2020 Modern Bridal Shower Themes

Source: Kara's Party Ideas

Bridal showers can be such a fun and joyous part of the wedding preparation festivities. You get  together with your friends and family to celebrate your upcoming wedding. Have you thought about what kind of bridal shower theme you have in mind? If you haven’t it’s okay. There are many different types of bridal showers that a modern bride can have. It all just depends on your personality and the atmosphere that you want to present for your bridal shower.

Here are a couple of ideas for you to look for and maybe get an idea of what may work for your very own special bridal shower.

Nautical Theme

Source: Kate Aspen

Nautical themes usually have white and blue involved with red being incorporated. They have strips of white and blue. Knots, anchors and ship wheels are usually added in to the look. To have a nautical look you would want everything to look like that of a sailor or to have a maritime theme. If a woman is in the Navy or her fiance is than a nautical theme could be something that would be a cute nod to the Navy.

Now maybe you just like blue and white strips and the boating look. That’s perfectly okay too. This look can be very Cape Cod, Nantucket or Martha’s Vineyard. Boatneck shirts or polo shirts and white pants or khakis can give people a very classic nautical look. When it comes to nautical themed dresses, you could wear almost any cute white and blue stripped dress. Here is an idea of a nautical type dress, Draper James Stripe Dress it isn't exact but it's cute and would be a perfect dress for this theme.

Personalized Napkins

nautical napkins
Source: The Knot Shop

Personalized napkins come in many different qualities and types. If you want to be super fancy you can get linen napkins, which are dinner napkins in a light linen fabric. These kinds of napkins have a thicker feeling and a higher quality than anything that you normally get from the store. If the people don’t use them it could be a cute take home from your party, but it is a napkin no matter what. They will be more expensive. If you use linen napkins, incorporate a nautical themed napkin ring.

Cocktail napkins are usually seen when it comes to personalized napkins. Cocktail napkins are definitely less expensive when it comes to buying personalized napkins in bulk and you may feel less guilty using these smaller napkins for your bridal shower. No matter what kind of personalized napkins you get for your bridal shower it is easy to incorporate a nautical theme in with the napkins. In the middle of the napkin an anchor or ship wheel can be placed.

If you're going for a more upscale nautical theme then the napkins can be a dark royal blue with your bridal information in the middle or even the blue with an outline of a white anchor. Doing stripped blue and white napkins can be really cute and you and your fiance’s names can be in the center. There are a lot of things that can be done when it comes to designing a personalized napkin for a nautical party!

Bottle Opener

nautical bottle opener
Source: Wedding Favors Unlimited

Bottle openers can be a fun party favor to give out at your bridal shower. The fact that most bridal showers involve drinking would mean you would be giving your friends and family something that they could not only use the night of the party but afterward. A keychain option like the Compass Wedding Monogram Keychain bottle opener would also be a great bridal shower favor as they can keep it on their keychain for easy use!

Floral Theme

Source: Love The Day

Who doesn’t love flowers? I mean you are getting married and this is your bridal shower so flowers are definitely on your mind. What about flowers as your bridal shower theme?

Modern bridal shower themes will always include some sort of flower or floral situation--unless you are allergic! If so, then maybe this theme is all about floral prints, fake flowers and floral colors for the food.


Source: Country Living Magazine

Bouquets are such an intricate part of weddings and this is your bridal shower so having bouquets here seems like perfect pairing. They can be used as the decorations and centerpieces in this kind of a bridal shower theme, it can be used as a game of sorts. Incorporate a flower bar for your friends and family to arrange their own bouquets as a fun bridal shower activity. Pick out an assortment of your favorite blooms in your favorite colors as well as some greenery, in addition to clippers and kraft paper to wrap your bouquet to take home! This also serves as a great favor- who does't love fresh flowers to take home?

Your friends and family can help you to decide what kind of bouquet you are going to have for your wedding. If you haven’t yet picked out your bridal bouquet this is a great time to get your loved ones to help you decide. This could also give you a chance to see your friends and family members make crazy flower arrangements and get a good laugh at their expense.

