Bridal Shower Theme - Around the House

around the house theme
Image: StrawberryChick
around the house theme
Image: StrawberryChick

Planning a bridal shower can be loads of fun - but if  you're like me you may have so many ideas swimming around in your head that it's difficult to narrow them down!  That's why it helps when you plan your bridal shower around a central theme.  There are countless themes to use when planning a shower, in the next few posts we will touch on some of my favorites.

The first theme we will discuss is an Around The House theme.  This will help the happy couple furnish their home with necessities and fun items for each room.  Before you send out invitations, find out to the bride-to-be how many rooms are in their house/apartment.

An around the house bridal shower is the perfect house theme for an engaged couple about to move into a new house together around the time of their wedding. Especially if they’re first time home buyers, they will likely need everything from furniture to appliances. It’s also good to find out what they already do have and help the bride build her list from there.

1. Measuring Cups

The best ones today are made out of pure stainless steel. There’s also the old glass with the red measures printed on it for liquids.

2. Utensils

Make sure that they’re not the types that tend to get stubborn water stains. Stainless steel tends to be the best for cooking as wood can break and plastic can melt and wear down over time.

3. Personalized Utensils

Even if you can’t afford to spend a lot, one thing you can do is get a generic version of the utensils for your engaged friend. The good thing about generic is that they usually work with the original manufacturers to sell the products directly to the customers for less. Generics are also known for valuing transparency over profit. If you really want to go the extra mile, you can also have their names or a favorite motto engraved on some utensils. personalized coffee mug set

4. Cooking Timers

Cooking isn’t the only thing that those timers can be used for. These can come in handy with everything from arts and crafts to giving a child a time out. These tea pot timers

5. Oven Mitts

You can try to get a pair in their favorite colors you can also have their names or even a photograph engraved on it. However, mitts should be kept simple as they tend to get dirty and worn very quickly.

6. Recipe Box or Book

If you or either of the couple really likes to cook, as a bonus, you can include some of your favorite recipes.

7. Pots and Pans

These don’t have to be super-pricey but, again, stainless steel is the best. Get a non-stick if possible so that they won’t have to invest in unhealthy cooking sprays.

8. Scented Candles

Be very cautious with this. Make sure that the couple doesn’t have any allergies and that it won’t be a fire hazard. If not…
1Many candles can be purchased pretty cheaply. They will be perfect not only for a wedding day but also for whenever the couple decides to have a candlelight dinner or even to alleviate bad odors.

9. Stylish Frames

The couple will likely appreciate nice frames around their wedding pictures. If not, they can be used for other special photos or posters. personalized framed print

10. Throw Pillows

Since throws are designed to be decorative, they’re perfect for personalization. If the couple has or later decides to have children, a throw pillow in his or her name will probably be appreciated then as well. The bed isn’t the only place that throw pillows can be. They can also be perfect for the sofa as well.

11. Blankets

Blankets can also be either generic or personalized. Try to get one in the couple’s favorite color or at least one that matches the color scheme of their bedroom.

12. Garbage Bins

Any trash bin small or large will probably be very much appreciated. You could try to get one with the couple’s favorite color. For a bedroom or bathroom, you can try to get one with a favorite decoration, cartoon, etc.

13. Tools for Home Improvement

A toolbox will probably be especially appreciated. It contains everything needed for home improvement projects both small and large. It can also help to save money that would otherwise be spent on professional services.

If they have a yard, some gardening tools will probably be welcome as well. Even if they’re not big green thumb gardeners, a sprinkler to keep the grass green, a rake for fall leaves, and a lawnmower are some essential tools needed for maintaining not only the environment of the home but also in maintaining the home’s value in case they decide to move eventually.

14. Storage Containers

Anything from Tupperware to a personal dolly cart will probably come in very handy. It will also help them to prevent the house from looking like it had a tornado on the inside. If they have a storage unit or plan to purchase or rent one, containers will be a necessity because most storage units are climate controlled and don’t have any heat or air conditioning.

15. Brooms, Dustpans, Swiffers, Vacuums

Floors are the most essential part of a home because of how frequently they’re walked and even sat on. Dirty floors can quickly become all kinds of hazardous if not maintained. Also, maintaining a floor is difficult without a dustpan because floor dirt is very difficult to sweep directly into a trash bin. You can use something like a postcard as a substitute but even that’s a bit more difficult because most postcards are smaller.

Unique Bridal Shower Invitations

When coming up with the best party invitation for your bride friend, it’s always best not to send them out before checking with her first. Or for one of the completely unique bridal shower invitation ideas, you can also make your unique bridal shower invitations into couples shower invitations. Couples shower invitations may be appropriate especially for a house theme because both of the couple often want to something of their own to it.

Choose a Theme Related to the Move or New Home

In order to help your guests have the best idea of the items that the couple would like the most, it would be helpful to feature them on the party invitation upfront. That way the guests will have a much better chance at giving the right stuff and even to work out who will give what among themselves.

For a truly unique bridal shower invitation, you can also feature a photograph of the house with the couple standing in front of it. This will not only give everyone a great memory but can even be a piece of history for any children and grandchildren.

Got any other ideas that we could add to this list? Please let us know!

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