Nautical Themed Wedding Favors for a Tropical Bash

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Planning a wedding is one of the most exciting times in a couples life. We all know that it can also be one of the most stressful times as well. Couples have to make challenging decisions about where they want to have their special day, what they are going to wear, who they are going to invite, and so much more. They have to make endless decisions to ensure that they have a perfect day and their guests have a blast too.

If you are getting married soon and are looking to have a tropical, beach, or destination wedding you have a lot of decisions to make. Your guests will likely have a great time at your wedding no matter what, but to help set the mood you should use destination beach wedding favors!

Giving your guests nautical themed wedding favors can help them remember your wedding for years to come. Using destination beach wedding favors can also immerse your guests in the culture and atmosphere of the place they are going. Using these types of favors can help them get more excited about your wedding.

Creative Nautical Themed Wedding Ideas

nautical wedding favor
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No matter what you use to decorate your wedding or what gift you decide to give your guests, make  sure that it fits your style and personality. Here are some of the most creative wedding ideas that you can use at your beach or destination wedding to help set the mood!

Anchor Bottle Opener Favors

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Anchor bottle opener favors are a great gift idea for all guests over the age of 21. These great favors can attach to any keychain so that they are easily accessible when you need to crack open a cold one. You can use them during the wedding or for years to come after. To help people remember your special day you can engrave these favors with your initials or the date of your wedding.

Nautical Wedding Koozies

nautical koozie wedding favor
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If you are having a destination themed wedding many of your guests may be traveling but still looking to keep their drinks cold from the beach and beyond! Nautical wedding koozies are a great favor to give your guests to help them keep their drinks cold and their hands warm. Your guests can also use these koozies when they are relaxing by the beach or the pool after your wedding.

Nautical Soap Favors

anchor shaped soaps
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There are many different varieties of nautical soap favors, including rubber ducks with sailor hats or anchor shaped soaps. These favors make an ideal gift for wedding guests who will be staying in hotels and traveling for the destination wedding. Your creativity with the favors makes your guests feel special and help them connect with the overall theme of your wedding.

Nautical Place Card Holders

nautical place card holders
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If you have a seating chart for your wedding you will likely be using place card holders. If you are having a beach or destination wedding you should dress up the place setting with decorations and use nautical place card holders. These place card holders can help you elevate the theme of your party. A simple knotted rope place holder will help tie in the theme and guests can take home after- they also will work for picture holders!

Anchor Wedding Souvenir

anchor wedding favor
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The best favor or gift that you can give your guests to show your appreciation for them coming to your wedding is to give them something that shows you and your partner's style. An anchor wedding souvenir, navy themed wedding favors, or other nautical themed wedding favors will surely help them remember your wedding.

One of the most iconic symbols of destination weddings and beach weddings are anchors. You can give your guests anchor wedding favors to help them remember your special day. To make your favors more unique you can engrave your anchor wedding favors with your names to help them stand out.

Finding Your Beach

nautical wedding favors
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There is an endless number of beaches for you and your spouse to choose from for your special day. The most important thing is that you and your partner get the wedding you want and the wedding that displays both of your personalities.

To help you connect the theme of your wedding with your guests you can use a variety of different wedding favors. Wedding favors are a great reminder of you, your wedding, and the meaning of love. People will cherish your wedding favors for years to come so try to make sure that they represent who you and your partner are as a couple!

Is there any other nautical themed favors we forgot to include? Let us know in the comments below!

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These are great ideas for our beach themed wedding we are planning for this coming August. I love the anchor bottle opener.