23 Easy Ideas for a Fantastic Winter Wedding

winter wedding color palettes
Source: Wedding Wire

Couples getting married in the spring or summer have it so easy! They have numerous ready made color schemes that fit the season and weddings. Those who get married during the cold weather months need winter wedding color schemes made for romance rather than for seasonal holidays. That presents the challenge of finding romantic décor in the most beautiful winter wedding colors.

Differences Between Winter and Summer Weddings

winter wedding color palettes
Source: Wedding Wire

From the venue to the clothing to the decorations, there are many important differences to be aware of when planning a winter wedding versus a summer one. While summer ideas abound, you have to search out the unique winter wedding reception ideas and those that work for the ceremony, too. We have gathered some of the top tips for planning a winter wedding!

Top 23 Tips for Your Winter Wedding Planning

Winter-sage-and-black-wedding color palettes
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1. Keep Your Wedding Party Warm:

wedding cover ups bridesmaids
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Groomsmen and, especially, bridesmaids will get cold during the wedding ceremony. Make sure you have bridesmaid cover-ups readily available so that no one is left shivering to death. Shawls, pashmina scarves, or fur stoles will help keep bridesmaids warm while still keeping your bridal party looking fashionable!

2. Check the Forecast:

winter wedding ideas
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While it may seem obvious, winter weather proves significantly more unpredictable than other seasons. Check the National Weather Service for your local forecast every day for the three to four days leading up to the wedding.

3. Umbrellas:

winter wedding umbrellas
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You never know the weather, it can change in an instant! Keep your guests covered (literally) by having umbrellas handy. They can even add a stunning photo opportunity for your portraits!

4. Wear Winter Footwear:

winter wedding shoes
Source: Dune London

You can work cute boots into your wedding look, even the bride. Your feet will remain warmer and you can work the boots into a rustic wedding theme. Try these looks: white leather lace up boots, lace Up satin lace boots or cream pointed toe kitten heel boots. If boots aren't your thing, a stunning satin or velvet pump would also look amazing for a winter wedding!

5. Extra Shoe Options:

winter wedding boots
Source: The Spruce

In case of puddles or ice, it’s also wise to have extra shoes nearby. You can also wear galoshes until you reach the vestibule of the church. Change into your wedding shoes once you are there. Having a rain boot or snow boot back up is always a good idea!

6. Glittery Dresses:

glitter bridesmaids dresses winter wedding
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Winter is the season of glitter, from a fashion standpoint making it ideal for beautiful winter wedding ideas. Make your dresses pop by choosing a glitter or sequin wedding dress. It needn’t be an all sequined dress like Miss America would wear, but a little fashion bling can light up the church.

The sequins at the waist of this Madeline Gardner creation add romantic glitz and a slimming effect. This sparkly topped wedding dress featured on Wedding For People provides just enough glitz for glamour. If you don't want to commit to a full bridesmaids sequin look, have just your maid of honor stand out in sequins!

7. Let The Candles Tell a Story:

Source: Martha Stewart Weddings

Capitalize on winter’s short days by integrating candles throughout your wedding. If you choose an evening wedding, the candles burning in your venue will sparkle with romantic color tones from candles and combine with the sunset through the windows for a beautiful burst of color. These silver snowflake candle holders let the flame lick through while evoking winter. Layered candles can be a cheap alternative to flowers for a tablescape, while adding a touch of romantic atmosphere.

8. Allow Extra Travel Time:

Source: Style Caster

Winter means bad weather which means airport delays and cancellations. Give your wedding party and guests plenty of time to arrive. In your invitations, advise your guests they might want to arrive a couple of days in advance of the wedding.

9. Best Winter Wedding Colors:

Source: Strictly Weddings

Winter wedding color schemes can challenge the bride. The best combinations use two light and one dark color. Light colors like creams, pale lilac, baby blue and silver compliment dark winter tones like burgundy, eggplant, black, dark blue and gold.

10. Coat Check:

Source: Wedding Window

Collect heavy winter coats from your guests, making sure they don’t have to lug them around. Either create a position in the wedding party to be in charge of this or hire someone to do it. It adds to the level of sophistication of your event. Add a personalized coat tag to your coat check!

11. Hot Beverage Options:

hot chocolate cocktail winter wedding
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Keep your guests warm and cozy with hot drinks handy the second they arrive. Hot coffee to tea and cocoa, there’s no going wrong here as long as it’s warm. Serve the hot stuff in these cozy mason jar mugs. Guests will appreciate these unique winter wedding ideas since they keep them warm and toasty.

