Practical Wedding Favors the Guests Will Treasure

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We all know that planning a wedding is fun and exciting. It comes with a lot of work but is so rewarding once it all comes together! One detail to think about is what wedding favors to get. Anyone who has been to a few weddings has developed some favorite wedding favors.

Fans, matches, candy, and napkins are the most common practical wedding favors that can be found on the reception tables. Finding wedding items that will be treasured and kept in remembrance of your special day is important to your guests and you. We have compiled some of the best useful wedding favors for you!

The Purpose of Wedding Favors

Source: Arabia Weddings

The color scheme, the flowers, the ribbons, and bows will all be remembered when the little gifts that reflect the happy day are kept by guests. This is a way you, the bride and groom, can say thank you to the guests for celebrating this occasion with you. Giving the guests a momento that they will treasure always is a way to show appreciation for gathering with friends and family for the ceremony. Guests will especially appreciate any gift that is useable!

Some Examples of Practical Favors Your Guests Will Love

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Practical favors are ones that the guests will put somewhere that they will see occasionally. Or in conversation say that they still have the fan or tin candy container from the wedding. Guests may not keep the favor forever, but you can see how these favors will at least get their use out of them!

Bookmark Favors

bookmark wedding favors
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Bookmark favors are absolutely the best item to give to a wedding guest in my opinion. These bookmarks are very affordable wedding favors and are also the perfect gift for a teacher to give out. They are an easy way to tie in a theme (nautical or destination!) or even include a plantable bookmark favor like the one above.

Purse Hanger Favors

purse hanger wedding favors
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Purse hanger favors are fun and are appreciated by the guests because not everyone has a purse hanger or thinks to buy one for themselves. Purse hangers are practical and will be used by all who take one. They are small and easy to carry around and serve as a safety precaution to keep your purse safe and more sanitary than keeping on the ground!

Seed Packet Favors

seed packet wedding favors
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Seed packet favors are another affordable wedding favors option that I find particularly fun! Forget Me Not seed packets are always fun and cute. Choose your favorite flower as a couple to hand out, or even allow guests to take home seed packets of your wedding flower to plan themselves! "Let Love Grow" is the perfect tag saying to include with this favor.

Luggage Tag Favors

luggage tag wedding favors
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Luggage tag favors are also favorite wedding favors that will last forever as well. Every time your guest travels they will remember your special day. Luggage tags are a way to not only identify your luggage but also save time at the check-in counter. These are another practical and useful favor and will be forever a reminder of the Bride and Groom, and are especially great to get guests excited for a destination wedding!

Kitchen Wedding Favors

Coffee and Tea Favors

coffee wedding favor
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Coffee or tea related favors are extremely "hot" right now and are flying off the shelves as we speak. If you are looking for single-serve pods or personalized mugs and cups with comical sayings on them you'll find them as well-received wedding favors. Travel mugs and coasters that match the wedding theme don't have to be personalized with your names and wedding date.

It does help guests remember, however, most of us will remember the item and where we got it. Or include a small bag of coffee beans or tea bags. This is especially great for destination weddings- include local coffee that the guests will enjoy!

Gold Reusable Straws

reusable straw wedding favors
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Reusable straws are another practical item to give to your wedding guests. Considering the controversy over straws recently it is a good way to show your support of reusable straws. Also, trendy way to share your concern about the environment and they are definitely useable!

Salt and Pepper Shakers

salt and pepper wedding favors
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Salt and pepper shakers are always a hit! These can be used or put away depending on the guest. So many people collect these that it is rarely a bad thing to have as a favor.

So versatile with so many varieties to choose from that salt and pepper shakers are one of the best wedding favors you can choose to give. Whether part of your theme or a generic genre, these will be another gift that will be forever saved.

Scoops and Measurers

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Scoops and measurers are fun and always practical. Whether they are displayed or used, your wedding day will always be remembered when your guest is baking. I personally love the whimsical kind that are printed with a pinch of love and a dash of kindness. Those are perfect for wedding favors and also come in a variety of themes.

Infused Oils and Vinegar Bottles

olive oil wedding favor
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Infused oils or olive oils are very popular and trending right now. Infused oils add a touch of flavor to any recipe or look awesome on display. Add a custom tag with your wedding date information and it will be a welcome gift to any kitchen and a sweet momento from your big day!

In Conclusion

Your wedding day will be memorable as it is but with a few gifts for your guests to take home, they will be talking about your day for years to come. What do you think about personalization on all the items or just on some?  What are your favorite wedding favors to take home from a wedding? Let us know in the comments below!

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These are all great ideas! I love the Olive oil idea infused with a touch of flavor. What would you suggest for a beach wedding theme?