Creative Wedding Favor Ideas: Unique Gifts for Wedding Guests

destination wedding favor ideas
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creative wedding favor idea

You spend most of your wedding planning time choosing flowers, table decorations, and what everyone in the wedding party will be wearing. These items will be the focus of your day and will be memorialized in photos and albums, but what will your guests have to remember your most special day?

Using Favors on Your Wedding Day

We want to share our favorite wedding favor ideas because your wedding favors are gifts for your cherished wedding guests—the ones who came to witness the joy of your big day. You don’t want to choose favors that will get thrown in a drawer (or in the trash) after the wedding day, but ones that will be kept and possibly even used as décor items in your guests’ homes for some time to come.

Unique wedding favors will help your guests remember how unique and special your wedding was, and will be appreciated rather than ignored after the big day. In a way, they are party favors, but how can you make your wedding favors stand out to the pack? Matching your party favors to your wedding theme or using practical wedding favors can give your wedding reception or themed wedding that special touch you are craving.

Unique Wedding Party Favors

creative and unique wedding favors

Unique doesn’t have to mean strange. There are many beautiful wedding favors available that can wow guests rather than have them shaking their heads. A good place to start is thinking about what makes the wedding couple unique. Wedding gifts to guests that are a reflection of the blending of two unique lives give guests something to remember the day and the couple that was celebrated.

Favor ideas can come to many sources, including your shared history together, your special interests as a couple, and can even be unique party favors that reflect the one-of-a-kind start of your lives together.

Our favorite unique ideas are:

  • Jars filled with your favorite Olive Oil  (this is a great site to buy high quality in bulk)
  • Pasta boxes filled with homemade pasta
  • Gift cards to buy credits for photos from your photographer

Bubbly Wedding Party Favors

mini champagne wedding favors
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A wedding favor that is sure to please the crowds are alcohol-related party favors! Engraved shakers, mini champagne bottles, personalized moscow mule cups, mini cocktail kits are adorable and gifts actually want! Bottle openers, wine stoppers, coasters, or wine stem charms are also personal barware favors that are sure to make a splash. 

Any personalized mug or cup can be set out at each guest's table for them to use all night. To really get the party started, set out personalized shot glasses with a shot awaiting the guests! Any mini cocktail kit, liquor shooter, or mini champagne bottle favor is great because the guest can choose to indulge in during the wedding (or save for the after party!)

Personalized Wedding Favors

Ideas for creative wedding favors can come to your wedding theme, even if it isn’t unique itself. The typical favor may be eaten or sit on a shelf; instead, give your guests something they can put into use in their home. What about a set of salt and pepper shakers or a cheese board that will help guests remember your love when they share a meal or entertain?

Other practical wedding favor ideas may include matchbooks to signify your “perfect match,” tiny “love notes” notepads complete with a tiny pen, or “slice of love” pizza cutters.

Even weddings on a limited budget can give heart-shaped clip magnets for guests’ refrigerators with minimal investment in both money and time. These ideas can all use personalized labels for a professional look.

Cheap wedding favors don’t have to make you look cheap and can be quite creative in their own right. Many bottle opener favors are economical, but are likely to be used long after the wedding—who can’t use another bottle opener? Those things are nearly impossible to find when you need one.

Another inexpensive favor could be a tea bag with a personalized label. Your wedding guests can have a cup of tea on you, and save the bag to remember your ceremony by. Other types of tea favors include tiny teapots with bags inside and even a tea infuser filled with your favorite variety. The more favors you buy, the more economical they get with quantity discounts of up to 40 percent off.

If you are doing your best to keep plastic out of landfills and oceans, where even the best favors may one day end up, you may want to give a more sustainable favor to your guests. Tiny potted flowers or tree saplings in biodegradable containers will allow them to keep a part of your wedding indefinitely on their property and won’t ever end up polluting the planet. Hemp, burlap or muslin pouches and a large container of potpourri could be another plastic-free way to memorialize your day.

Edible Wedding Favors

unique edible favors

You can’t get much more practical than a gift that guests can eat, and there are many affordable wedding favor options that go beyond candied almonds in tulle. You can get just about any kind of candy in bulk online, the happy couple’s unusual favorite can be the basis of a unique favor that everyone will be talking about (and enjoy eating).

Personalized edible wedding favors could be anything to tiny mason jars to customizable cookie jars perfect for holding office or desk snacks. There are also many DIY wedding favor options, such as a large jar of edible treats that your guests can scoop into small metal buckets to take home with them.

Even if you and your spouse-to-be have only been together for a little while, you can provide guests with a gift that helps them know you as the couple you now are. Spotify Playlists to share that are special to the two of you will provide enjoyable listening, like a mixtape for your life together. Stickers or personalized paper covers will give some style to these favors. Be sure to provide a song list as well as part of the reception program so people know what they're going to listen to!

Using Multiple Favors

Multiple wedding favor ideas

You don’t have to limit yourself to one favor, either. For an outdoor mid-summer wedding, for example, you may want to make paper fans and water bottles with special labels available to make guests comfortable during the ceremony, while having a different favor on the guests’ tables and stacking a parting gift near the exit door for them to take home. Guests will feel welcomed and even pampered by your efforts.

Bridal Shower Favors to Consider

bridal shower ice cream scoop favor

Your wedding and reception are not the only occasions that call for favors to be handed out. While you may not be in charge of the planning for your bridal shower, it offers your wedding party an opportunity for their own creativity as they explore favor options for your guests.

You can’t really tell your bridal party what favors to get for your shower, but you can make sure they know the theme of your wedding and you can mention resources like Wedding Favors Unlimited as a place where they can find ideas that match up with your theme.

bridal shower lip balm favor

One cute and useful favor idea for a bridal shower could be a lip balm that has the wedding date on it as a reminder for bridal shower guests. Chances are that the ladies at the shower will put the lip balm into their purses, and if they need to refresh their memories about the wedding date, they can just pull out the lip balm and check.

Lip balms are available as plain tubes that your wedding party can personalize in any way they want, or as custom tubes or flats in many themes.

bridal shower stemless wine glasses

For a couple’s shower, stemless wine glasses or shot glasses may be a favor that appeals to both men and women alike, and can also bear the wedding date. Another unique idea that can work for the couple’s showers or even for the wedding reception is small packages of candies or nuts labeled “his favorite” and “her favorite.” These are a great idea that can allow your guests to share in some of your favorite treats and include both spouses-to-be.

One or more unique favor ideas will help your bridal shower, ceremony and reception stand out and will add to the distinctive and special flavor of your day.

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