12. Top Your Wedding Cake:

Source: Martha Stewart Weddings

Wedding cake toppers can reflect the season rather nicely. Top off your snow white cake with a reindeer, gold sprayed leaves, or other winter elements. Choose a topper that closely matches the wedding cake server set. For a more natural or rustic look, turn towards elements like evergreen, branches, berries, and pine cones.

13. Hand Warmers:

hand warmers winter wedding
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Keeping your hands warm during the ceremony and afterward. Hand warmers are an inexpensive but effective way of doing this. You can snatch them up at many local stores, like Target.

Have them on hand for guests to wear during outdoor activities at the wedding and reception. Your guests will think this is one of the most beautiful winter wedding ideas since it keeps them warm. You can even make flannel hand warmer holders, which guests can take home and use later with other inserts!

14. Stick with One Venue:

Source: A Practical Wedding

If the weather is lousy, the last thing you’ll want to do is have your guests moving around too much. Keep it simple! Having one reliable wedding venue will keep your guests happy, and not regretting that they’ve attended your ceremony. A church with a reception hall attached or adjacent to it works wonderfully.

15. Invitations:

Source: Martha Stewart Weddings

Make your invitations sparkle with winter elegance. Luxurious velvet ribbons can provide the perfect amount of sophistication and winter spirit for your event. Incorporating darker colors or interesting textures will help nod to your winter wedding aesthetic.

16. Gold or Silver Stars for Bridesmaids:

star bridesmaids dress
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Winter fashion trends that we love to see include gold or silver stars incorporating into a bridesmaids look. They can include into their hairstyle or into their look. Whether they wear their hair down or upswept, this metallic look complements their hair and will catch the firelight. We love these metallic star tulle bridesmaids dress from Joanna August.

17. Velvet Blazers:

velvet blazer winter wedding
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Looking for a stylish, wintry look on your groomsmen? Try velvet blazers. Not only will these help them keep warm, but they are definitely a formidable trend these days. Choose your velvet carefully. A black blazer like Tommy Hilfiger designed is an instant classic.

18. Snow Globes:

snow globe winter wedding
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Nothing says winter like snow globes. These can be placed on dining tables, the gift table, or pretty much any other surface. Choose those that include the best winter wedding colors like silver, gold and burgundy to add sparkle to each table. You could even pass out small personalized perfect for a winter wedding favor.

19. Take Photos Early:

winter wedding
Source: A Practical Wedding

Take your outdoor photos early on in the day because nightfall arrives quickly. The great thing about this is you will have more time after the ceremony to enjoy with friends and family since you will not have to run off and take photos.

20. Wear Tights:

bridesmaids tights winter wedding
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While it’s true that having your bridesmaids shiver is no good, we definitely don’t want the bride feeling cold. Avoid that by wearing thick tights under your wedding dress. Match them to your dress and shoes. Make sure to outfit your bridesmaids with them, too. Bridesmaids can rock short dresses to show off their tights!

21. Chapstick:

chapstick wedding favors
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Dry skin and lips are harsh realities of winter. Always be prepared by carrying Chapstick and/or skin moisturizer with you on the big day. Personalize chapsticks and pass them out as wedding favors!

22. See What The Venue Has to Offer:

winter wedding decorations
Source: A Practical Wedding

Many venues will already be equipped with decorations that are perfect for your winter wedding. When doing your research, make sure to find out what you’re getting by booking a particular venue. Meet with their wedding coordinator to view what unique winter wedding reception ideas they have to offer and build around the items that they include for free.

23. Go The DIY Route:

Source: Best Day Ever

Of course, you will think of the ideal unique winter wedding ideas on your own. The best decor options come via the do-it-yourself (DIY) route. Use your creativity or harness the creativity of your entire bridal party in making unique winter wedding decorations.

These could include simple wintry colored ribbons that go on the backs of chairs, or pinecones in potpourri that go on each party’s table. Use whatever natural elements represent winter where you live. The best part about winter weddings, greenery and winter berries mixed with candles make for the perfect DIY (and cheap!) tablescape.

We’d love to see what you come up with for your winter wedding. Show us how you integrated the most beautiful winter wedding colors in your ceremony and reception. Any ideas or tips we've left out? Let us know in the comments below!

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