vegas napkins
Source: Favors & Flowers

Napkins are a fun thing to offer to the guests because they want to see the glitz and glamour of the bright colors on the napkins. Personalized napkins are a great and easy place to incorporate the theme into your day. You can buy bulk napkins for a low price, so this is a great option for those looking to add some Las Vegas touch to their day without going all out on renting decor.

Personalized Cups

las vegas personalized cups
Source: Totally Promotional

Custom plastic drinking cups are fun to use during wedding receptions and cocktail hours. Add your wedding details in addition to a saying that could tie in a Vegas theme. You might let people take these cups home, and they will always have something to remember the wedding by.

Goodie Bags

Las Vegas wedding welcome bag
Source: Totally Promotional

Goodie bags for hotel guests are helpful if you have everyone staying in a hotel. When the whole group is staying in a hotel, you might leave goodie bags for your guests that keep up with the Las Vegas theme. You might even put cards, chips, or little chocolate treats in the bags for your guests. You could use bags that have the card theme, or you could use bright colors that reflect the Las Vegas aesthetic. Include necessities for wedding weekend, like a Vegas water bottle and Advil in addition to fun items like drink Koozies or sunglasses.

Personalized Poker Chips

Source: Destination Wedding Favors

Personalized poker chips are a nice thing to give out because they could be part of a much larger set that you will keep in your home after you get married. You might also get personalized playing cards that match up with your chips. Giving away these things as favors makes the wedding more fun, and people might even play games at the table during the reception. Poker chip napkin rings are a fun way to show off the Las Vegas theme without doing anything that is too complicated.

Poker Chip Cookies

poker chip cookies
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Card and poker chip cookies or cupcakes are a nice touch when you are giving out dessert at the wedding. You could get the cake themed for a Las Vegas wedding, but you could do the same with cookies and other pastries that will make the wedding that much more fun. Consider putting together a whole dessert table with a cake and these themed cookies! Or for just a touch of the theme, use a Las Vegas cake topper!

Dice Decor

wedding decor dice
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Oversized dice decor will sit at every table, or you could fill the vases in the centerpieces with dice that people might take home. You could also get personalized dice to give away when the wedding is over. Try super large dice as decor at your wedding entrance or around your dance floor.

Feather Centerpieces

feather centerpieces
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Big feather centerpieces remind guests of the showgirls in Vegas, and they could stick out of the vases that you have filled with dice. The wedding is much easier to decorate, and it can take on a Vegas theme with just a little work. Oversized feathers are an inexpensive option to floral centerpieces at every table and make an even bigger statement! Pick out feathers to match your color palette.

Planning for your Las Vegas wedding decor has never been easier. If you are able to, hire a wedding planner to help you, or buy your own decorations for the perfect Vegas wedding. Incorporate a couple of the details above for the perfect themed wedding!

Did you have a Las Vegas themed wedding? What decor did you love?  Tell us in the comments below!

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