Compact Favors

Source: MyWedding

Everyone can always use a compact in their purse and receiving a pretty floral one will give your guests something they want to show off. A floral compact is such a sweet and girly gift to give to your guests who attend your bridal shower. If you buy the compacts in bulk there is a good chance that the designs will slightly differ in the flower types or designs on the compacts. For bulk favors, you can purchase them all in a floral print with your wedding details. If you want to spend more time on each favor, try customizing each compact with the guest name on it!

Floral Ice Cubes

floral ice cubes
Source: Pinterest

There are at least 42 different types of flowers that you can eat. That is an amazing thing but a lot of those flavors are not anything that you want in an ice cube or being mixed in with your drinks.

Lemon Gem and Tangerine Gem in the Marigolds family have blossoms with a citrus taste. Pansies and Johnny Jump-Ups have a wintergreen flavor to them. Bee Balm is a member of the mint family and has a minty taste and has beautiful colors of vibrant red, purple and pink.

Chamomile a flavor known for teas has small daisy like flowers and has an appleish flavor. And of course there is Mint that we use to flavor everything sweet and savory. Also don't forget about lavender and rose flowers for their delicious sweet tastes and health benefits! Adding flowers into your ice cubes is such an easy and inexpensive way to incorporate your floral theme into your bridal shower.

Flower Soap Favors

Source: Kate Aspen

We all are familiar with flower shaped soaps that our mothers or grandmothers had in the bathroom when we were growing up. You can still find soaps like that in many different stores but the throwback flower soaps aren’t exactly what you want to give to your loved ones.

On Etsy there are vendors who are making very realistic looking flower-shaped soaps  that anyone would love to get as a gift or favor. If you are interested in making the favors yourself there are DIY soap making kits on eBay, Michael’s and Amazon and flower-shaped molds available there as well!

A Sweet Brunch

Source: Kara's Party Ideas

If you have a sweet tooth than a Sweet Brunch might be the perfect bridal shower theme for you. You can just eat throughout your bridal shower! I mean that is the concept for a sweet brunch theme. You get to get presents, see loved ones and eat delicious sweet treats. Sounds good to me!

Now it isn’t always as simple as grabbing a bunch of tasty sugary foods. Obviously you should have all of your favorite brunch goodies but definitely throw in a couple of savory treats here and there, especially some bacon! If you are looking for some recipe ideas here are two great links Food and Wine sweet brunch and Country Living Breakfast desserts.


bridal shower program
Source: Minted

These can be a cute little favor type of thing to have at your bridal shower. A program can list out the events of the day or night for everyone. Because it is a program for your bridal shower the program can be all about you OR it can be about you and your fiance, how you want it to look is totally up to you.

This program is also a fun place to put a menu for the shower. You can also use the program as a reminder for upcoming events leading up to the wedding and wedding info in general. You can also put games in the program and think of it as a favor for your guests. These bubbly brunch bridal shower invitations from Minted would help send out the theme for your shower in your invites before the fun day!

Mimosa Bar

mimosa bar
Source: House Beautiful

Mimosas are alcoholic drinks that are usually drank in a champagne glass and the traditional mimosa recipe is orange juice and champagne. Granted, if you don’t want to spend the money to buy champagne from Champagne, France you don’t have to do that. Most mimosa recipes have prosecco wine or some other light bubbly wine.

If you want to make a nonalcoholic version you can use ginger ale and grenadine mixed with the juice. The great thing is you don’t have to use orange juice to make a mimosa. If you are doing a mimosa bar then you can have a great deal of juices available. 40 Mimosa Recipes That Are a Celebration With Every Sip can help you with more mimosa recipe ideas.

The great thing about a mimosa bar is you can put the juices and wine on the table and put a sign up that tells your guests how to mix their drinks. When the drinks are pre-made you give your guests the option to put in whatever type of juice that they want to use and some people may want less sparkling wine or more.

