Gourmet Chocolate Wedding Favor Ideas that Dazzle

truffle wedding favors
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Why is chocolate the best wedding favor? Why isn’t chocolate the best wedding favor might be a better question to ask. Almost everyone seems to have some sort of love for chocolate no matter what walk of life they come from. 

Getting a piece of chocolate nicely wrapped or designed is always a loved sweet, even when it’s placed on a pillow or given at the end of a nice meal. Getting a chocolate treat will not only remind your guests of the treats that got as a child but it will also make them feel special. Here is a list of many different chocolate wedding favor ideas for you to incorporate in to your wedding festivities.

The Best Chocolate Wedding Favors Ideas

gourmet chocolate wedding favors
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There are so many different ways for you and your fiancé to showcase your tastes and your style when it comes to your chocolate favors. If you are foodies there are specialty chocolate companies or chocolatiers that can use different flavors that showcase you as a couple. If you loved a special candy bar that is only sold in a certain country or state this is the perfect time to nod to a destination wedding in that area.

Dove Chocolates

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Dove chocolate wedding favors can be such a familiar treat for anyone who grew up in America. These little foil covered chocolates are the perfect little bite-sized treat. You can get them made with milk or dark chocolate and you also have the option of getting them filled with caramel. You could even get a variety pack of chocolate and give your guests one of each flavor. Dove chocolate wedding favors can be an easy and loved treat for your guests.

Personalized Candy Bars

personalized candy bars
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Personalized candy bars for wedding can be not only a delicious chocolate treat but you can put anything on your wrapper for your wedding favor. You can choose the type of chocolate that you want to give your guests, most people will probably go for milk chocolate. Your candy bar wrapper can have facts from your relationship and a picture of the two of you. If you don’t want to be too fussy with your personalized candy bars for wedding then you can just have your initials and wedding date.

Ferrero Rocher Favor Box

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Ferrero Rocher favor boxes with two Ferrero Rocher chocolates placed inside. One of the great thing about Ferrero Rocher is they come wrapped in gold foil, so the box and the chocolates have a special look about them. These chocolates always look like a gift or a treat to receive. Plus, it’s made with milk chocolate with hazelnuts and even some hazelnut cream, yummy!

Oreo Cookie Wedding Favors

Oreo cookie wedding favors
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Oreo cookies have been a beloved after school treat for children and as we get older its a treat that instantly transports us back to a happy place. They come dipped in chocolate (white, milk, or dark) and then a decorator will either make them look like little wedding cakes or Oreo bride and grooms. There are even bakeries that are able to print pictures or personal designs on to the dipped chocolate surface.

Truffle Wedding Favors

truffle wedding favors
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There are so many chocolatiers that make amazing truffles. Vosges Chocolate make some of the best truffles for wedding favors. They have all sorts of different flavors from the exotic to spicy. Another seller for you to consider for some of the best truffles for wedding favors is Godiva chocolates. They have a well-known history of being incredible tasting and they are always made with the best Belgium chocolate. Make sure to order at least 8 to 10 weeks prior to your wedding with any truffles to make sure your order gets to you in time.

Hot Chocolate Wedding Favors

hot chocolate wedding favors
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Do you love hot chocolate? You can buy personalized hot chocolate packets and give them to your guests as favors. Who wouldn’t love to receive some hot chocolate with a little baggie of mini marshmallows attached? This wedding favor would be perfect for late fall and winter weddings, especially in colder climates.

Stacked Cookies

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Stacked cookies can look exactly how you think they would look, which is a bunch of yummy cookies stacked on top of each other and tied with a ribbon. They can be artfully done to represent the season, like snowmen for winter and flowers in spring. Pick a personalized tag or a personalized box to place them in! A bunch of chocolate chip cookies can be made to look like the wedding cake, which would be beautiful!

Chocolate + Strawberry Wedding Favors

When it comes to people who love chocolate so many of those people especially love berries covered in chocolate, especially strawberries.

Chocolate Tuxedos

chocolate tuxedo strawberries
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Chocolate tuxedos are strawberries that are styled with different types of chocolate to look like a tuxedo. You might think that a strawberry “dressed up” might look cheesy but these chocolate goodies have an elegant look to them.

Caramel Apples and Strawberries

Caramel apples probably bring up memories of fall and cooler weather. Teaming them with chocolate covered strawberries will give your guests that perfect autumn wedding fun and delicious mixture. You can even bump up the greatness of the caramel apple and cover it in chocolate as well that has the same kind of chocolate covering as the strawberries.

Groom & Bride

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Just like with the chocolate tuxedos these strawberries are made to look like the bride and groom. Or at least a generic bride and groom with the bride strawberries in white chocolate with lace like accents and the groom strawberries will either look like a tuxedo or a suit. Bride and groom strawberries are cute and delicious!

Chocolate Wedding Favors Ideas for the Creative at Heart

gourmet chocolate wedding favors
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First off I will say that you can cover ANYTHING in chocolate! Give people a chance and they will certainly find a way to dip it or smother it in chocolate in one way or another. You could give your guests a bag of banana chips dipped in chocolate, candied oranges in chocolate, chocolate covered apples, chocolate covered pretzels, potato chips dipped in chocolate or bacon dipped chocolate.

You don’t have to limit yourself as far as chocolate ideas to give to your wedding guests as favors, or try giving your guests wedding favor chocolate boxes. I mean chocolate that was formed in to the shape of wedding favor chocolate boxes which means you could just put the cut box inside a baggy and make sure it is quite cold in your wedding reception. This is obviously a favor that won’t be able to keep for long

In Conclusion

chocolate bark wedding favors
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There are so many chocolate themed ideas that you can use when it comes to your wedding. If you are looking for more chocolate ideas check out chocolate wedding favor ideas from Martha Stewart Weddings. I hope that this list gave your some great ideas on how to incorporate chocolate as a favor at your wedding.

Is there any other ways to incorporate chocolate into wedding favors we left out? Leave a comment below!