The Most Elegant Wedding Favor Ideas

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Choosing to get married is a pivotal decision in people's lives. Having a beautiful, elegant wedding to mark the beginning of the couple's marital lives together is essential. Weddings can take significant planning and attention to details is paramount.

The objective is for guests, the couple who are marrying and the wedding party to enjoy themselves and embark on the celebration of the newly wedded couple.Your wedding is your day to shine. You want every detail to be perfect, right down to your wedding favors, and you want them to be elegant and lovely. And there are so many elegant wedding favor ideas to choose from!

Place Holders

bell place holders
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Tables for dining and sitting with other guests are of utmost importance. Decorations at the tables can truly add to the festive mood. There are many favors that can enhance the sitting area. Deciding where to place each guest is an important choice. Having place cards helps ensure that guests sit in their designated areas.

Having someone quirky and eclectic , who will appreciate and enjoy your Aunt's off color humor can help keep the mood light and cheerful. Seating your politically incorrect Uncle next to your cousin  who has the patience of a saint can help keep the ambiance at that particular table civil and pleasant.

So, for a bevy of reasons strategically placed guests is key and decorating said placement to look elegant and sophisticated helps keep the traditional wedding theme going. Bell wedding place holders are classy and sophisticated. Bells traditionally signify peace.

One side of the card can hold a inspirational and romantic saying that holds value for the blessed couple. The other side of the card can mark the assigned seat. These place holders can be also be a beautiful souvenirs for guests.

Crystal Favors

crystal favors
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Crystal is another viable option for wedding favors. Having a history of healing powers, crystals can signify magic, energy work, and spiritual empowerment. All of these positive attributes make crystals an attractive choice for wedding favors. There are many affordable crystal choices, such as crystals shaped like a merry go round, with small horses, angels, crystal gold long stem roses, globe travel themed favors, cinderella carriage favors and many more options. Guests will enjoy any and all special touches at the couple's special day festivities.

Place Card Frames

frame wedding favors
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Frames can be an elegant place holder and hold a picture of the featured couple. There are a variety of frame options ranging available online from beaded, rustic wood, many baroque style choices, sand and shell decorated, victorian designs and much more.

Use the frames to help enhance wedding themes. The sand and shell frames would be lovely for a beach wedding. Rustic wood can be for a barn wedding. Rustic and barn weddings seem to be gaining popularity in recent years. For a vintage-style wedding, use a baroque frame!


pearl frame
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A classy, yet simple beaded frame can help jazz up a low key backyard or park reception. For do-it-yourself crafty people, homemade frames can be elegant and add flair to a wedding. A photographer can take a picture of the soon to be wed couple and add it to any type of frames above or add it to a homemade option. Some couples have opted for edible pictures in rice crispy squares! What a fun and different idea! With so many choices of wedding favors every budget can afford to make their wedding of their dreams possible, while using elegant wedding favor ideas.

Have a professional photographer take a great black and white photo of you and your fiance well ahead of the wedding. Then, let your imagination go wild. You can have that photo made into coasters, key rings and even sprayed onto cookies and cakes with edible frosting. Or you can simply put it in quality mini favor frames. Search online for other options for photo printing on favors.

Jars of Honey

honey jar favors
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Try endorsing a local farm or crafter by ordering honey or jam from a local small business owner. Guests will revel in getting to bring back homemade goods that are delicious and have a honey jar that can act as a souvenir long after the contents are consumed. What a yummy way to celebrate the newly wed couple's special day! Personalized labels can be ordered online to put on each jar.

Often the simplest ideas are the best! Is there a local craftsman or bakery that makes a specialty that you can only get in your area? Maple sugar candies, jams, spreads, or honey jar favors that are produced locally are great choices.

Key Chain Favors

vintage keychain
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Mini photos can be placed in keychains for guests. Skeleton key themed keychains are affordable and have a vintage feel. Keychains are practical favors that can help wedding attenders remember the festive union of their friends or family during daily use.

When you have gold or silver favors, it automatically sends a message that they are upscale. They will look like they are made of precious metals- even when they aren't! Small frames, charms, key chains, and other small items can look positively regal when done in a silver or gold tone. Gold will look warmer and silver will look cooler; just plan according to what matches your theme and decor.

Elegant Gift Bags

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Candy in an elegant bag can scream sophistication while being quietly classy. It truly is the simple favors and touches that helps everyone remember all of the ambiances of this special day. Go for gourmet cookies that are richly scrolled with frosting or candies that look painstakingly handmade. You can find truffles dusted with stencils that look very expensive.

If you are offering an edible, make it one that your guests wouldn't find in a store and buy themselves. Just remember to provide something guests can eat at or soon after the wedding or in their hotel room so your confections won't melt.

Elegant Favor Boxes

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Enlist the assistance of a local baker or cafe to help make mini cakes or candies to add to small, decorative boxes. Perhaps a friend can help make some delectable desserts to fit inside mini favor boxes. Add little bows or order boxes with bows to seal in the elegance of the box.

If you want your guests to remember that you had elegant favors, think small and edible. Guests will remember one bite of a divine chocolate wedding favors rather than a bigger box of a lesser confection.

You can have one Godiva chocolate wrapped in foil at each place. Or you can have brownie pops decorated as a bride in a gown and a groom in a tuxedo. (Salt and pepper shakers in porcelain also come dressed as a bride and groom.) The more decorated an item is, the more festive and high end it will look.

Wine Labels

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Wine can be a chic table accessory. Custom wine labels can be ordered or for crafty folks out there, they can be made to go on the wine. They can hold the couple's romantic notions or the new name of the blessed couple. With so many options for labels, favors, and more, weddings can be so personalized to suit any couple or any theme! And who doesn't love wine to take home?

Elegant Favor Tags

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Favor tags are an easy addition to make any favor seem more upscale. Choose a beautiful ribbon or twine to affix the label with, and consider adding a sprig of greenery or a small flower for extra levels of detail. There are a bevy of options available that are as unique as each soon to be married couple! Use the favor tag as another place to enhance your wedding theme. For a rustic wedding, use twine and kraft paper tags elegantly cut. For a more upscale feel, use a luxe ribbon and a tag with calligraphy!

All tags can be ordered online to put together yourself or have your planner help assemble. Remember any soon-to-be couples reading this, a beautiful, exquisite wedding is at your fingertips. Small details come together to make an polished affair to remember!
What was your favorite idea? There are so many to choose from and a variety of ideas that can help you achieve that wedding of your dreams! We would love to see pictures of your favors on your special day. We love to hear from you. Best wishes on your special day. Go forth and enjoy as you embark on the first day of your married journey!

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