Donut Wall

Source: Green Wedding Shoes

Having a donut wall will allow you to go to any donut place that you love and display them on a wall type structure. You can either DIY the wall, if you’ve got the time for that, buy one online, or you can rent the wall from a party rental place.

With a donut wall you can place the donuts by flavor and the wall with signs over them or you can just pick and choose randomly. It’s totally up to you when it comes to styling a donut wall. If you really wanted to, you could have small walls placed on the table that just displayed one of each type of donut  and then have the donuts on your table by flavor on cakestands with a lid.

You guests then could look at the wall and see the types of flavors and how they look before selecting from under the lids. Keeping the donuts under the lids could allow for the donuts to stay fresh and you won’t have to worry about people digging through the donuts.

Travel Theme

travel theme
Source: Pinterest

Who doesn’t want to travel when it comes to a wedding? Granted, this kind of travel probably won’t have the guests going TOO far. A travel themed party can be so much fun and represents modern bridal shower themes so well.

Your guests can think about where they most want to travel or where they love to travel to and that can be a game within the party. A game like this would allow your party to be fun for everyone and not just have the party focused around the wedding.

You could also display pictures of your favorite travel times with your fiancé and you can serve different foods that are local to those destinations. And decor for a travel theme bridal shower can be steamer trunks and suitcases, also you can have the cake made as a stack of suitcases or you can have planes  as cupcake toppers!

Let the Adventure Begin Items

Source: Martha Stewart Weddings

These items are so incredibly cute and fun. The concept of letting the adventure begin can connect to many different stages of life after you get married. You can ask your guests to give you different decor that relates back to this theme like throw pillows, pictures or even cups. Etsy has many ‘Let the Adventure Begin’ products that you could pick and choose from.

Another great travel-related saying you can focus your shower around is "Traveling From Miss to Mrs." You can have this as a sign to the entrance to your party and even included on your invitation. Use globes and suitcases as decor set around the party.

Garden Party/ Afternoon Tea

Source: Sweetly Chic Events

This is a very fairly fancy type of bridal shower. If you are not a dress up and look fancy type of woman I would not suggest this type of bridal shower for you. Garden Parties or Afternoon Tea bridal showers are known for the 'ladies who lunch' crowd. A lot of times the women are wearing nice dresses and hats.

The concept of Afternoon Tea started in England when a Duchess wanted a meal time that happened between breakfast and dinner, they weren’t eating lunch yet at that time, and so the idea of tea and a light snack was started! As time has gone by Afternoon tea has turned in to high tea and thought to be a very “posh” type of thing.

Garden Parties are thrown in the backyard. This kind of party is usually fairly upscale and people will dress nicely. The table or tables will be set up in the yard and the decor will be set very nicely with a linen tablecloth and cloth napkins. This is not the same as a backyard party even though they are happening in the same space. If the weather doesn't cooperate, you are still able to host an indoor garden party!

Stemless Wineglasses

stemless wine glasses
Source: Pinterest

Stemless wineglasses are wineglasses that don’t have the stem. They are classy yet functional and allow your glass like a regular glass but it’s still a glass that is meant for wine. They also have a flat bottom so it allows you to set your glass down on a flat bottom and hopefully this will allow people to continue to drink without worrying about breaking the stem of the glass. Try customizing them to include your wedding details, or if you want them more as a favor you could include personalized names on each of them!

Seed Favors

Source: Martha Stewart Weddings

Being that you are throwing a party out in the garden you can give your friends and loved ones seeds as a favor. Botanical Paper Works offers all sorts of eco-friendly party favors that you can personalize and that come with either wildflowers or herb seeds.

Finger Sandwiches

Source: Deavita.net

Both Afternoon Tea and at Garden Parties serve finger sandwiches. The most well known finger sandwich is a cucumber sandwich, that is a cucumber and mayo based sandwich.

