Our Favorite Wedding Invitation Trends You Might Wanna Follow

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Your wedding will likely be one of the most memorable and special days of your entire life. You get to publicly announce your love for your spouse and celebrate your love with all of your friends and family members. To ensure that all of your loved ones are there to help you celebrate your special day you must send out your wedding invitations.

Best Wedding Invitation Ideas and Trends Right Now

Source: Oh My Designs by Steph

Your wedding invitation is not just an invitation to your wedding, it is an announcement of your love and should be the ultimate expression of your and your fiancé's creativity and personality. It is the first impression that your guests will get about your wedding and should express the theme of your wedding and the personality of you and your fiancé. There are endless wedding invitation ideas that you can purchase but you mustn't get something that people have already done over and over again. Your wedding invitation should be special and stand out so here are some of the best wedding invitation ideas that you may want to use for your special day.

Rustic Wedding Invitations

rustic wedding invitations
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The popularity of rustic themed weddings has exploded in the last year because of the simple, yet classy designs. While many people are using rustic decorations at their wedding, many people forget to match their invitations with the theme of the wedding to help make the wedding more inclusive. Rustic wedding invitations are perfect for outdoor weddings or weddings with a scenic overlook. They allow your guests to get a feel for your wedding.

If you are doing a traditional wedding in a church you can still use rustic themed invitations if you and your fiancé are outdoorsy people. If you and your fiancé enjoy spending time outdoors you can share your love for the outdoors with your guests by using rustic themed wedding invitations. Including wedding stationery with beautiful mountain scenes, wildlife, and other natural elements can help set the mood for your wedding and get your guests excited.

Vintage Looking Wedding Invitations


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One of the most creative and unique wedding invitations that you can use to express your vintage themed wedding is a handkerchief invitation. Handkerchief invitations are a great way to announce your wedding because they are sure to get your guest's attention. They are unusual and can be saved forever.

To make a handkerchief invitation all you need to do is put your wedding information on a handkerchief, fold it up, stick it in an envelope and mail it to your guests. When your guests open the handkerchief they will be amazed by your creativity. Guests will enjoy a unique invitation that can be used again later.


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One of the most perfect vintage looking wedding invitations must include some lace. Lace makes for the perfect, classy wedding invitation because it is sure to get your guests excited about your wedding. One of the hottest trending wedding invitations includes laser-cut lace.

Using real lace to invite your guests to your special day is perfect if your wedding is going to be a royal affair. You and your guests will feel like royalty knowing that you used the highest quality and best looking invitations that money can buy. Use a lace belly band around your invitation suite, or a laser cut lace looking paper wrap to your invite!


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Another great and unique wedding invitation is using postcards for wedding invitations. These retro wedding invitations are great for people hosting a destination wedding or a travel themed wedding. Using artistic and one of a kind postcards can help your guests understand the theme of your wedding.

You can use famous drawings, symbols, and landmarks to show your guests both you and your fiancé's personality. You can include places and symbols of where you and your fiancé have traveled to or where you plan on traveling to. Get your guests excited to travel with you to your destination wedding with a postcard invite!

Board Game Wedding Invitations

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One of the favorite pastimes of all adults includes playing board games. If you want to show your love and the fun side you can use board game invitations to invite your guests to your special day. Using classical board games to print your wedding details will show your guests that they should prepare to have a good time.

Disney Themed Wedding Invitations

disney themed wedding invitations
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If you love Disney you may want to use Disney wedding invitations for your Disney themed wedding. Whether you plan on hosting your wedding in Disney, traveling to Disney for your honeymoon, or just like the iconic characters of Disney they make the perfect wedding invitation. You can use the love that Mickey and Minnie share or the iconic Cinderella’s castle to invite your guests to your special day.

Wedding Invitation Tips for Success

Get A Sample

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Before ordering any wedding invitation, regardless of how great they may seem, you should always request a sample. Getting a sample of your wedding invitation will ensure that they look the way you want and that they will have all of the correct information. Check out that you are happy with how the colors show, the style of the invite, and the weight of the paper. And above all, proof read it! And proof read it again! You do not want to send your invitations to everyone and notice afterward that there was a mistake.

Allow Time

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You need to allow at least three months for your guests to get their unique wedding invitations and RSVP to them. You should allow additional time for the printing and shipping of the invitations. Make sure you allow yourself adequate time!

Find Your Style

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There are endless styles of wedding invitation ideas to pick from. You and your fiancé should agree to the wedding invitations that you like the best. Your wedding invitation should be unique to you and should fit both of your personalities. After all, it is the first impression that your guests will get to the wedding.