Other well known finger sandwiches are Chicken Salad sandwiches, egg salad sandwiches, smoked salmon sandwiches, watercress sandwiches and ham and brie sandwiches. The great thing when making these sorts of sandwiches is that you can get several finger sandwiches by making one sandwich. Remember that the crust is always cut off of a finger sandwich! Check out this list of popular finger sandwiches to include at your bridal shower.

Boho Chic Theme

Source: Pinterest

Boho Chic is truly a style of clothing and décor, making this sort of concept in to a bridal shower theme is very modern bride. Boho Chic means bohemian or hippie influenced style that has showed up on many female celebrities in the past decade.

A Boho Chic bridal shower feel is somewhat relaxed and has a cool vibe. If you have a very Earthy aunt this is the perfect time to pick her brain on different things that you can bring to your boho vibe. We are talking about cute and flowy looking fabrics that are done more in earth tones.

Incorporating Macrame

Source: HappyWedd.com

Macrame isn’t just for your grandmother anymore. Boho ladies can enjoy their macrame purses, shirts and household décor. You can use macrame tapestries, on your pillows or macrame blankets. Have a huge macrame hanging where you can add flowers and a sign that can serve as backdrop for your shower. You can also have a long macrame table runner or macrame hangers on the back of all the chairs. You could even  DIY macrame plant hangings and use them as decor during the shower, and allow guests to take them home after as a favor!

Vintage Glassware

boho bridal shower
Source: Twinkle & Toast

If you love to go antiquing I’m sure you have seen amazing amber glasses. There are so many fantastic vintage colored glasses that you can display at your party. When it comes to vintage glassware you don’t have to have a full set of anything. If you have 1 of this glass and 2 or so of another it will just add to the boho type of vibe. The mismatched look is perfect for a boho chic bridal theme!

Lots of Pillows, Blankets, Tapestries

Source: United With Love

You can display tons of great blankets on your couches and find vintage tapestries to put on the wall. Placing great earth tone blankets and pillows around will help to transform your existing furniture into a more boho type of décor.

You could also make a pillow pile on the floor where you lay down several blankets and then on top you put pillows so that everyone can sit on the floor and hang out and talk. Use a pile of pillows to create a seating area if you are doing a sit down lunch or dinner- this is perfect for a boho aesthetic!

Boho Dress Code

boho chic Outfits
Source: Brit + Co

So many different ladies consider many things boho chic. A big floppy brown hat can be a perfect jumping off point when it comes to a boho look. You can either wear a cute jumper or a flowy dress, definitely make sure that the colors are more so earth tones than anything else.

Boho chic is a bit more natural because it’s based off of the hippie look, which were bell-bottom jeans, flowy/gauzy dresses and skirts and cotton or linen shirts. People associate the flower crown with the Woodstock era and hippies but women have been wearing them for hundreds of years and a lot of times at weddings. Flower crowns give off a look of earthiness and freedom.

You can buy flower crowns on Amazon or Etsy. There are also many DIY flower crown tutorials online. Your guests will enjoy making a flower crowns plus once they are done they get to take them home with them.

What are Your Thoughts?

So what do you think of the suggestions for your bridal shower? Anything that you are maybe considering for your very own special event? Did you include any special bridal shower favors?

Let us know what your thoughts are. Also if you’ve tried out some of these your self and have some suggestions we’d love to know that. We would love to know how your event turned out for you or if you are looking for more ideas on how you can pull off a fun, interesting and modern bridal shower!

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The bottle opener idea is so cute! Especially the ones that are shaped like an anchor. Too bad out wedding isn't a beach or sea themed.


Thank you for reading!


I think I just might use the macrame idea as a backdrop for our photo booth. It's so simple and definitely wouldn't cost a lot. Plus, we can just put some flowers in it to add a pop of color.


Exactly! That would be a beautiful touch.


I am definitely using the pillow and blanket idea for my upcoming wedding. I think it would be cute to have it as a kids area so they can all be comfy. Our reception is going to be in the evening so kids might be tired and want to just snuggle up. I may also put a movie on a screen for them to watch and be entertained.


That sounds so fun 🙂